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Carmack on GPL, 2

By Steve Gibson, Feb 24, 2000 4:58pm PST

John Carmack has another .plan update to follow-up on the story yesterday about a particular Quake source project that is breaking the GPL...


"#67.. see post 66. The shack is still cooler though, and with moderation and threads, it will ..."

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Carmack on GPL

By Clay Mitchell, Feb 23, 2000 5:09pm PST

Update - Clay: Here's the whole dealie, since i know you can't get to the QuakeLives site right now. This is what's happening: The QuakeLives guy...


"#159, I don\'t think that would work. If I modify a unix GPL program to work under windows ..."

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QWSV in Windows2000

By Steve Gibson, Feb 23, 2000 5:10am PST

Word from Dr.Bunsen of the Muppety servers is that if you try to run QW servers under Win2K you're in for a bit of   a surprise. The server...


"Strange bug... if the client doesn\'t tell the server it\'s leaving it\'s simply supposed to ..."

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QuakeWorld Forever

By Steve Gibson, Feb 16, 2000 2:20am PST

The folks at Challenge-World have a pretty good overview of all of the Quake related source projects that are underway right now. While on that...


"Yeah - that\'s sorta why I put that \"coming soon\" thing next to it. :) Bunsen out...."

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Quake1 Source Mods

By Steve Gibson, Feb 08, 2000 11:11am PST

GameSpy has an interesting article which takes a look at a few of the more interesting Quake1 source modifications that are in development right now.


New GLQuake

By Steve Gibson, Feb 08, 2000 12:34am PST

Here is an  unofficial GLQuake page offering an updated version of GLQuake with some new multitexture, and nifty fog effects along with a...


"gawd... I was so exstatic about the new release I forgot to double check my spelling. my bad. ..."

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RGB3 Preview Release

By Steve Gibson, Feb 03, 2000 8:56am PST

The Ranger Gone Bad 3 Preview has (Quake1 movie) been released by United Ranger Films. This is not the ancient version that accidentally got out...


"This is a good thing(tm). Been sitting around too long. Actually I am damn proud it was made ..."

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QuakeLives QW

By Steve Gibson, Jan 28, 2000 6:22am PST

The guys at QuakeLives have released new builds of their QuakeWorld security code in attempts to regulate play online and keep cheaters from doing...


", 27501, 27502 Those are Clan MC\'s servers. They always have people on ..."

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Quake1 & Shaders

By Steve Gibson, Jan 17, 2000 12:46am PST

The QER News page has word of a new build of Quake which has the ability to read Quake3 shaders now. It's a pretty big deal if you know what...


QuakeWorld Forever Release

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 16, 2000 5:08am PST

The beta1 release of the QuakeWorld Forever project has been released, you can grab it from their page here. This project is aimed at archieving a...


D3D Quake

By Steve Gibson, Jan 15, 2000 6:04am PST

If you're feeling saucy and want to see Quake running under D3D have a look at the D3DQuake page which has a patch you can download to check it...


Future of Quake

By Steve Gibson, Jan 09, 2000 4:07am PST

GameSurge has a short article taking a look at the 'future of quake' and the staying power the series seems to have. I do believe Tim Willits was...


"My god, what a horribly written article...it disgusts me how poor the writing quality on a lot ..."

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Quake Public Secure

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 05, 2000 6:55am PST

Quake Lives! , the Quakeworld revitalization project has released the first public secure beta. This is the first public release of the client...


"\"Now all we need is something to download and display pr0n while we play Quake fullscreen... \" ..."

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Carmack On Anti-Cheat Proxy

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 30, 1999 2:56pm PST

The man John Carmack updated his .plan with word on an existing anti-cheat QuakeWorld proxy (the whole cheating because of Q1 source code release...


"#8 Oh really? I haven\'t seen hacked version of Qizmo anywhere, and believe me, I have tried to ..."

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More Carmack on Cheating

By Steve Gibson, Dec 26, 1999 6:33pm PST

A bit more on the whole cheating issue, the guys on /. carried a story today about the earlier .plan update from John Carmack on cheating with the...


"Anyways, a reply to someone way back before the ASCII art mania (#46). The CPU requirements ..."

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