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Where Are They Now

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 25, 2002 7:33am PST

The Mushroom continues with the Where Are They now series of Quake 1 mod author interviews. This week there's an interview with Richard Cheung of...


"LOL, RealArcade! That worked out well! Not that I ever gave it a chance..."

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Where Are They Now

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 11, 2002 5:44am PST

The "Where Are They Now" series of articles on The Mushroom quizzing old Quake 1 mod authors continues. This week, the guys from Alien Quake answer...


""They really liked it, and then they asked me for my source code, but I refused to send it ..."

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Where Be They Yo

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 28, 2002 5:58am PST

The "Where are they now" feature article on The Mushroom continues. This time Iikka Keranen of Air Quake is tracked down for an interview. Iikka is...


"Keranen's a fine designer, and this makes me that much more interested in what Valve does next."

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Where Are They Now

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 21, 2002 6:07am PST

The "Where Are They Now" feature article on The Mushroom continues with an interview with Nick Bousman. He created Slide Quake for Quake 1 among...


"I think I went looking for Slide not long ago... I remember sitting on one of the maps ..."

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History of Quake Video

By Steve Gibson, Oct 02, 2001 7:13am PDT

If you missed out on QuakeCon 2001 then you didnt get to see the little "History of Quake" video that was shown there. The video is now...


"Hi! i'm italian....I was searching the music of that video! HIstory of quake! you know what's ..."

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Final Quake: BFG

By Steve Gibson, Aug 05, 2001 1:34pm PDT

Glock from AVPNews managed to dig up this link on Amazon which pretty much confirms what was suspected. The Quake BFG title that was confirmed a...


"Does anyone know what the legal status is regarding the DreamCast Quake that was completed a ..."

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Carmack on Quake

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 25, 2001 6:55am PDT

John Carmack made a post on Slashdot in reply to Five years of Quake. He says some people have been giving id too much credit when it comes to...


"Firsts Platform: Donkey Kong (Nintendo Arcade - 1980) Action-Adventure: Adventure (Atari 2600 ..."

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Lost Quake Map

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 24, 2001 6:26am PDT

John Romero updated his person website with a new Quake 1 level that was produced for the original game but never included. It's called Lost...


"Well, I just played this and it's a pretty damn cool intro to e2m6. How it ends, you can see ..."

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Quake Turns Five

By Maarten Goldstein, Jun 22, 2001 6:28am PDT

Today is a big anniverary for Quake 1. It has been 5 years already since the shareware version of the game was released by id Software. Over at...


""While Quake wasn't the first true 3D game (I think Descent was), it was the first true 3D first ..."

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DMC @ GameSpy

By Steve Gibson, Jun 06, 2001 6:47am PDT

The GameSpy guys managed to scoop us on the DMC article and posted their own bit on the upcoming mod from Valve. It includes a few more screenshots.


"Shouldn't pre-announce your scoop and so give people the chance to pull the trigger on you :-). ..."

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Quake1 Reborn

By Steve Gibson, Jun 06, 2001 6:09am PDT

(Reposting for the morning crowd) I must have rewritten this sentence a dozen times and I just don't know how else to put this eloquently. Valve...


"Some of you bitch way too much. You don't have to download this mod if you don't want to. So ..."

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Valve's DMC Announced

By Steve Gibson, Jun 05, 2001 9:59pm PDT

I must have rewritten this sentence a dozen times and I just don't know how else to put this eloquently. Valve Software's in-house internet mod...


"It is a fact that quake 1 is absolutelly the best multiplayer game ever, why else would peoples ..."

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CIA Game

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 22, 2001 10:00am PDT

Stomped is reporting about another budget game by 2015's Trainwreck Studios division. After Laser Arena comes CIA Operative, another Quake1 engine...


"Pretty nice shots there. Amazing how people underestimate what the art side of development ..."

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CPL 4 Year Anniversary Date

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 21, 2001 6:40am PDT

Another CPL update, as the CPL 4-Year Anniversary event has been pushed back at the request of Canadian gamers (who had final examinations at the...


Quake Tourney Interest

By Maarten Goldstein, Apr 20, 2001 11:38am PDT

CPL's Angel Munoz has posted this message on the CPL forums asking people who are interested in a QuakeWorld Duel Tournament. They were planning...


"What they SHOULD do is have the Q3 tournies use CPMA. Promode owns all that shit. Yep."

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