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Okabu expanding into free-to-play iOS and Android game

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Okabu expanding into free-to-play iOS and Android game

Okabu, Handcircus' adorable puzzle-platformer starring clouds, didn't garner much critical fanfare when it debuted on PlayStation 3 last year. While it looked charming, critics were disappointed by the shallow gameplay.

Handcircus isn't done with the franchise, however. Instead, it's giving it another chance by creating a new game for iOS and Android.

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Sony investing $20 million for PSN exclusives

Sony investing $20 million for PSN exclusives

What's the best way to get into an indie dev's heart? Money.

Sony Computer Entertainment is making an even more aggressive effort to secure exclusives for its PlayStation Network platform by pledging $20 million of support over the next three years. Through its Pub Fund program, PS3 has become home to titles like Joe Danger and Critter Crunch.

Microsoft also negotiates exclusivity deals with indies. However, as evidenced by Braid, Castle Crashers, and most recently, Limbo, it appears those contracts allow developers to re-release their games on competing platforms after a period of time. Most PSN exclusives remain exactly that, with the occasional iOS and Steam port.

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E3 2011: Okabu

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E3 2011: Okabu

QUICKTAKE: Okabu isn't one of those artsy indie games you'll find on the PlayStation Network. Instead, it is a polished, cute co-op puzzle experience that had us smiling on the E3 show floor.

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Rolando Developer Working on Okabu for PlayStation Network

Rolando developer HandCircus unveiled its next game, Okabu, in the video that follows below. Coming exclusively to the PS3 on the PlayStation Network next year, here's their description of the game:

Okabu follows the adventures of Kumulo, Nimbe and the cloud-flying heroes as they battle to save their people and their world from the industrialized threat of the Doza. The world of Okabu is a hyper-tactile toybox filled with a huge number of puzzles, playthings, adorable creatures and devious machines—all spread across an epic co-op campaign designed exclusively for the PlayStation Network. Read more »

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