Napoleon: Total War

PC / Strategy / Release: Feb 23, 2010 / ESRB: T

Napoleon: Total War 'Peninsular' Expansion Hits

By Chris Faylor, Jun 24, 2010 2:20pm PDT

In case you missed it, SEGA and The Creative Assembly released the first major expansion to Napoleon: Total War (PC) earlier this week. Dubbed...


"I wish they would redo Empire with whatever they changed to make Napoleon. Or make a true ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Getting New Expansion on Steam

By Brian Leahy, May 25, 2010 3:40pm PDT

SEGA has announced an expansion for its strategy and warfare game Napoleon: Total War -- The Peninsular Campaign -- which will be released this...


"This is the right way to do it. No hard copy release so they don't waste money on stamping, ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Demo Released

By Chris Faylor, Mar 10, 2010 4:05pm PST

Got a hankering for some historical strategy but not sure if Napoleon: Total War (PC) is up your alley? Then I've got some good news: a demo is now...


"I'd say that if you're new to the Total War series, you should definitely give this a try. I ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Trailer Shows 2v2 Multiplayer

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 23, 2010 7:00am PST

With Napoleon: Total War out this week, publisher Sega celebrates with a trailer for the latest in The Creative Assembly's strategy series showing nine minutes of 2v2 warfare on the Eurovision-winning


"I wish there were more hours in the day so I could play this. :("

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Napoleon: Total War Trailer Keeps It Fresh

By Alice O'Connor, Feb 18, 2010 10:00am PST

"What's new in Napoleon: Total War?" asks a new trailer for The Creative Assembly's Napoleonic strategy, prompting studio communication manager Kieran Brigden to reel off new additions including the simulation of seasons, detailed terrain, new diplomatic


"One year ago, who could have believed CA would release another stand-alone retail product before ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Trailer Talks Multiplayer

By Chris Faylor, Jan 26, 2010 2:20pm PST

Fresh off word that Napoleon: Total War (PC) will include campaign multiplayer upon its release come February 23, we now have a trailer that shows off the functionality.


"Things are looking good... but I'm going to miss being able to play with NTW's new features in a ..."

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Aliens vs. Predator PC and Napoleon: Total War Incorporate Steamworks, Require Steam

By Chris Faylor, Jan 25, 2010 2:30pm PST

All digital and retail copies of Napoleon: Total War and Aliens vs. Predator PC will pack Steamworks integration, publisher SEGA and digital...


"Please explain to me how this any different at all from having a game use and add Gamespy C, ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Gets Campaign Multiplayer

By Chris Faylor, Jan 20, 2010 2:20pm PST

With owners of Empire: Total War currently beta testing the promised addition of campaign multiplayer, publisher SEGA has announced that the latest...


"The current multiplayer beta is unbelievably buggy. It is a steam pile of dog poo and at best an ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Coming in February

By Alice O'Connor, Jan 15, 2010 5:40am PST

The Creative Assembly's Napoleonic latest entry in its large-scale warfare strategy series Total War will arrive for PC on February 23, publisher Sega has announced. Napoleon: Total War sees players rewriting history from the general's early day


"I agree, the bugginess and pathfinding errors are rather irritating. I found Empire a ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Trailer Shows Campaign Mode

By Jeff Mattas, Dec 14, 2009 6:40pm PST

The French's most feared diminutive dictator stars in the newest trailer for the upcoming wartime strategy game, Napoleon: Total War. Be warned, you may feel the need for a smoking jacket and brandy while watching the clip. Northern Italy, Egypt, an


"CA is as bad as DICE in letting bugs from old games moulder and even carry over to new games. ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Screenshots Saddle Up

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 20, 2009 7:00am PST

The Creative Assembly has released a handful of new screenshots from Napoleon: Total War, its upcoming strategy focused on the exploits of the...


"Will this feature the Peninsular War, largely fought by Wellington and Napoleon's Marhals? ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Vid Introduces Old Boney's Game

By Nick Breckon, Sep 11, 2009 1:42pm PDT

Creative Assembly communications director Kieran Brigden explains the concept of Napoleon: Total War in this video interview. Essentially, players can either assume the role of Napoleon, or match their might against him in the grand campaign. N


"I really liked Shogun, Medieval, and Rome. I skipped Empire initially because the time period ..."

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Napoleon: Total War Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 19, 2009 7:53am PDT

The Creative Assembly will kick off a new story-driven branch of its PC strategy series 'Total War' with a game focused on Napoleon Bonaparte, owner Sega announced today. Napoleon: Total War will tell the Emperor of the French's tale in three


"The facial animation in this video is way beyond good....quite impressive."

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