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Shack PSA: Resident Evil 5 DLC Savings on Xbox 360

Xbox Live Gold subscribers will be able to snap up a selection of Resident Evil 5 downloadable content with a 40% discount on Xbox 360 thanks to this week's 'Deal of the Week,' Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hyrb has announced.

"Finally Ive been waiting for these to go on sale. Starting up Xbox now."
- Sgtfraser    See all 10 comments

Sony Adds 10 to PS3 Greatest Hits Catalog

Sony has just added ten games to the PlayStation 3's Greatest Hits catalog, with each title now carrying a price tag of $29.99 or less.

They are: Read more »

"Whoa, sony must have sold a fuckton of god of war collection really quickly. "
- fsck    See all 20 comments

Resident Evil 5 DLC Media Blast Includes Returning Old-Timers, Breakdown of Who's in What

Having already disclosed when the onslaught of Resident Evil 5 DLC will begin and how much it will cost, Capcom is back with more info.

This time, it's a breakdown of which new characters for the expanded Mercenaries Reunion arcade mode are in what packs:

      "Lost in Nightmares" Episode - 2/17 (Xbox 360), 2/18 (PS3)400 Microsoft Points / $5 Read more »

"Can't wait, been a long time since I saw Barry in RE. Also, for any PS3 user, feel free to ..."
- uh dead    See all 6 comments

Resident Evil 5 DLC Trailers: Excella-ent

Continuing to bombard us with media of Resident Evil 5's forthcoming downloadable add-ons, Capcom has issued trailers for two of the characters found in the new and improved "Mercenaries Reunion" mode. First up, Excella demonstrates her backend:

Read more »

"diappoinment all round for lack fo PC DLC for this and no Super SF4, just when I thought Capcom ..."
- spaceyme    See all 3 comments

Resident Evil 5 DLC Shots: High Kicks, Low Blows

Alongside two new episodes and an assortment of new costumes, the forthcoming deluge of Resident Evil 5 downloadable content will also bring with it a new version of the game's Mercenaries Mode that packs more playable characters and weapons.

Among these new characters? Busty antagonist Excella Gionne, as seen below. Read more »

"Other characters? Can you bring back HUNK, plz? Also: That Wesker kills Excella despite the ..."
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Resident Evil 5 'Gold Edition' Trailer Shows Off Downloadable Campaigns, Content

With two new episodes and a variety of costumes coming to Resident Evil 5 across February and March, Capcom has issued forth a new trailer that intersperse bits of the new content with scenes from the original game.

Those that already own the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of Resident Evil 5 will be able to buy the new content via download, with a new "Gold Edition" bundling the original game and new content at retail come March 9. As for PC DLC, Capcom has "no plans." Read more »

"wow... i wish they'd just skipped the main campaign and simply made this the full game. THIS ..."
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Resident Evil 5 Second DLC Episode Revealed, Trailers Show More Wacky Costumes

Capcom continues to drip-feed details on the upcoming Resident Evil 5 downloadable content, unveiling the new campaign 'Desperate Escape' and yet more crazy costumes.

Desperate Escape stars Jill Valentine "recently freed of a mind control device" in an episode set during the main Resident Evil 5 campaign, aided by BSAA agent Josh Stone.

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"Still love this game engine. MT Framework looks gorgeous. Capcom hit a homerun with their MT ..."
- Dr_Cube    See all 11 comments

Resident Evil 5 DLC Trailers Show Revealing Red Riding Hood, Post-Apocalyptic Warrior Outfits

Capcom has released a pair of new Resident Evil 5 trailers showing off two new costumes arriving as part of the upcoming PS3 and 360 downloadable content packs.

Sheva's trampy 'folkore' getup and Chris's 'warrior' outfit sport "their own unique weapon load-outs" in the revamped 'The Mercenaries Reunion' mode included with any of the campaign chapter or costume pack DLCs, the first of which are due on February 17. Read more »

"I will buy this game just for he boobies! ermm unless its just dlc now"
- technotica    See all 10 comments

Resident Evil 5 DLC Not Planned for PC

Capcom has "no plans for PC at this point" for the recently-announced Resident Evil 5 downloadable content or DLC-bundling 'Gold Edition,' a representative has told G4tv.

Scheduled for release on March 9, the Gold Edition of Capcom's action horror includes a prequel mission, a new episode and two costume packs--all of which will receive seperate releases as downloadable content. The Xbox 360's Gold Edition contains a download code for new content, while the PlayStation 3 version packs it onto a disc. Read more »

"im waiting for the white sheets for the alternate uniforms like to see em chuck a spear threw ..."
- khskydemon    See all 20 comments

Resident Evil 5 DLC Dated, Gold Edition Announced

Having previously announced an expanded edition of Resident Evil 5 for Japan and vowed to release the new content in downloadable form for current owners, Capcom today issued a release schedule and screenshots of the forthcoming expansions.

Along with the previously detailed "Lost in Nightmares" prequel mission, a second new episode will be released, as will new constumes and a new "Mercenaries Reunion" mode that packs "8 new playable characters and weapon load outs." Read more »

"$5 each for both of the episodes is definitely a good deal, just beat both of them and though ..."
- agentboolen    See all 11 comments

RE5 Alternative Edition DLC Coming to North America and Europe

The official Capcom blog announced today that extra content included in the upcoming Japanese release of "Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition," will be available in North America and Europe as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

"You will not be asked to purchase a new copy of the game just to get at the new stuff," states the announcement, "just make sure to hold on to your RE5 disc and you'll be ready to roll in Spring 2010." Pricing for the DLC hasn't been announced, but the post also mysteriously alludes to, "some other things we haven't told you about yet," and cautions against selling or trading away your copy of the game. Read more »

"first third of this game was gold, after that it got mundane and crappy, too bad"
- tunis5000    See all 20 comments

Magnacarta 2 Trailer Explains Combat

Related Topics – Magna Carta 2, NBA 2K10, xbox 360, Trailer

If you ever wanted to know what would happen if Argo entered Overdrive and finished with a Skill while still in a Chain, then do I have a trailer you need to watch. And if you wanted an overview of Magnacarta 2's battle system, well, I suppose it does that too.

SoftMax's Xbox 360-exclusive action-RPG arrives in North America on October 13.

Read more »

"The look of the JRPG has become so incredibly generic... Anime has painted itself into a corner, ..."
- pingfreud    See all 12 comments

New Resident Evil 5 Content via DLC or Re-release? Capcom Wants Your Take

With an enhanced "Alternative Edition" of Resident Evil 5 coming soon to Japan, maker Capcom has opened a poll to help determine if the new content should instead hit North America as downloadable content for those that already own the game.

"[The physical re-release] makes absolutely perfect sense for the Japanese gaming market, where the uptake of digital content is a bit behind the western markets," Capcom's Chris Kramer explained in a blog post accompanying the poll. Read more »

"Well: If it's DLC, I will probably get it. If it's a whole new box of the game, I ..."
- SeraphielX    See all 14 comments

Resident Evil 5 Trailer Explores New Mission

Last week, we got word that Capcom was planning to re-release Resident Evil 5. Yesterday, we got details on the new content. And today? Today, we have a trailer.

Packing support for the new PlayStation Motion Controller, Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition arrives on PlayStation 3 next spring in Japan. The new mission is also coming to Xbox 360 in some form, though Capcom says it's too big to be downloadable content.

Read more »

"Off topic but it bugged me that they didn't have the split screen option on the pc, I wanted to ..."
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Magnacarta 2 Goes Gold, Gets New Screenshots

To celebrate the completion of SoftMax's Magnacarta 2, publisher Namco Bandai has issued several new screenshots from the sequel to Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2). Yes, the sequel uses different punctuation in its official title. No, I don't know why.

The Xbox 360-exclusive RPG arrives in North America on October 13.

Read more »

"too bad the game comes out at such a bad time. I won't have any money to buy this."
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