Monster Hunter Tri

WII / Action RPG / Release: Apr 20, 2010 / ESRB: T


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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming March 19, demo in February

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming March 19, demo in February

It's out with the old and in with the new, as Capcom today announced that the shiny revamped Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will hit Wii U and Nintendo 3DS on March 19, but also that it plans to shut the multiplayer servers for Monster Hunter Tri on Wii down on April 30.

Watch: A new trailer to celebrate the news »

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Rumor: Monster Hunter Portable 3 Vita listing appears at retail

Rumor: Monster Hunter Portable 3 Vita listing appears at retail

European online retailer recently let a cat out of the bag by posting a game page for Monster Hunter Portable 3 for the PlayStation Vita.

Read more: Not entirely surprising »

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Best of 2010 Awards: Wii Exclusive

Wii Exclusive: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn wove itself into gamers' hearts this year with its syrupy-sweet fabric-based visuals and decidedly unpunishing difficulty. Bead-collection, hidden items, and creative level-design help keep more experienced gamers engaged, but young kids and those who don't usually game will also find themselves hard-pressed not to have tons of fun with the little pink hero. Kirby's shape-shifting abilities keep the action fresh, and optional mini-game-based levels do a lot to extend the experience. Read more »

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Capcom First Quarter Profits Drop 90%

Japanese developer and publisher Capcom has reported a staggering 90.4% drop in net income for its 2011 fiscal year's first quarter compared to the same period last year.

Capcom's net income between April 1 and June 30 was 213 million yen (around $2.4 million US), down roughly $23.2 million US from the previous fiscal year's first three months. The blame is pinned on factors including shrinking US and European markets, exchange rate changes, poor sales and an increase in development costs. Read more »

"I loved Lost Planet 1's single player, the multiplayer was garbage compared to ...well all the ..."
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Monster Hunter Tri Trailer Commemorates Launch

With Monster Hunter Tri hitting North American shelves today, Capcom has released a dramatic launch trailer for the Wii-exclusive monster-slaying action RPG.

Capcom has planned post-release events planned for Monster Hunter Tri, rotating monthly in cycles and offering players more ridiculously huge weapons and items.

Monster Hunter Tri is available on its lonesome for $50 or in a $60 bundle with the new Wii Classic Controller Pro, which is also released today and otherwise costs $19.99. Read more »

"please explain me why the hype for this game? been watching a couples of videos and.. I dont ..."
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Monster Hunter Tri Getting Post-Release Events

Taking a page from the book of Demon's Souls, Capcom will be running events in Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) that will bring new challenges and opportunities for new gear and items to players after its North American release on April 20.

Events will run multiple times so players don't have to worry about missing an opportunity and will rotate on a "cyclical" basis. The schedule will be announced on a monthly basis via Capcom Unity, with the events falling under three types: Read more »

"So is this bonus content we are getting or a special day in which better/more loot drops? I hope ..."
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Monster Hunter Tri Hands-on Preview

Capcom and Nintendo are trying to finally trying to hit it big in North America with the Monster Hunter series, wildly popular in Japan, through the new Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter Tri. The previous versions, available on PlayStation 2 and PSP, have enjoyed niche success outside of Japan, but Tri is easily the most accessible entry to date.

I got to play a quick 30-minute demo of the game on the floor of GDC 2010 with the help of a Nintendo employee's direction. It was this simple instruction by another human being that made the game suddenly click for me. I had dabbled previously with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP, but didn't stick around long. Read more »

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Nintendo Confirms Dates, Unveils New Games with Latest Wii and DS Release Schedule

On top of revealing dates for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, Nintendo today also bolstered its existing lineup with a number of other impending releases.

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Monster Hunter Tri Dated For US Release

Monster Hunter Tri, which I hear is kind of a big deal in Japan, has been dated for North American release: April 20, 2010.Available bundled with a black Classic Controller Pro, previously only available in Japan, for $59.99 or as a standalone game for $49.99.Black or white Classic Controller Pros will be available separately for $19.99, which puts the bundle in a $10 savings.

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Wii 'Classic Controller Pro' Coming to North America, Getting Monster Hunter Tri Bundle

The redesigned Wii "Classic Controller Pro" unveiled last February will be available in North America in April 2010, Nintendo of America and Capcom announced this morning.

The controller, which sports a second row of shoulder buttons and longer grips over the standard Classic Controller that launched alongside the Wii, will be available in black and white models at $19.99. Read more »

"For Monster Hunter, as you find your way to the monsters, are there smaller "trash" monsters in ..."
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Capcom Delays Three Citing Crowded Quarter

Seeking to "avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce" between January 1 and March 31, 2010, publisher Capcom has delayed three "major titles" once slated to arrive during that period.

Lost Planet 2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox 360) and the North American release of Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) are now due sometime during Capcom's next fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2011. Read more »

"What games are being released in Spring anyway? Bayonetta and....? Brink already got delayed ..."
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Monster Hunter Tri Gets Trailer, Release Window

Having previously said that a North American and European release of Monster Hunter Tri would arrive simply some time before March 30, 2010, Capcom today clarified that the Wii action game will hit those territories early next year.

Today's announcement is celebrated with the release of a new trailer, showing off the titular monster hunting and the weapons and armour crafted from the remains of slain beasts. The game, which hit Japan this past Saturday, was declared to be "Japan's first million-seller of a third-party title for the Wii" before it was even released. Read more »

"Anyone who hasn't played Monster Hunter: YOU'RE MISSING OUT. I cannot WAIT for this one to be ..."
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Monster Hunter Wii Sets New Japanese Sales Record, Ships 1 Million Before Release

With Monter Hunter 3 tri- slated to hit Japan quite soon--August 1, to be exact--Capcom today announced that it has already shipped over a million units of the Wii action game.

"This is the first third party Wii game to have an initial shipment of over 1 million units in Japan," the company boasted in a press release.

In related documents, Capcom also declared the game to be "Japan's first million-seller of a third-party title for the Wii." Read more »

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