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Carmack on Q1 Cheating

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Yawn, nice late sleep in on a Sunday morning after Christmas. Well John Carmack has a .plan update addressing all the concerns about people cheating in Quake due to the release of the source code. Check it out:

There are a number of people upset about the Quake 1 source code release, because it is allowing cheating in existing games. There will be a sorting out period as people figure out what directions the Quake1 world is going to go in with the new capabilities, but it will still be possible to have cheat free games after a few things get worked out. Here's what needs to be done: - You have to assume the server is trusted. Because of the wau quake mods work, It has always been possible to have server side cheats along the lines of "if name == mine, scale damage by 75%". You have to trust the server operator. - So, the problem then becomes a matter of making sure the clients are all playing with an acceptable version before allowing them to connect to the server. You obviously can't just ask the client, because if it is hacked it can just tell you what you want to hear. Because of the nature of the GPL, you can't just have a hidden part of the code to do verification. - What needs to be done is to create two closed source programs that act as executable loaders / verifiers and communication proxies for the client and server. These would need to be produced for each platform the game runs on. Some modifications will need to be done to the open source code to allow it to (optionally) communicate with these proxies. - These programs would perform a robust binary digest of the programs they are loading and communicate with their peer in a complex encrypted protocol before allowing the game connection to start. It may be possible to bypass the proxy for normal packets to avoid adding any scheduling or latency issues, but it will need to be involved to some degree to prevent a cheater from hijacking the connection once it is created. - The server operator would determine which versions of the game are to be allowed to connect to their server if they wish to enforce proxy protection. The part of the community that wants to be competetive will have to agree to some reasonable schedule of adoption of new versions. - Nothing in online games is cheat-proof (there is allways the device driver level of things to hack on), but that would actually be more secure than the game as it originally shipped, because hex edited patches wouldn't work any more. Someone could still in theory hack the closed source programs, but that is the same situation everyone was in with the original game. - People can start working on this immediately. There is some prior art in various unix games that would probably be helpfull. It would also be a good idea to find some crypto hackers to review proposed proxy communication strategies.

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Carmack On Q1 Code Release

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John Carmack made two posts to /. on of course the Quake1 source code which was just released. This post talks about the confusement on whether code and content are seperated by the GPL license, and this post is about the fact that releasing source code is hard to get past the biz guys, but is just a good thing.

Heh. You don't know how much trouble it is to convince biz oriented people that this isn't just plain stupid.

While thinking in terms of money and profit are probably good ways of understanding the way most things work in the world, don't let yourself become so jaded or cynical to think that it is the ONLY way things work.

I do think The World Would Be A Better Place if all software companies released older code so users still interested could work with it or learn from it. (I'm not holding my breath, though)

John Carmack

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Quake Source Released

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Damn, I go out to finally buy a Christmas tree and they go and release the Quake source code. Here are a few download locations: id Software , cdrom , 3DAG. Thanks to OneMan being the first of many to email this in.

This is the complete source code for winquake, glquake, quakeworld, and glquakeworld. The projects have been tested with visual C++ 6.0, but masm is also required to build the assembly language files. It is possible to change a #define and build with only C code, but the software rendering versions lose almost half its speed. The OpenGL versions will not be effected very much. The gas2masm tool was created to allow us to use the same source for the dos, linux, and windows versions, but I don't really recommend anyone mess with the asm code. The original dos version of Quake should also be buildable from these sources, but we didn't bother trying. The code is all licensed under the terms of the GPL (gnu public license). You should read the entire license, but the gist of it is that you can do anything you want with the code, including sell your new version. The catch is that if you distribute new binary versions, you are required to make the entire source code available rce code available for free to everyone.
However, word from John Carmack is that they are holding on to the 'game source' code for Quake3 for a while since they are still making changes to that part of the code base. Here's the .plan update
The Q3 game source code is getting pushed back a bit because we had to do some rearranging in the current codebase to facilitate the release, and we don't want to release in-progress code before the official binary point release. We still have a Christmas present for the coders, though: http://www.idsoftware.com/q1source/ Happy holidays!
After you grab all your cool new toys, the Quake3 Editing board is there for the taking.

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"So when is q2 source out? I want frame interpolation and colored lighting in q1 damnit!"
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Weekend Lookback

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Because I have this feeling today is gonna be even worse than yesterday, here's a CNN article from June 96, talking about the original Quake release. How about that huh..heh

It plays much the same as "Doom," but is technologically enhanced. While "Doom" allowed as many as four players to blast away together on a level, "Quake" is now so advanced that hundreds of gunners can play together. "Quake" has been criticized as being one of the most violent computer games ever, but according to Jay Wilbur, the Biz Guy (yes, Biz Guy) at id Software, that's not a problem.
Thanks to the dude in #shugashack who pointed this article out, I forgot your name though, sorry :)

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Graeme on Q3 Keys

Related Topics – Quake

Graeme made some more updates to his .plan so I'm carrying this story up to the top of the page again.As I mentioned earlier this morning people are trying like heck to hack the Quake3 CDKey stuff. Graeme made a .plan update a little while ago on the topic giving out a few details on the key saying the chances of guessing a key are 'billions and billions to one' so there you go.

Okay. Hacker attempts with invalid keys are outnumbering real keys by a factor of 2:1 or so. Obviously this is somewhat validating the use of CD keys. <snip> The actual algorithm is a 64 bit DES key encryption method open to a very small window. The chances of coming up with a real valid key is in the range of billions and billions to one. A random pass through the available keys shows no sign of repeating sequences, it looks like good old chaos (in fact, statisical math proves this).
6:40 update: Graeme added this important bit of information which should make a few of you go "ooooooh" or something:
Secondly, CD keys are "leased", so if you log on through a dialup, play, then disconnect your modem and log right back on, your CD key will have to timeout on your previous IP before you can play again. This timeout period is currently set at 5 minutes.

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Quake Redone Quicker

Related Topics – Quake

Remember those awesome Quake Done Quick demos that everyone was just amazed with? Well check out Quake Redone Quicker! You'll be blown away, it's worth re-installing Quake1 if you deleted it (sinner!)

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"Me delete Q1? What are you on crack? Those early mornings are making you delusional Oh and ..."
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Quake Doom Conversion

Related Topics – Quake

Hey check it out, a Doom conversion for Quake. This release of the mod is targetted at deathmatch, but plans for single player stuff are still going to happen.

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"Where is that file of Quake Doom conversion located? I just find boring parent dir."
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Quake Claims 500

Related Topics – Quake

Merc pointed me to The Onion for a reference on a "Quake" claiming 500...hours. Anyone else find it interesting that the word "Quake" has never had any real relevance to the games? (Other than sounding cool)

SAN FRANCISCO--Rescue workers are still searching frantically for any signs of unwasted time in the wreckage of high-school student Jeremy Fanshaw's life, following a devastating Quake game that claimed an estimated 500 hours of his time. "Ordinarily, a game of this magnitude would destroy 40 to 50 hours," Red Cross worker Linda Wallis-Hupford said. "But, tragically, Jeremy went back to play the game from the beginning, then he started playing at harder and harder skill levels, and, eventually, he downloaded software that let him create his own levels and skins." As rescue efforts continue, experts are warning of a possible Quake II disaster that could last even longer, with more stunning graphics.

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Strange Quake Mods

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Wacky mod of the day award goes to FishEye Quake which will pretty much disorient you but looks pretty cool. Then of course if that isnt enough for you check out the Clan Gargoyle page which features an OpenGL proxy specifically intended to mess with your head.

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Quake + Direct3D?

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Cool toy of the day for you guys to play with today is the Quake Direct3D viewer. It is intended for use with Quake1 and wont work with 2 or 3. Thanks Rick

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