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GOG Gets Postal Today, Postal 2 Soon

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Classic-focused digital distribution outlet Good Old Games today added Running With Scissors' deranged isometric shooter Postal to its catalog of DRM-free PC offerings.

Weighing in at 209MB, Postal: Classic and Uncut is priced at $5.99. The download packs the original Postal and the Special Delivery expansion. No word if the re-release carries the "slightly better than boxed Syphilis" guarantee of the anniversary edition. Read more »

"I'm excited to hear this line again, "My eyes...I can't see anything.""
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Postal Film Scaled to Four-Screen Limited Release; Director Uwe Boll Issues Bonkers Response

Related Topics – Postal, Hollywood

The release of the controversial film adaptation of Running With Scissors' Postal has been scaled back to a limited release in only four theaters nationwide as a result of boycotting theatrical distributors.

The film, which is slated to hit theaters next week, was originally planned for release in more than 1500 theaters across the United States. Owing to the flick's controversial and politically charged content—which features spoofs of 9/11 and Jewish culture, among other jokes—many distributors are refusing to carry the film. Read more »

"Someone needs to explain to Mr. Boll that, contrary to what he thinks, forcing privately owned ..."
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Postal 3 Screenshots Include Trip To Porn Shop

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal, screenshots

Running With Scissors sends along three new screenshots from the Source Engine-powered Postal 3. The pics show the Postal dude taking a trip to the local porn shop, and using a badger as part of a weapon.

As we reported yesterday, Postal 3 is scheduled for release during the second quarter of 2009 on PC and Xbox 360, with a PlayStation 3 version a possibility as well.

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"My favorite moment in Postal 2: I was in the mall pet shop. I opened the cage to release a ..."
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Postal 3 Due Q2 2009 on PC, Xbox 360; PS3 Possible

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal

Postal III is tentatively scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2009 on PC and Xbox 360, series creator Running With Scissors revealed to Shacknews today at the Game Developers Conference.

The game, which is being co-developed with Russian studio Akella, may also appear on the PS3 after its initial release. "We are seriously considering PlayStation 3," said Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi. A publisher has not yet been announced. Read more »

"Disturbing news. To get a console release, will we have a watered down experience? Will ..."
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Postal: The Movie Trailer Shocks, Offends, Festers

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal, Trailer, Hollywood

Here we present a preview of the latest Uwe Boll masterpiece that may or may not come to a theater! There's been no actual release date set for this, but what we can tell you is that the plot points include spoofs of 9/11 and Jewish culture.

Get the Flash Player to see this player. Read more »

"saw the screening loved the movie i want to see it again soon!!!"
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Postal 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition Packaging: 'Slightly better than boxed Syphilis!'

Running With Scissors just sent over a Collector's Edition copy of the Postal series, which celebrates the franchise's 10th anniversary by including all of Postal games released thus far. I was so impressed by the box that I couldn't help but throw some pictures up here.

Like the games, the cereal box-esque packaging is twisted, demented, inappropriate, and, most importantly, hilarious. Be sure to check out the nutrition "facts." Read more »

"Regardless of the shit that gets said about their games, these guys do still have a wicked sense ..."
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Postal 3 Q&A

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal has a Postal 3 Q&A (English language version in the sidebar), asking Vince Desi what we can expect from the game. Thanks Voodoo Extreme.

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Postal 3 Screenshots Released

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal, screenshots

As part of Postal's 10th anniversary, the folks at Running With Scissors have launched the Postal Nation website. The site offers a Postal timeline, an interview with one of the actors from Uwe Boll's Postal film, and the first three Postal 3 screenshots. Powered by the Source Engine, Postal 3 will be released on PC and Xbox 360 some time next year.

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"Hah I told you guys you'd use the source engine for number 3."
- AgentPothead    See all 54 comments

Postal 3 Q&A

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal

There's a Postal 3 Q&A on Gamasutra today. Running With Scissors CEO Vince Desi is asked about the company's Source Engine powered game, and the Uwe Boll directed Postal movie.

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"haha postal 3?! didnt they learn from postal2???? I mean the idea was hilarious and ..."
- chilln    See all 4 comments

Postal 3 Announced

Related Topics – Postal 3, Postal 3, Postal

Running With Scissors sends along this press release, announcing that Postal 3 is in development for PC and Xbox 360. The latest installment in the "dark comedic" videogame franchise will be powered by Valve's Source Engine, and is scheduled for release some time in 2008. "We've always maintained since publishing the original POSTAL that the game is only as violent as the player wants it to be and we're committed to expanding this unique form of gameplay in this next addition to the ongoing storyline".

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"YES! this makes me happy. I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed postal 2 quite a bit. ..."
- headbone    See all 30 comments

Postal The Movie Coming

Running With Scissors sends along this press release, announcing that they have signed "a suicide pact" with movie director Uwe Boll to create a Postal movie. Boll had previously mentioned that Postal was one of his favorite games, so it's no real surprise this is happening. Hey at least it will take time away from him molesting a good game franchise right?

"Uwe Boll is the perfect producer-director to make POSTAL," affirmed Running With Scissors' CEO Vince Desi. "He understands the subject matter and has an appreciation and affinity for controversy and political incorrectness. POSTAL has always been about reason and insanity, violence and motivation; producer-director Uwe Boll is simply the right guy to bring that vision to the screen." The man behind the camera, Hollywood outsider Uwe Boll ranks POSTAL as his personal, all-time favorite video game. "I see it like a mirror for our society -- funny, violent, absurd!" he declared. "So then the movie must be powerful, strange, and so full of the game's political incorrect outrageousness that if we do it correct, we will all probably end up in jail!"
The movie will start shooting in 2006 for a 2007 release.

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"Is there even anything to adapt? Postal was all about mindless, pointless killing with no ..."
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Postal 2 Expansion Q&A

There's a Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend Q&A on HomeLAN Fed, asking the Running With Scissors about this new singleplayer expansion. According to the Q&A Apocalypse Weekend is already done and will be released soon.

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Postal 2: Share the Pain Demo

Running With Scissors has released a Postal 2: Share the Pain demo, allowing you to try out this upcoming multiplayer expansion pack for the game. The 156mb download offers three maps, one playable in CTF mode and the other two in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Grab mode.

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Postal 2 Expansion Videos

Related Topics – Postal 2, Postal

Several Postal 2: Share the Pain videos have been released, offering new multiplayer and familiar singleplayer footage. Thanks Action Trip.

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Postal 2 MP Q&A, Shots

Related Topics – Postal 2, Postal

Beyond Unreal has posted eight new screenshots from the Postal 2 multiplayer expansion pack Share the Pain. They also have a brief Q&A with Vince Desi.

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