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DS / Fighting / Release: May 10, 2010 / ESRB: E10+


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Metroid: Other M, Sin & Punishment Wii Delayed as Nintendo Updates Release Schedule

Nintendo has updated its release schedule with revelations that Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor have been delayed along with release dates for a smattering of downloadable DSiWare and WiiWare releases over the coming months.

"Yay! B.T.R. finally has a date. I didn't actually finish Core, but I'm really looking forward ..."
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Photo Dojo Media Blitz Shows Off DSi Fighter

Harkening way back to the glory days of the Game Boy Camera, Nintendo has unveiled a downloadable fighter that may very well constitute the best use of the Nintendo DSi yet.

Photo Dojo uses the portable's camera to quite literally put you (or your cat) in the game, complete with custom battle cries. See:

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"Can the guys who made this and 5th Cell get together and make something awesome?"
- Shadsy    See all 5 comments

Nintendo Confirms Dates, Unveils New Games with Latest Wii and DS Release Schedule

On top of revealing dates for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, Nintendo today also bolstered its existing lineup with a number of other impending releases.

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