No More Heroes

WII / Action / Release: Jan 22, 2008 / ESRB: M


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No More Heroes: The Xbox 360 / PS3 Trailer

Following screenshots of feelplus' high-def No More Heroes revamp Heroes Paradise, publisher Marvelous has put out a Japanese trailer for the enhanced port.

Unfortunately, the trailer isn't actually in high definition, so you don't get the full effect, but it still provides a glimpse of what original developer Grasshopper's over-the-top and ridiculously suggestive Wii action game looks like on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Read more »

"Really enjoyed the Wii version. Gonna get this on X360 just in time to accompany NMH2 on the Wii."
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'No More Heroes' Xbox 360 Screenshots Arrive

Yesterday, we learned that Grasshopper Manufacture's eclectic Wii action game No More Heroes was coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now, we have screenshots of the prettied-up Xbox 360 port (via Xbox Japan) and video of a real-life wrestler.

Exactly what Ikuhisa "Minowaman" Minowa is saying and why the video is on the game's official site, I don't know, but it's got to relate to the game somehow ...right?

Read more »

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No More Heroes Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Port 'Heroes Paradise' Revealed

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An enhanced port of Grasshopper's 2008 over-the-top action game No More Heroes subtitled 'Heroes Paradise' is headed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, revealed in the latest issue of Japanese video games magazine Famitsu according to Siliconera.

Improvements include improved graphics, an "Advanced Mode," Japanese voice acting and "Very Sweet Mode"--where all ladies wear revealing outfits, Kotaku explains. Wii motion controls--including an obscene reload gesture--are naturally not directly ported. Read more »

""No More Heroes" is one of the reasons I was interested in a Wii. Now it looks like I get ..."
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Fallout 3, Ico and No More Heroes Makers Talk Game Design, Regret and Cold Medicine Abuse

Today's Game Developers Conference panel on "Evolving Game Design: Today and Tomorrow, East and West Game Design" wasn't just the folks behind Fallout 3, No More Heroes, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus talking about poop and new projects.

Moderated by Mark MacDonald, the all-star panel saw Shadow of the Colossus/Ico creator Fumito Ueda (Team Ico), No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (Grasshopper Manufacture), and Fallout 3 developer Emil Pagliarulo (Bethesda) discuss storytelling, the way games change during development, and yes, cold medicine. Read more »

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No More Heroes Dev Explains the Importance of Bathroom Brainstorming

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If the Game Developers Conference seems like a time for high-minded ideas and technical talks, leave it to Goichi Suda, the rebellious creator of No More Heroes and CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, to lighten things up.

In explaining where he gets the ideas for his games, Suda spoke of a simple, universal process:

"I go to the bathroom, and I try to poop, and I come up with a good idea." Read more »

"I know I do my best thinking while taking a shit. You are alone, no external noises, and you ..."
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Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout 3, No More Heroes Developers Talk New Projects

During a joint panel at GDC 2009, the developers of Shadow of Colossus, Fallout 3 and No More Heroes all spoke of their new projects.

Mark MacDonald moderated the panel between Shadow of the Colossus/Ico creator Fumito Ueda, No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda, and Fallout 3 developer Emil Pagliarulo.

After opening up the panel for questions, Suda took the chance to ask one for the crowd: what games are Ueda and Pagliarulo working on next? Read more »

"Oh god I whatever Ueda is making will fucking rule I can not wait. That is the game that will ..."
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PLAY NO MORE HEROES Part II: What it's About

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Yesterday I told you to play No More Heroes. So why the hell didn't you? What's your problem, anyway? You need more convincing? You don't even know what it is? Fine.

No More Heroes is an original Wii brawler from Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer behind cult hit Killer 7 (PS2, GCN), Contact (NDS), a few licensed titles, and a number of Japan-only releases. One of the most refreshing things about Grasshopper to somebody who covers the video game industry--an industry plagued with derivative iteration and sequels--is how much of its own sense of style it has. This is probably due in large part to its CEO and frequent game director Goichi Suda, aka Suda51. Read more »

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I will write more, hopefully today, but for now let me just say: please go and purchase Grasshopper Manufacture's just-released Wii brawler, No More Heroes. Director Goichi Suda (aka Suda 51) has stated his concern that the Wii audience is entirely comprised of casual gamers, but he just released this game, so if you are looking for something badass on the system having already played Super Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, you have no excuse not to play this and prove him wrong.

This game is violent, creative, insane, and a bona fide video game explosion. Like I said, I will write more later--currently, however, I am thoroughly and violently engrossed in No More Heroes.

Read more »

"How do the controls compare to MP3 and Zelda: TP? I know everyone here loved MP3, but I found ..."
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No More Heroes Pushed Up to January 22 Release

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Ubisoft recently confirmed to IGN that the publisher has bumped up the US release of Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming Wii brawler No More Heroes to January 22nd, a little over two weeks from today.

The push is likely meant to dodge hefty competition in the form of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii), scheduled alongside Heroes' original release date of February 10th—a good plan to avoid commercial suicide for the would-be cult classic.

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No More Heroes Assets Depict Beam Sword Battles, Motorcycle Driving, Bathroom Usage

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A smorgasbord of 42 screens and several character art images have surfaced for Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming beam sword battling title No More Heroes (Wii).

Helmed by Killer 7 (PS2, GCN) designer Suda 51, the game arrives in stores this February. Read more »

"I'm surprised no one else has shown concern over the lady who apparently shits grenades. ..."
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TGS 07: No More Heroes Impressions

"I am 120% sure you are about to die," she said over the phone. Sweat began to slide down my forehead. It's never a good omen when a game actively taunts you. Even the hired Japanese cheerleader next to me had exchanged her patronizing smile for a look of doubt, and I wasn't about to disagree with her private assessment. The follow-up to Killer7--designer Goichi Suda and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture's last effort--No More Heroes bears little resemblance to that stylish shooter, outside of its cel-shaded graphics. Even in that regard, No More Heroes is a departure, featuring the palette of a full box of crayons compared to Killer7's stark coloring. This new game is all about being loud and kicking ass, rock and roll style. It's a lot like Clover Studio's PS2 beat-em-up God Hand, but with the beating being administered with the help of a bright blue lightsaber. Okay, it's not really a lightsaber--just like Death Knights aren't really Ringwraiths, Nuprin isn't Advil, and the Sixaxis has nothing to do with the Wii Remote. Instead of a gift from Obi-wan, No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown actually wins his "beam katana"--a sort of fluorescent light-bulb on a stick--from an online auction. And rather than cherishing his score like a closeted virgin, he breaks it out of the package and immediately goes to town, becoming a hitman for hire in the fictional city of Santa Destroy, California. Players must take out ten competing assassins in the UAA hitman association, on the way to taking the title of baddest bad-guy in town. The fighting takes place from a free-roaming 3D third-person perspective. Players can run around and lock onto enemies at will, swinging their sword with the "A" button and kicking with the "B" button. Yes, there are no real motion controls in play for the majority of attacks--not even simple flailing mechanics a la Zelda. This is mainly an old-school button masher, albeit with a few important twists. For instance, holding the remote at different elevations and positions does change the angle of your attacks, and a flick of the nunchuk does initiate a sweeping sword swing. Most notably, after having built up a combo meter with your various swings, the game pauses, displaying a large arrow pointing in one of four directions. A simple twitch of the Wii Remote in the corresponding direction triggers an elaborate finishing move. Sometimes these arrows will be doubled up, requiring you to use both the nunchuk and the Wii Remote in a combined gesture, resulting in a suplex or other throw-based slam. These combo-gestures are satisfying at first, but they do throw a wrench in the flow of the gameplay, and could become repetitive after a while. They may add more of a punch if they become harder to pull off at higher difficulties. While this isn't the one-to-one lightsaber game that Wii players have been clamoring for, it does feature a few moves inherent to the Star Wars saga. For one, gunshots and other long-range attacks are automatically blocked by the beam katana. Travis can also battle other beam-wielding enemies, occasionally locking swords and requiring a few rapid button presses to break the stalemate. In an interesting effect--which is actually more at home in a movie like Akira--the beam katanas are rendered only every few frames, unevenly streaking across the screen like a monitor with a bad refresh rate. Suda has said in the past that his main influence for No More Heroes is El Topo, the cult classic Spanish film by director Alejandro Jodorowsky. However, it appears that in the time since Suda stated his intentions to match El Topo's level of surrealistic violence--perhaps somewhere in the middle of Manhunt 2's recent censorship debacle--he had a change of heart. When enemies were killed in this demonstration of No More Heroes, they simply dissolved into coins. It was a startling concession after witnessing the uncompromising brutality of Ninja Gaiden 2. As it turns out, apparently the game will only be censored in this way for the Japanese markets. For the US release, the title will be oozing with blood as promised. Still, even lacking the gore, No More Heroes offered up enough thugs and varied mechanics to keep my attention. On my way to a boss fight, I encountered an interesting sequence where Travis spoke on a cell phone. Much like a multiplayer mode in Ubisoft's Red Steel, the Wii Remote speaker is used for the incoming voice, turning the remote into the on-screen phone. This is the point that I was threatened with death--and stepping into the abandoned warehouse in front of me, I soon knew why. Inside was some sort of supervillain boss, complete with dark cape and laser-shooting eyeballs. Defeating the villain--who had a penchant for yelling goofy dialogue, such as the destined-to-be-lampooned "Destroooyyy Beeeaaammm!"--was a matter of determining his patterns, with a lot of running in circles to dodge his special attacks. After quickly defeating the enemy, my handler seemed genuinely surprised. Whether this was a compliment or a sarcastic slam, I will never know. The full version of No More Heroes will reportedly feature an open-world design, allowing players to travel to and fro from zone to zone on a motorcycle. And even though the combat in No More Heroes isn't revolutionary, at the end of the day, when I finally grabbed that annoying bastard of a boss and broke his back with a suplex, I can't say I didn't enjoy it. If you like action games with a distinct sense of style, Suda's latest is one to watch. No More Heroes hits US stores next February on the Wii.

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