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Star Trek Online Screenshots: Phasers! Pew Pew!

With the early 2010 launch of Star Trek Online fast approaching and the closed beta underway, publisher Atari has sent forth new screenshots of the sci-fi PC MMO.

The latest from Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios, Star Trek Online does not yet have a specific launch date. An Atari representative told Shacknews that it should launch in February, with various retailers listing it for release on February 2.

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"I will probably take a look, but I'll stay the Hell away from Vent for a solid week or two, just ..."
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Star Trek Online Closed Beta Begins Today

The closed beta phase of Cryptic's upcoming MMO Star Trek Online began today, according to the company.

"We're pleased to begin sharing our addition to Star Trek's legendary story with the public," offered STO producer Craig Zinkievich. "We know fans of Star Trek, and fans of MMOs, will be incredibly impressed by what they see when they play Star Trek Online." Read more »

"*Watches email box intently* I bought a 6 month CO membership just to get into this. COME ON EMAIL"
- critch    See all 21 comments

Star Trek Online Trailer Examines 'Future Past'

Curious as to what's been happening in the thirty years since Jean Luc Picard took care of Romulan Praetor Shinzon? How fortunate, then, that this trailer tackles the subject.

Coming from Champions Online developer Cryptic, Star Trek Online is slated to launch in February 2010. While a specific launch date has yet to be announced for the sci-fi PC MMO , various retailers are currently listing it for release on February 2. Read more »

"I have really high hopes for this game. I'm a huge Trek nerd and have never been interested in ..."
- RevRaven    See all 26 comments

Star Trek Online Beta Signups Open

With the targeted "by March 31, 2010" launch of Star Trek Online looming, developer Cryptic today began taking applications for a closed beta test later this year.

Outside of those who have guaranteed beta access because they bought a six-month or lifetime subscription to Cryptic's just-launched superhero MMO Champions Online, participants for the Star Trek Online beta will be randomly selected. Read more »

"I can't wait. I got the 6 month Champions Online deal just to play the beta for this. ..."
- critch    See all 18 comments

Champions Online Subscription Offers: Star Trek Online Beta Access, $200 Lifetime Sub

Cryptic has unveiled two Champions Online subscription offers which grant closed beta access to Star Trek Online, including a lifetime subscription costing a grand $200.

A $60 six-month subscription to the superhero MMO offers a 33% saving over the regular monthly fee of $15 and grants an exclusive "art deco" costume set. The $200 lifetime subscription also packs an in-game action figure, further exclusive costume sets, eight extra character slots, and a mirror universe outfit to wear in Star Trek Online. Read more »

"Bill Roper has his hands in this. I wouldn't risk that amount of money if i were you. "
- TwwIX    See all 82 comments

Champions Online Hitting Xbox 360 Later This Year, Star Trek Online Due by April 2010

New details on the projects being handled by City of Heroes veterans Cryptic Studios emerged out of studio owner and publisher Atari today via financial documents.

First up was word that the Xbox 360 version of the super-powered MMO Champions Online will arrive by the end of the year, at some time between September 1 and December 31. The PC edition of Champions Online is due to launch on September 1. Read more »

"I really hope that other players can be part of my ship's crew in STO. I'd much rather have real ..."
- RevRaven    See all 7 comments

New Star Trek Online Screenshots Add Lens Flares

Following the success of JJ Abrams' flare-filled Star Trek film, it appears that developer Cryptic is jumping on the bandwagon with these new Star Trek Online screenshots.

The MMO is planned for release on PC and consoles sometime in the future.

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"ugh, the lens flare were the only thing i hated about the movie..especially when abrams ..."
- hyperion25    See all 21 comments

Space Still Pretty in New Star Trek Online Screens

Developer Cryptic has issued a new batch of Star Trek Online screenshots, and, in an improvement over previous sets, this one lacks the once-requisite dull interior shot.

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"A mmo on consoles...that doesent sound to good....i mean they shoudnt mix console mmo's with PC ..."
- mermerel    See all 13 comments

Star Trek Online Screenshots: Klingons and a Door

A new batch of Star Trek Online screenshots have been released by developer Cryptic. As with past updates, we see some space, a few characters, and a dull interior shot.

There's still no word as to when the upcoming MMO will hit PC and consoles.

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"I think this'll be the first MMO that I'll get into. Looks great too"
- sikander    See all 10 comments

Four New Star Trek Online Screenshots

Cryptic has released four new screenshots of its upcoming PC and console MMO Star Trek Online.

As seems to be the trend, the shots present a number of exciting exteriors from the frontier of space, along with a dull interior shot of some kind of cargo bay.

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"I'm not going to over analyze it. These shots look pretty cool, especially the first screenshot ..."
- Inarion    See all 41 comments

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Launch Trailer Recalls Classic 80s Commercials

This wonderful Matt Hazard trailer hearkens back to a time of lo-fi game ads, with voiceovers by "really excited old dude." A time when we were all getting ready to "enter a new world," and Neil Patrick Harris was just "Doogie."

Here's to hoping Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard lives up to its concept, and works as an actual game. You might not believe your eyes on March 3, when the game hits stores on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Read more »

"I was watching this demoed on X Play and it looked rather impressive. I had a good laugh at the ..."
- getlefty    See all 18 comments

Star Trek Online Screenshots: Space Is Pretty

A few more screenshots from Cryptic's upcoming Star Trek Online have arrived, illustrating exactly what players will someday find in the PC and console MMO.

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"I'm still looking forward to this. I'm excited about all the things that this game is doing ..."
- Richese    See all 21 comments

Old-School Graphics and JRPG Action in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Movies

D3Publisher has sent out three gameplay videos from Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, the third person parody action game featuring fictional 80's game hero Matt Hazard.One of the movies offers JRPG dialogue and combat, while another has Wolfenstein 3D-like enemies, with various powerups, special punching moves, and slow motion mixed in.

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"I love the idea of making fun of ol' school graphics and gameplay and crates n all that, but ..."
- f1kt1t1ous    See all 34 comments

Star Trek Online Screens Boldly Go Where No Game Has Gone Before, Show Crates

Cryptic has released a pair of screens from its upcoming, un-dated console/PC MMO Star Trek Online.

One of the images shows a Federation spacecraft on the boundary of space, with a mysterious asteroid colony set before a large, unexplored planet.

The other shows some crates. Read more »

"I'm a trekker, so I really want to like this game. I honestly don't mind the crates and/or ..."
- The_Archon    See all 32 comments

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Screenshots Are Back for the First Time

D3 Publisher has released the first screenshots from Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, the action game from Vicious Cycle starring the fictional retro hero Matt Hazard.

Essentially a sweeping parody of action games across the years, Eat Lead offers zombies, space marines, cowboys, and genetic mutants all in the same package. We have concept art in addition to today's screenshots. Speaking of screenshots, can you pick the picture that was sent to us as "beating the meat.jpg"? Read more »

"We just need to use the OMM method for rating the game and see how long it takes us to go from ..."
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