Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

PC, XB360, DS, PS3 / Puzzle / Release: Feb 24, 2009 / ESRB: E10+


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Reminder: Flock! and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix on XBLA

Arriving this Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade are two puzzlers of very different breeds, Proper Games' Flock! and Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.

Flock! is the simple tale of a UFO herding sheep past obstacles into its mothership, whereas Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is an addictive gem-matching RPG mashup.

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"The Steam version of Flock (and probably all PC versions) have SecuROM with a 5 machine ..."
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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Dated, Priced on Xbox 360

Update: The downloadable Xbox 360 edition of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will run 1600 Microsoft Points ($20), a D3Publisher representative has informed Shacknews.

Original: Ending months of jealous glares at PC and DS players, D3 has announced that Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will hit the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday, April 8.

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"the game was a pretty big disappointment. the original was a lot better, and a lot more ..."
- Torias    See all 19 comments

Upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Games Listed

Microsoft today announced the "Days of Arcade," a promotion that will deliver these seven downloadable Xbox 360 games across the six weeks beginning March 18:

"Puzzle Quest! Flock! Outrun! Lode Runner! ....I'm going to have to spend som MS points ..."
- master_disaster_17    See all 5 comments

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Hits Steam, Other Outlets

Related Topics – Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, Trailer, Steam, PC

As the PC and Nintendo DS editions of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix head out to retailers today, various digital distribution outlets have begun selling the addictive puzzle-RPG.

Those looking to avoid the hassle of securing a retail copy can now buy and immediately download the $19.99 PC version from Steam, Gamersgate, Direct2Drive, and Impulse. In addition, a new trailer was released. Read more »

"Got it last night and played it for an hr or 2. Gameplay is just like the first one but for ..."
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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Hits Xbox 360 Next Week?

Related Topics – Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, xbox 360

Update: The Xbox.com page for Puzzle Quest now lists a "TBD" date.

The downloadable Xbox 360 release of Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will arrive next Wednesday, February 25, according to the game's Xbox.com page.

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"I think I'll buy it for DS first and hope for a Steam release down the road. I'm not excited by ..."
- Wadmaasi    See all 4 comments

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC Release Date Announced

The PC version of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will launch on February 24, the same day that the Nintendo DS edition heads to stores, D3Publisher and Aspyr have announced.

Aspyr will handle the digital and retail distribution of the PC version in North America, with the downloadable PC version slated to be sold on Game Agent. The second entry in the Puzzle Quest series was developed by franchise creator Infinite Interactive. Read more »

"I don't mind pirating it on the PC/ds as I'll end up buying it for the Xbox360. NOthing beats ..."
- bigdady92    See all 9 comments

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC Demo Released

Now available from FileShack is a 133MB demo for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix PC, allowing players to sample the latest puzzle-RPG hybrid from Infinite Interactive.

The followup to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will be released as a PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 download in the "early 2009" timeframe, with a cartridge-based Nintendo DS edition shipping to North American stores February 24. Read more »

"Fantastic news, but I hope they fixed the bugs from the Flash demo..."
- five_percent    See all 8 comments

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Now Coming to PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS Release Date Announced

The DS version of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, the latest in Infinite Interactive's ultra-addictive puzzle-RPG series, will ship to retailers on February 24, D3Publisher has announced.

The downloadable Xbox 360 and PC versions are still said to arrive in the ever-vague "early 2009," with a downloadable PS3 edition now due in that same timeframe.

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"Looks like I'll have to pirate it on my DS and then pay for it on XBL to go on my 50" ..."
- bigdady92    See all 8 comments

MS Teases Upcoming Xbox Live Arcade Games, Flaunts XBLA Statistics

As part of a press release celebrating Xbox Live Arcade's record-breaking year, Microsoft today listed the following downloadable Xbox 360 games as examples of Xbox Live Arcade releases that will help "ring in the new year:"

"Puzzlequest owns my soul. I lost many an hr to this strangely addictive game."
- bigdady92    See all 24 comments

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Preview

I am fairly confident that with Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (PC, 360, DS) developer Infinite Interactive is beginning the second phase of its master plan to destroy the world.

The first Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords, was a near-perfect blend of simplistic match-three-or-more-of-the-same-color gameplay. with a host of RPG-style mechanics like spells and experience. The result was an addictive tour de force that surprised nearly everyone, and eventually hit every major platform other than the PlayStation 3. Read more »

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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Media Warps In

Publisher D3Publisher of America has released new screenshots from the DS and Xbox 360 editions of Infinite Interactive's Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, its sci-fi themed sequel to the popular fantasy puzzler. A new trailer was also provided.

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D3 Announces Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Infinite Interactive's RPG-puzzle series Puzzle Quest is entering the final frontier this fall, D3Publisher of America has announced.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will bring the franchise into space, sporting new mechanics that revolve around a fleet of spaceships and a hexagonal playing field. Rather than choosing one particular class, players will customize the ships of their ever-growing fleet, affording them a greater variety of skills and attacks--the energy for which comes from matching various colors--without needing to replay the game. Read more »

"After this is released, the next 6 months' worth of train rides will be things to look forward to."
- macbony    See all 12 comments

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