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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition remakes Myst remake

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition remakes Myst remake

Released in 1993, Cyan's adventure game Myst used shiny new CD-ROM technology to deliver then-astonishing pre-rendered graphics. Released in 2000, realMyst was a 3D remake showing, hey, we can do that in real-time now. Released last week, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition remakes realMyst because hey, you guys like HDified remakes, right?

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Myst 3D scheduled for March 27

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Myst 3D scheduled for March 27

You young whippersnappers don't know how good you have it, what with your tutorials and your automatic checkpoints. It's high time you learn to respect your elders, which is why the seminal adventure classic Myst is coming back with some fancy-schmancy three-dimensions to fool you into thinking it's new. Maximum Family Games announced today that the title will hit the Nintendo 3DS on March 27.

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Good Old Games Offering 50% Off Psychonauts, Jagged Alliance 2, Syberia, and More

Things are normal again in the land of Good Old Games, focusing on offering solid deals on PC classics instead of pretending to "shut down" and hold press conferences hosted by fake monks. In keeping with the theme of "let's forget that happened," Good Old Games is offering 50% off a handful of its "community favorites."

"If any of you still haven't tried The Longest Journey and you're even mildly interested in ..."
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Myst Drifts Onto GOG

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Vintage video game virtual vendor Good Old Games today added to its catalogue the game that sold untold numbers of CD-ROM drives--Cyan Worlds' Myst.

On sale for $5.99 is the 1999 Masterpiece Edition of the 1993 puzzle adventure game, which bumped the pre-rendered graphics up to a then-impressive 24-bit colour as well as bringing a remastered score, improved sounds and revamped animations. Read more »

"Game was kind of monotonous, but the book series was impressive :)"
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Myst DS Screenshots Are Lonely

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Publisher Empire Interactive has released 26 screenshots and a trailer of Cyan Worlds' classic PC adventure Myst running on the Nintendo DS.

The latest version of the solitary puzzler packs a virtual journal for players to scribble notes in, among several other additions, courtesy of developer Hoplite Research. Released in Europe last fall, Myst DS is slated to hit North America this March.

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"Wow, that looks pretty good! Whatever took them so long to get this to the DS is beyond me."
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Myst DS Arriving in March

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A Nintendo DS version of Cyan Worlds' influential adventure effort Myst will hit North America in March, publisher Empire Interactive has announced. Developed by Hoplite Research, the title was released in Europe last fall, where it was distributed by Midway.

The DS edition of the point-and-click classic features an original soundtrack, the Rime Age area that was included in realMYST (PC), and remastered video along with a virtual journal for players to scribble their notes in. The game's lush environments are displayed on the system's top screen, with tools, such as a map and camera, available on the bottom screen. Read more »

"You can get it right now. The European version has been available for some time."
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Myst to Return on DS with New Age

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Cyan Worlds' classic 1993 puzzle adventure Myst is set to return once more, this time on Nintendo DS. Publisher Midway today announced plans to release the game on Nintendo's current handheld console with the new Rime Age, also set for inclusion in the announced PSP version, to complement the original game's existing six main environments. Myst on DS will feature remastered video and audio, as well as newly developed gameplay graphics, video, and audio. Midway sent along several screenshots and pieces of artwork sure to be familiar to longtime PC gamers. Myst is set to ship for Nintendo DS in Europe this November. Ubisoft, the Myst franchise's publisher in North America, has not announced any release plans. Nothing has been heard regarding the previously announced PSP version of Myst since last October, when Midway essentially reiterated that the game is still in development. There has yet to be any release projection.

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"PSP-version of Myst is out in Europe, and it sucked. Long loading times between every screen and ..."
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