PC / Action / Release: Jun 22, 1996 / ESRB: M

New Mac Quake Classic

By Steve Gibson, Feb 28, 2001 11:47am PST

Word from this .plan update by Graeme Devine is that there is a new Mac release of "Quake Classic" which you can grab here.


Laser Arena Demo

By Steve Gibson, Nov 29, 2000 3:47pm PST

This one slipped by earlier this morning but I caught it! A playable demo of LaserArena from TrainWreck Studios has been released. You can grab it...


"i cant be bothered reading this whole thread.. but i just alt-tabbed out of the game and noticed ..."

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Laser Arena

By Steve Gibson, Oct 13, 2000 5:52am PDT

Meant to post this the other day. 2015 known for their excellent SIN mission pack has licensed the Quake1 engine (!) and are working on one of them...


"see? it was id's decision to be brown, they could have gone disco long before Q3A if they had ..."

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QdQ With a Vengeance

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 13, 2000 12:08pm PDT

Quake Done Quick with a Vengeance has been released, a new QdQ demo that completes Quake1 on Nightmare difficulty as fast as humanly possible...


"Dear lord they went through that fast. I've never seen any of their other stuff, so this blew ..."

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QdQ With a Vengeance

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 12, 2000 6:39am PDT

The Quake Done Quick guys have announced a sequel to the Quake Done Quick speed run through Quake, Quake done Quick With a Vengeance. They are...


"Speaking of powerful rl's, is it true that id is toning down the Q3 rl in the forthcoming Team ..."

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Quake Done Quicker Than Quick

By Steve Gibson, Aug 30, 2000 5:28am PDT

The guys at Quake Done Quick just never stop. They have released some new demos of running through the Quake1 single player game in an amazing...


"The recammed q2 done quick was one of the most ass kicking, jaw dropping things I've ever seen ..."

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Classic Quake Arena

By Steve Gibson, Aug 29, 2000 5:56am PDT

Forgot to mention this one earlier, a new version of the classic Quake Arena mod for Quake1 has been released sporting just about anything you...


"Classic Quake Arena, what a bunch of fairies milking Quakeworld/Arena's cow.."

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The Nehahra Project

By Steve Gibson, Aug 19, 2000 3:16am PDT

For those of you still playing Classic Quake1 a new mod, The Nehahra Project has just been released. Its a couple of single player episodes...


"It seems pretty cool so far - does anyone know how to get the hud back after the cut-scenes though?"

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25 Things In Quake

By Steve Gibson, Jun 26, 2000 3:34am PDT

EvilAvatar has a pretty cute article looking back at 25 things you can do in Quake1 to entertain yourself. Also on the topic I fixed the rest of...


"Ahhh, those were the days ... hours and hours (and hours) of QuakeWorld. "What's that? OMG, the ..."

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Quake1 Beta Shots

By Steve Gibson, Jun 21, 2000 12:12am PDT

Considering the massive interest in those Quake3 beta screenshots, I figured we'll make it nostalgia week here. I dug up these screenshots of the...


"The weapon balancing issue in Quake 1 was probably one of the things that made it so much fun, ..."

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Q1 Utils GPL'ed

By Maarten Goldstein, May 09, 2000 12:42pm PDT

Another .plan update from the big JohnC, saying that the Q1 utilities have now also been released under GPL as part of the Quake1 source release....


"But with the release of the source code, we now have those lovely peeps with cl_clientspeed 9999 ..."

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Quake1 .qc Release

By Maarten Goldstein, May 09, 2000 7:36am PDT

The Carmack updated his .plan, saying that there's an additional release to the Quake source files on the id FTP, as the original version didn't...


Michael Abrash's Quake Work

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 24, 2000 1:35pm PDT

Blues News is offering a HTML and PDF reprint of the Quake Engine-related chapters of a book former id programmer Michael Abrash wrote, but which...


"I'm downloading this one Michael Abrash pr0n video from the GDC and its 350mb, thats on big bitch."

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QW Project List

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 29, 2000 5:51am PST

Challenge.World now links to no less than 24 projects in progress based using the Quake source code. They also have an overview of what the...


"Ah, Quake 1... the last game in the Quake series that wasn't a complete piece of shit."

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Quake Demoplace

By Steve Gibson, Mar 08, 2000 4:34am PST

If you're looking for some of the classic demos from the Quake/QuakeWorld days the guys at Demoplace have just opened up and they are offering just...