NBA Baller Beats

XB360 / Sports / Release: Sep 11, 2012 / ESRB: E10+

NBA Baller Beats review

By Ozzie Mejia, Sep 24, 2012 12:30pm PDT

There hasn't been a shortage of Kinect titles in recent years, but many of them have focused on mini-games or clunky shooting mechanics. The few gems that have stood out have been the ones that have utilized a unique game mechanic while making the most of the Kinect hardware...


NBA Baller Beats preview

By Ozzie Mejia, Aug 23, 2012 10:00am PDT

After some clunky Kinect experiences, we approached NBA Baller Beats with a sense of lowered expectations, but for anyone looking to refine their skills before playing pickup at the local park, it's a fun and intense cardio workout.


Weekend Confirmed 110 - PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Super Monday Night Combat

By Garnett Lee, Apr 27, 2012 11:00am PDT

This week, Garnett and Jeff are Joined by Shacknews' Andrew Yoon, and regular guest James Stevenson to talk about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Super Monday Night Combat, Tribes Ascend, and more.


Portal 2 DLC, Zwei announced, NBA Baller Beats - Shacknews Daily: April 26, 2012

By Garnett Lee, Apr 26, 2012 3:00pm PDT

Join Garnett Lee on this episode of Shacknews Daily. Today's stories: Resident Evil's mastermind returns to the survival horror genre, Portal 2 gets a DLC puzzle creator, and NBA Baller Beats gets Kinected.


NBA Baller Beats announced for Kinect

By Steve Watts, Apr 26, 2012 11:30am PDT

HB Studios and Majesco Entertainment have announced NBA Baller Beats, a rhythm/sports Kinect game that uses a real basketball.