Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

PS1, PC / Platform / Release: Oct 31, 1998 / ESRB: U

Oddworld 'Oddbox' Compilation Launching on PC This Holiday Season

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 06, 2010 10:10am PST

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath will finally debut on PC this holiday season, developer Oddworld Inhabitants announced...


"Fuck - no word of the re-vamped one coming to the 360? I know they were hitting a problem with ..."

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GOG.com Slashes Oddworld Prices, Permanently

By Xav de Matos, Aug 16, 2010 9:00am PDT

If you were interested in taking a quest with the most famous Mudokon of them all but thought the asking price was a little steep, we have some...


"Good time for me to pick these babies up. Hay, what about Stanger: I love that game!"

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