Perfect Dark

N64, XB360 / Action / Release: Mar 17, 2010 / ESRB: U


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Crackdown 2 Save Unlocks "Agent 4" in Perfect Dark XBLA Multiplayer

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With Crackdown 2 days from release, Xbox 360 owners who are eagerly anticipating the game are playing through the bonus-infused demo, which has the potential to unlock achievements when the retail game is loaded. Today, Rare announced another bonus for Crackdown 2 fans: An unlockable character for the Perfect Dark XBLA multiplayer mode.

Systems with the full version of Perfect Dark installed, along with a save file from the upcoming sandbox title from Ruffian Games, unlocks Agent 4 -- a familiar "face" for Crackdown franchise fans. Sadly, agility orbs remain a Crackdown exclusive.

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"Nice little bonus even though it would have been nicer to see it done for the demo of Crackdown ..."
- agentboolen    See all 3 comments

Perfect Dark Screenshots Get Classy

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4J Studios' prettied-up port of Perfect Dark is almost here, so to celebrate, creator Rare has released some screenshots that see some characters dressed all fancy like.

Boasting online multiplayer, enhanced visuals and a much smoother framerate over the Nintendo 64 original, the Xbox 360 recreation of Perfect Dark will be available as an 800 Microsoft Point / $10 Xbox Live Arcade download come next Wednesday, March 17.

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"So, i'm going to take a long shot out into the dark and assume that Perfect Dark: Zero was not ..."
- Flakmanz    See all 13 comments

March's Xbox Live Arcade Games Dated: Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal, Toy Soldiers and Game Room

Following up on the recent revelation of the month-long "Xbox LIVE Arcade Block Party" promotion, Microsoft has unveiled when the four Xbox 360 downloads will arrive:

"The Toy Soldiers page's only video links to 0 day attack on earth."
- Entity    See all 10 comments

Perfect Dark XBLA Coming in March at $10

Related Topics – Perfect Dark, xbox 360, screenshots, X10

The Xbox Live Arcade revamp of Rare's N64 shooter Perfect Dark will be released for download this March, Microsoft announced today at its X10 event.

The 800 Microsoft Point ($10) port by Banjo Kazooie XBLA veterans 4J Studios boasts jazzed-up graphics running in 1080p at a reported 60fps--a far cry from the original--and boasts online multiplayer as well as leaderboards and avatar rewards.

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"Yet one more game I want in March. There are too many games coming out that month."
- Begawkiness    See all 3 comments

Perfect Dark XBLA Coming Next Year, Revamped Heroine, Lensflares Revealed

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Original Perfect Dark developer Rare has revealed that the Xbox Live Arcade port by 4J Studio of its N64 shooter will hit in early 2010 and released several new screenshots.

"Can now confirm early 2010 release which is still 'winter', stop moaning," reads a post on Rare's Twitter, which also delivers another comparison of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo 64 versions as well as a look at heroine Joanna Dark's XBLA makeover. Read more »

"Speaking of late XBLA releases, not much time left for Doom 2 XBLA. I thought they said it was ..."
- DeBurgo    See all 10 comments

Perfect Dark Screenshots: Xbox 360 vs. N64

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Another set of Pefect Dark screenshots have emerged from original developer Rare, once again pitting the Nintendo 64 original against the downloadable Xbox 360 version.

Ported to the Xbox 360 by Banjo Kazooie XBLA veterans 4J Studios and packing enhanced visuals, a smoother framerate and online multiplayer, the Xbox Live Arcade update of the nearly decade-old shooter is due as a download this winter.

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"PORT THIS TO PC!!! Would be awesome, the Perfect Dark Source mod was cool but I would like to ..."
- smashingpunk007    See all 63 comments

Perfect Dark Screenshots: Elvis the Alien

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Rare has released a trio of new screenshots from the Xbox Live Arcade port of its N64 shooter Perfect Dark, showing revamps of a pair of levels and Joanna's alien pal Elvis.

Handled by Banjo Kazooie XBLA porter 4J Studios, Perfect Dark hits XBLA this winter with "all the original game features... plus new Xbox LIVE ones" and its infamous performance woes banished, now reportedly offering "1080p at 60 frames per second."

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"Please PLEASE tell me they did something to reduce the throw-up effect caused by the N-Bomb."
- getlefty    See all 31 comments

Perfect Dark XBLA Screenshots Show Spit-Shine

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New screenshots of Perfect Dark's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade port by 4J Studios compare its spiffy new enhanced graphics to the original murky Nintendo 64 release.

Slated to arrive this winter, the port of Rare's 2000 shooter will pack online multiplayer in addition to split-screen, and is claimed to run at a liquid 60fps in full 1080p resolution.

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"Will the 'President Scanner' actually have an in-game model? I seem to remember it was pretty ..."
- lukej__    See all 36 comments

Perfect Dark XBLA Gets Online Multi, Screenshots

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The first screenshots from the downloadable Xbox Live Arcade rendition of Rare's Pefect Dark have arrived, showing off the sharper visuals of the Nintendo 64 port.

Due this winter, the Xbox 360 release of the 2000 first-person shooter adds online multiplayer, enhanced graphics, and a smooth frame rate of 60 FPS to the mix--according to its games page, anyways. The port is being handled by 4J Studios, which worked with Rare on the Banjo Kazooie N64-to-XBLA releases.

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"Hoooly crap, my favorite shooter since Doom!! I beg one thing of the dev team: Include ..."
- roz1281    See all 61 comments

Perfect Dark to Hit Xbox Live Arcade

Classic N64 shooter Perfect Dark is coming to Xbox Live Arcade this Winter, according to a Twitter update by Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb.

The game--running in full 1080p--is on display at E3, and this grand news will be celebrated tomorrow by the release of a free Perfect Dark Xbox theme.

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"Knew it was coming, this is the best news from E3 so far for me. Love myself some Perfect Dark. ..."
- XSilencedXDream    See all 12 comments

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