PC / Adventure / Release: Jun 19, 2012 / ESRB: U

Shack PSA: 7 Wadjet adventure games from $5

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 13, 2013 5:15pm PDT

Wadjet Eye Games has done fine work to keep adventure games, publishing and also developing many respectable click 'em ups. If you've been stuck under a rock, perhaps trying bizarre combinations of items in your pockets to lift it, you can now pick up a healthy chunk of Wadj...


2012 indies you may have missed

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 28, 2013 12:30pm PST

2012 proved that indies could compete with the rest of 'em. Here are six titles that you may have missed last year.


Indie Royale bundles up 'Snow Storm' set

By Steve Watts, Jan 16, 2013 1:30pm PST

The Indie Royale "Snow Storm" bundle has launched, packaging together Resonance, Hinterland, Stardrone, RoboBlitz, Stardrone, Project Aftermath, and RobotRiot.


Weekend Confirmed 147 - Resonance, Tera, Kentucky Route Zero

By Jeff Mattas, Jan 11, 2013 11:00am PST

Weekend Confirmed returns! While Garnett Lee is away at CES, the two Jeffs are joined by director Dan Trachtenberg and Joystiq's Xav de Matos. Resonance, Kentucky Route Zero, Hawken and Tera are just some of the games discussed.