Quake 2

PS1 / Action / Release: Oct 6, 1999 / ESRB: U

Star Wars Quake2 DM Test

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 14, 2001 7:30pm PST

A DM test of the Star Wars Quake TC has been released. This is a mod for Quake 2, and has been in development for a pretty long time. This DM test...


""Foxed}G" <--- I like that term. Bah to intellectual property! When I learn to think, ..."

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New Gamespy

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 01, 2001 7:15am PST

An update for the 2.24 release of Gamespy for registered users on Fileplanet. A bug affecting the Quake2 server list has been fixed.


"Does it still take ten years and plenty of hard disk churning to close the damn thing?"

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Quake3 Mod News

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 18, 2000 7:09am PST

With the 1.27g privately released for mod makers, there have been a number of mod re-releases, and there will be more. The latest one is the...


"Does anybody know if Rocket Arena for q3 up to the new patch?"

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crt Interview

By Maarten Goldstein, Sep 20, 2000 11:15am PDT

Rocket Arena and Keygrip programmer crt has been interviewed on Machinima talking about his Keygrip editing program, of which a version for Quake3...


"That was probably the worst interview I've ever read. It was centered around a program that ..."

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Hardly Workin' Movie

By Maarten Goldstein, Aug 28, 2000 6:46am PDT

Machinima has the latest Quake2 engine movie, Hardly Workin'. Actually you don't really notice its the Q2 engine since everything has been changed....


"This thing was actually halfway funny. Too bad they're "limiting" themselves with ancient tech ..."

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VR Quake2

By Steve Gibson, Apr 22, 2000 2:00am PDT

GameSpot is carrying a really interesting story about a VR Quake2 setup done by the guys at NCSA that will blow you away. We're talking a...


""Our CAVE is the second oldest in the world, so the physical setup is rather clumsy. However, we ..."

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Quake2 1on1 Tourney

By Steve Gibson, Feb 16, 2000 2:21am PST

The guys at Quakeforever.com are hosting a new 1on1 Quake2 tournament which is scheduled to begin in about 2 weeks.


"Quake 2? Wasn\'t this game made hopelessly redundant a couple of months ago? Maybe they ..."

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A Quake2 Wedding

By Steve Gibson, Feb 09, 2000 5:54pm PST

I'm pretty sure this is a first for the whole gaming scene. There have certainly been a number of people who have met through online gaming and...


"Okay, last post for me on this topic. I\'m off to the new DK thread where I will no doubt see ..."

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Quake2 Movie

By Steve Gibson, Jan 15, 2000 6:03am PST

A new Quake2 movie to download this weekend. Check out A Warriors Life which I've been told is pretty good as far as these things go. Thanks JayZee


"you realize that these posts don\'t count with the first post dealie?"

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Jump pads in Q2

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 25, 1999 6:00am PDT

raYgunn fired off an email telling us Rust/Gamedesign has a tutorial on making Q3 like jump pads in Q2 through the use of "angles" key.


"Steve, please nuke this boob and his first posts! Nuke me too. Never been nuked."

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Riding the Rocket

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 20, 1999 8:25am PDT

Riding the Rocket is a Quake 2 demo showing off Q2DM1 tricks, with rocket jumps ranging from a simple or doublejump to the more advanced...


"Yes, Revealer is right. For clarification; Riding the Rocket is the name of the site and Tricks ..."

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New Rocket Arena

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 07, 1999 6:12am PDT

There's a new server side version of Rocket Arena available, with improved competition mode, a new damage scoring option and selectable arena.cfg...


PSX Quake II

By Maarten Goldstein, Oct 06, 1999 3:02am PDT

According to Blues, the PSX version of Quake 2 has shipped and will be in stores soon.


Women @ GroundZero

By Steve Gibson, Sep 08, 1999 10:22am PDT

One of those female gamer things we all know and love reading so much. Wired News talks about the female gamers tournament that will be concluding...


"as i once stated, i dont think most people here have a problem with the idea of a \"female ..."

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Final KeyGrip Release

By Steve Gibson, Sep 06, 1999 2:15am PDT

The final version of KeyGrip, the Quake2 demo editor has been released. There really isnt any other demo editing tool that I'm aware of that can...