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DS / RPG / Release: Mar 14, 2010 / ESRB: E


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Get Mew in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Pokemon Gold and Silver, Nintendo will be giving owners of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver--the DS remakes of the original games--a free Mew Pokemon.

Now, I haven't played Pokemon in a really long time, but I remember that Mew is a big deal. "Over the past 12 years, Mew has very rarely been attainable, making this an extraordinary opportunity for Trainers across the nation," explains Nintendo. Read more »

"This is pretty awesome. I once got Mew by going to a pokemon battle tournament at a mall when I ..."
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Nintendo Reports Sales Down 25%, Net Loss; 3DS Release Date Announcement Announced

Nintendo's fiscal year has gotten off to a poor start as the the friendly video games giant reports its sales were down 25% between April 1 and June 30 compared to the same period last year, contributing to a net loss of 25,216 million yen ($290 million US).

While sales of Wii hardware for the quarter rose by 27% to 3.04 million units, software sales fell by 10% to 28 million units. Still, Super Mario Galaxy 2 put in an impressive performance and sold 4.09 million copies. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort both shifted around 3 milion units, though they are of course often bundled. Read more »

"good grief I hate these 'release day release day' announcements. Why tell us that you are going ..."
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The Settlers 7 Patch 1.07 Arrives

The Settlers 7 has been updated to version 1.07 with a patch available on FileShack in two flavours--one which updates any version and one for v1.01 and above.

The patch brings a handful of bug fixes and improvements to Blue Byte's city-building strategy game as well as renovating two campaign maps for multiplayer modes. Read more »

"Does it fix that bug where the game stops if my internet disconnects?"
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Yearly Nintendo Earnings, Hardware Sales Down; Nintendo DS and Wii Lifetime Sales Revealed

"A price reduction on Wii hardware, fewer strong Wii software titles in the first half and appreciation

of the yen" lead to a negative impact on Nintendo's "business performance" across the past fiscal year,

the Japanese gaming giant announced today. Read more »

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Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Get Another Pokewalker Route Unlocked via DLC

After offering the "Yellow Forest Route" to Pokemon HeartGold (DS) and SoulSilver (DS) owners in the form of a limited-time download, Nintendo is back with another offering, the "Winner's Path Route," that will be available from May 6 to June 25, 2010.

As with the "Yellow Forest," the "Winner's Path Route" is unlocked by connecting to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection through the "Mystery Gift" option on the game's main menu. Read more »

"Dear Chris Faylor, I went back and read your last article about Pokewalker routes and, as a ..."
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God of War 3 Tops U.S. Console Sales in March

SCE Santa Monica's brutal PlayStation 3-exclusive sequel God of War III took top honors as the best-selling console game in the United States during March 2010, research firm NPD Group revealed today in its monthly update on hardware and software sales.

"For the first time since its launch in the US, the PS3 has four titles in the Top 10, and was also the leader in console software sales," noted NPD's Anita Frazier. Meanwhile, only two Xbox 360 titles--Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefield: Bad Company 2--made the chart: Read more »

"Why did SoulSilver sell so many more units than HeartGold? Aren't they usually pretty even?"
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The Settlers 7 DRM Issues Still Not Fully Resolved

Following up on its original story, Eurogamer has learned that Ubisoft is still experiencing issues with its multiplayer servers and DRM for The Settlers 7.

"Settlers 7 players have encountered difficulties playing the game over the [Easter] holiday weekend due to issues with servers that do matchmaking in multiplayer mode and that keep track of profiles, campaign progression and stats in both solo and multi modes," said Ubisoft to Eurogamer. Read more »

"Welcome to gaming in the year 2010. Expect more crap like this to follow because people are ..."
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The Settlers 7 Patch 1.02 Released

Ubisoft has released patch version 1.02 for its city-building strategy game The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, available now in a 424MB download over on FileShack.

The patch notes are rather slim and vague, noting only that it "Fixed various stability issues." If you don't have The Settlers 7, hey, why not try the demo? Read more »

"Frankly the game looks really cool and I'd likely buy it, but with this DRM I will never do so. ..."
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Ubisoft DRM Troubles Hit The Settlers 7; Splinter Cell PC Delay Not Due to DRM

GamePolitics reports that gamers, specifically in Australia, are experiencing issues with The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, which utilizes Ubisoft's controversial DRM scheme. The DRM requires a persistent Internet connection, even for singleplayer.

Read more »

"and so it seems UBIsoft want us to buy there games on console instead..well i dont care im ..."
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Pokemon HeartGold / SoulSilver Get DLC

Owners of Pokemon HeartGold (DS) and SoulSilver (DS) can now obtain a new route for their Pokewalker--the pedometer accessory bundled with both games that lets players level up their monsters by walking--thanks to the magic of downloadable content.

The free download, available through the "Mystery Gift" option on the main menu, unlocks a "Yellow Forest Route" that's chock full of Pikachus to battle and capture. Better yet, some of those Pikachus have special moves that regular ones don't, such as "Fly." Read more »

"Oh god, please don't use the term DLC for Mystery Gift. It makes it sound dirty."
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The Settlers 7 Demo Released

A demo-y taster of Ubisoft Blue Byte's city-building strategy game The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom can now be found in 2.56GB download over on FileShack.

The demo contains the map 'River Town' with victory point multiplayer, singleplayer vs. AI and free play modes, as well as a tutorial to get players up to speed on what's new. Read more »

"Can we stop talking about the DRM in every Ubisoft post? It only gives them more attention. ..."
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The Settlers 7 Trailer Talks Customization

Civilization and Railroad Tycoon veteran Bruce Shelley walks us through this trailer for Blue Byte's The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, helping explain some of the strategy game's customization elements. He's also forced to hold his own microphone.

Read more »

"First of several Ubi games I had planned to buy and I'm now skipping :( Going to be real sad ..."
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The Settlers 7 Gets More DRM Details, New Trailer, Digital-Only Gold Edition

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom publisher Ubisoft has announced a 'Gold Edition' of Blue Byte's city-building strategy and released a new trailer covering its 'Victory Points' system, while further details have surfaced of its implentation of Ubisoft's new DRM.

The $60 download-only Gold Edition boasts an "exclusive" map, original soundtrack and extra castle customisation options "including a gate, balcony, bay, gargoyle and two windows," hitting PC and Mac on March 23 alongside the $50 regular edition. Read more »

"ahhhh ubi...tsk tsk... played the older settlers once or twice...and was getting into the lil ..."
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'Totally New Pokemon Title' Revealed as Nintendo Lists Upcoming DS Games

It wasn't all Wii for Nintendo this morning, as a presentation and documents from company also listed its upcoming Nintendo DS games, including word from company president Satoru Iwata of "the first brand new Pokemon title in 4 years."

On top of the new Pokemon, due in Japan by the end of the year, Nintendo affirmed that long-awaited RPG sequel Golden Sun DS is expected to hit North America and Europe sometime in 2010, with the full breakdown of releases following below. Read more »

"Even though I'm happy about the new Pokemon title, I can't help but laugh when I think about ..."
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New Mario Sells 10 Million in Under Two Months as Nintendo Unleashes 2009 Sales Figures

Marking the recent end of its third fiscal quarter, Nintendo today released sales figures on its hardware and notable software releases, and the results are impressive.

Read more »

"Enough tags, folks? tags: Nintendo, Console Sales, Harware Sales, Software Sales, New Super ..."
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