Red Steel 2

WII / Action Adventure / Release: Mar 23, 2010 / ESRB: T


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New Red Steel 2 Trailer Celebrates Swords and Guns

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Ubisoft released the Wii MotionPlus-required Red Steel 2 earlier this week. That won't stop the company from dropping another trailer on the masses.

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"the hell? Carmen San-Diego's husband now has a game? ...looks pretty cool btw"
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Red Steel 2 Trailer Talks Super Powers

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With publisher Ubisoft having previously detailed the swordplay and various guns of Red Steel 2, you may have thought that was all Ubisoft Paris's motion-sensing Wii sequel had to offer. You didn't even think to check for super powers, did you? DID YOU?!

Thankfully, someone thought to check, else you'd be caught off-guard come March 23. Read more »

"I'm psyched. Red Steel was nice and I can't wait to try out some motion plus sword control. I ..."
- matrixneo42    See all 2 comments

Trailer Shows the Weapons of Red Steel 2

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Hot off the heals of Red Steel 2 going gold, Ubisoft wants you to check out the various weapons of the Wii MotionPlus-requiring FPS before it arrives on March 23.

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"have a hard time making out how the reloads for those guns look like, the rest looks good for a ..."
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Red Steel 2 Goes Gold; On Target For March 23rd

Ubisoft's first-person combat game Red Steel 2 has gone gold, according to a tweet by community developer Aymeric Evennou, signifying that the game is off to manufacturing to be burned to countless DVD's and packaged for a March 23rd retail release.

This sequel to Red Steel, which launched with the Wii, requires Wii MotionPlus for added control and looks to be closer to the original design goals of the original. The title will be sold bundled with MotionPlus for $59.99 or as a standalone game for $49.99.

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""The title will be sold bundled with MotionPlus for $59.99 or as a standalone game for $49.99." ..."
- Thund3rball    See all 5 comments

Red Steel 2 Trailers Show Off Swordplay

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Two new Red Steel 2 trailers have recently emerged from publisher Ubisoft, showing off more of the Wii MotionPlus-requiring sword-slashing shooter due circa late March.

First up, a little vignette of fancy swordplay entitled Hidden Moves:

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"Was really excited about this project, but from what I read in Kotaku's latest hands-on about ..."
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Red Steel 2 Receives Release Date, Trailer, Q&A

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A new Red Steel 2 trailer reveals that Ubisoft Paris' Wii dystopian wild west shooter will be released on March 26, as well as introducing its troubled dusty city of Caldera.

Red Steel 2 will require--and may be purchased in a bundle with--Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus gadget to improve its swordplay by accurately reflecting the angle and power of players' katana slashes, as an earlier developer diary demonstrated. Read more »

"Looks pretty damn good... and will probably sell 10 copies worldwide."
- Gwyndion    See all 6 comments

Red Steel 2 Trailers Detail Controls, Narrate Gameplay

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"Controls are at the centre of play and if you don't get the controls right at first, nothing you do after that matters," explains Red Steel 2 creative director Jason VandenBerghe in a new developer diary entry for Ubisoft Paris' MotionPlus-requiring Wii shooter.

Red Steel 2 arrives this holiday season, bundled with a Wii MotionPlus doohickey.

If you fancy a splash more gameplay footage in your trailer, click on to watch a Tokyo Game Show walkthrough narrated by VendenBerghe. Read more »

"Looks good! With the budget that these guys probably have (from ubisoft), i'm sure they will ..."
- doomed    See all 9 comments

Red Steel 2 Walkthrough: Meet the Ninja

New Red Steel 2 screenshots and a walkthrough video narrated by creative director Jason VandenBerghe unveil unseen features and introduce additions to Ubisoft Paris's Wii shooter since it was last shown at E3, including attack combos and ninja enemies.

Click on through for a mildly discoloured walkthrough showing six minutes of in-game footage with explanation by the soothingly-voiced VandenBerghe.

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"Does anyone know if the sword control/fighting will be as good the wii sports resort samurai ..."
- matrixneo42    See all 18 comments

Ubisoft Explains Splinter Cell, Red Steel Delays

With Splinter: Cell Conviction and Red Steel 2 pushed out of the crowded holiday season--both now due between January 1 and March 31, 2010--Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has explained that the delays stemmed from quality concerns.

"Red Steel and Splinter Cell are going to greatly benefit from the additional polishing time," he said in a conference call, as reported by Joystiq. "It's just a question of polish...[the teams] asked for more time to be able to come with a better product, for both of those games. The quality of the games is there for what you've been able to see at E3, but we were not able to have that same quality on the full game." Read more »

"Morons should never have fucked with the Splinter Cell formula. A long wait for a Jason Bourne ..."
- Dr_Cube    See all 18 comments

Splinter Cell Conviction and Red Steel 2 Delayed Amongst Other Ubisoft Games

The growing pains of Splinter Cell: Conviction continue, as Ubisoft has once again postponed the oft-delayed stealth-action game alongside several other titles.

Both Splinter Cell: Conviction (PC, Xbox 360) and Red Steel 2 (Wii) have been bumped out of 2009, and are now expected to release between January 1 and March 31, 2010. Conviction was originally due in Q4 2007, with at least four delays now under its belt. Read more »

"Sounds good to me. It's good to see more companies delay their games to ship quality products. ..."
- Caeons    See all 31 comments

Red Steel 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

Related Topics – Red Steel 2, Trailer, Nintendo Wii, E3 2009

After showing a trailer and screenshots, Ubisoft has kicked things up a notch with 13 minutes of Red Steel 2's opening narrated by creative director Jason VandenBerghe.

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"played it at E3, no 1:1 control makes it as frustrating as the 1st game. not impressed by what ..."
- dumptruck    See all 49 comments

Red Steel 2 Media Shoot and Slash 'em Up

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Ubisoft has released the first screenshots of its Wii first-person shooting and swording sequel Red Steel 2, now starring a cowboy samurai and set in an alternate Wild West.

Not only will Red Steel 2 utilise the Wii MotionPlus control-enhancing doodad, one of the doohickeys will be bundled with the game when it ships for the holiday season this year. Read more »

"Looks cool, but I thought the same of the first Red Steel... If it is 1:1 swordfighting, that ..."
- Rice-Rocketeer    See all 13 comments

First Red Steel 2 Trailer Released

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Our first glimpse at Red Steel 2 comes by way of retailer event Destination PlayStation, where Ubisoft debuted the following trailer for the Wii game.

The sequel has apparently seen a change of scenery to a more stylized, post-apocalyptic venue. Of course, Red Steel 2's main selling point be the assuredly improved motion control, by way of the upcoming Wii MotionPlus accessory.

Red Steel 2 is expected to hit the Wii in time for the holidays.

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"I never finished Red Steel. Playing Wii games on a 60" hdtv is a painful experience."
- zehoo    See all 27 comments

Red Steel 2 to Utilize Wii MotionPlus

A sequel to Ubisoft's first-person sword and gunplay title Red Steel will make use of Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus peripheral, a device which drastically increases the motion sensitivity of the Wii Remote.

The peripheral was first demonstrated at Nintendo's E3 2008 press conference along with Wii Sports Resort, the only announced title to make use of the device at that time. The game and Wii MotionPlus will be sold together as a bundle in the spring of 2009. Read more »

"Did anyone finish playing through Red Steel? I got it a year and a half ago with my Wii ..."
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