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Empire: Total War Release Date, Min. Specs Arrive; Uses Steam for DRM

Creative Assembly's historical strategy game Empire: Total War will ship to retailers on March 3 and be available for purchase on March 4, publisher Sega confirmed today.

Initially expected on February 3, the PC game will require owners to install Valve's digital distribution platform Steam in order to activate both retail and downloaded copies. North American customers will see the Steam release of Empire: Total War arrive on March 4, with buyers able to pre-load the game roughly 48 hours before. Read more »

"Can anyone help me i have empire total war but the highest graphics i can have is medium. Even ..."
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Empire: Total War Trailer: Rocket Launchers

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Who says rocket launchers are out of place in a historical RTS/strategy game? This is post-Enlightenment, man. In the span of human existence, Quake is right around the corner.

Creative Assembly's Empire: Total War is hitting the PC in early March.

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"Thank goodness for this article - it's been shaping up to be a crappy news day so far (other ..."
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New Empire: Total War Trailer, Screenshots Walk the Road to Independence

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Creative Assembly's latest strategy epic Empire: Total War (PC) will include a new Revolutionary War-themed "Road to Independence" campaign, a feature detailed in the following trailer.

At one time set for an early February release, Empire has since been delayed to early March--though a new campaign multiplayer feature is in the works due to the delay. Read more »

"So the singleplayer campaign will take place in the Americas? :("
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Total War Delay Brings Multiplayer Campaign Mode

Related Topics – Empire: Total War, Overlord, Delay, PC

The one-month delay of Creative Assembly's Empire: Total War (PC) has provided a surprise bonus: the eventual addition of a full campaign multiplayer mode to the strategy title.

"The additional time will allow us to implement the underlying technology for a much desired feature; a multiplayer campaign mode," wrote Creative Assembly's Mark O'Connell on the company's official forums. Read more »

"ill believe it when i see it. weve heard these promises before.... since shogun total war."
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Empire: Total War Delayed to March

Related Topics – Empire: Total War, Overlord, Delay, PC

Creative Assembly's large-scale, Napoleonic-era strategy title Empire: Total War has been delayed to early March, according to publisher Sega.

Empire was originally expected to hit the PC on February 3, so we're looking at approximately one extra month of waiting before we get our pretty revolution simulator, and about two months before us history dorks all head out to the store for a new PC. Read more »

"You silly, the history dorks hate inaccuracy of the Total War saga. :P"
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Empire: Total War Interview: Creative Assembly on the Road to Independence and Not Selling Out

When Empire: Total War ships in early February, it will include a new type of mode for the series--the Road to Independence, a story-driven campaign centered entirely around the American Revolutionary War.

At a recent event, I got the chance to speak with developer Creative Assembly's communications manager Kieran Brigden. We went over the new mode, and of course talked about the game in general. The interview also covers how Creative Assembly approaches these projects--and where the studio might go in the future. Read more »

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Empire: Total War Special Forces Edition Announced, Game Features Steamworks Integration

Sega has announced that like so many games these days, Creative Assembly's Empire: Total War (PC) will receive a special edition in addition to its regular release.

Titled the Special Forces Edition, the premium package will come with exclusive "elite" units as well as a detailed print of the Campaign Map. No pricing or additional details were announced.

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"I don't get it. Is there a boxed special addition?, all the maps and booklets that come with ..."
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New Empire: Total War Screenshots Sail Into View

Creative Assembly has released a few more screenshots of its upcoming large-scale strategy title Empire: Total War.

Set during the Napoleonic age of the 1800s, Empire will feature massive RTS battles on both land and sea. The turn-based campaign map is set to feature conquerable representations of North America, the Indies, Europe, and North Africa. Read more »

"The min specs on this game are going to be brutal, but is the one pc game I'm willing to upgrade ..."
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Empire: Total War Trailer Gets Strategic

Related Topics – Empire: Total War, Overlord, Trailer, PC

Sega has released a new trailer for Empire: Total War, the latest turn-based strategy game from Creative Assembly. This trailer shows the evolution of the game's campaign features applied to the 18th century battlefield, whether in America, Europe or the Indian subcontinent.

The PC exclusive arrives on February 3, 2009. Thanks to Shacker zooolander for the tip.

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"I think I'm more excited for this game than any previous Total War game. Ever since I played ..."
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Shack PSA: Overlord Playable for Free on GameTap Tomorrow

Related Topics – Overlord, xbox 360, Shack PSA, PC, GameTap

Attention Shacknews shoppers! We at Shacknews know that you're a cheapskate that you appreciate a good value, and with that in mind we thought we'd direct you over to GameTap, where Overlord (PC, 360, PS3) is free starting tomorrow.

Overlord, a minion-leading action game with a fantasy-world slant, was released in 2007 from Triumph Studios to solid reviews. "You have a busy day: peasants to slaughter, villages to burn, hopes to dash," implores the game's promotional writing. "There's a baby with some candy that needs taking the next town over," it adds. Read more »

"Well, I didn't need a subscription and it plays fine. I missed out on this game somehow at ..."
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Empire: Total War Trailer Fights on Land, Release Date Now February 3

A new trailer for Creative Assembly's Empire: Total War has lined up in formation and fired over a volley of information relating to land battles from the 18th century.

The end of the trailer also reveals a release date of February 3 for the PC-exclusive strategy game. Previously, only a window of the month of February was known.

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"Oh god oh god oh god - I can't wait for this game! I've been wanting a Total War game with real ..."
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New Empire: Total War Screenshots Portray Old World Battles on Land, Sea

Sega has released a batch of six screenshots from Creative Assembly's upcoming strategy/RTS title Empire: Total War--three showing land battles, and three if by sea.

PC strategy fans can expect to whet their appetites for Napoleonic combat next February.

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"I can only get excited if I hear they are going to make the diplomatic AI work this time around. ..."
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Empire: Total War Movie Features Naval Battles

Related Topics – Empire: Total War, Overlord, Trailer, PC

A new Empire: Total War (PC) video has been released by SEGA, showing off the naval combat featured in Creative Assembly's newest strategy game.

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"This looks like a must have but somehow I think my 8800U will bulk under this... that 4870 X2 ..."
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Empire: Total War is a Strategy Fan's Wet Dream

Let me give you an idea of how absurdly detailed Empire: Total War is: the game accurately models buoyancy. Every musket ball is accurately modeled using the game's physics engine. The land battle maps are generated from NASA satellite imagery.

Empire: Total War is a model kit of a game. Based on my time with the game, I can say that naval combat has been brilliantly realized, with a level of polish that honestly left me stunned. Read more »

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E3 Sega Screenshots: Sonic DS, Stormrise, Space Siege, Alpha Protocol

Currently making their way online are screenshots from upcoming Sega games. We have images from Alpha Protocol, Empire: Total War, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, Madworld, Samba de Amigo, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic Unleashed, Space Siege, Stormrise and Valkyria Chronicles.

Alpha Protocol (PC, PS3, X360)

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"I liked the other Sonic game on the DS. more like a classic Sonic"
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