Mirror's Edge

PC, PS3, XB360 / Action / Release: Jan 12, 2009 / ESRB: T

New Mirror's Edge Details and Media Revealed

By Nick Breckon, Jul 10, 2008 3:00am PDT

Fresh information and media from EA DICE's unique first-person action adventure title Mirror's Edge has been released following a recent Electronic Arts event. Mirror's Edge puts players into the control of Faith, the parkour-skilled heroin


".... so 10 to 12hrs to beat, and no MP.... how is that really worth 60 bucks?"

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Mirror's Edge Inspired by Whedon's Firefly

By Aaron Linde, Jun 06, 2008 1:10pm PDT

EA DICE's parkour-based action game Mirror's Edge (PC, PS3, 360) features a dystopian plot which draws thematic inspiration from Joss Whedon's...


"So defined by that, Star Wars Rebels are also comparable to the Serenity crew? I mean come'on - ..."

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Mirror's Edge Built with Unreal Engine 3

By Aaron Linde, May 07, 2008 2:40pm PDT

EA DICE revealed that the free running action game Mirror's Edge (PC, PS3, X360) was built with Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 middleware, Joystiq...


"In all these years of playing game (since 1988), I've grown a bit cynical towards game. I'm so ..."

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First Mirror's Edge Gameplay Teaser Released

By Nick Breckon, May 06, 2008 9:32am PDT

The first gameplay footage from EA DICE's upcoming action-adventure title Mirror's Edge (PC, PS3, X360) has just been released. Mirror's Edge...


"Sweet! I love when games put you in first person and still let you do kick ass fighting moves, ..."

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Mirror's Edge Screenshots Look Familiar

By Nick Breckon, Feb 29, 2008 7:00am PST

Shacknews editor Chris Faylor got a look at EA DICE's new action-adventure IP Mirror's Edge during this year's GDC, and came away most impressed by...


"Revolutionary... This game gots style all over.. I like the use of colors and design of the ..."

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Mirror's Edge Impressions

By Chris Faylor, Feb 29, 2008 5:00am PST

We check out EA DICE's unconventional take on the action-adventure platforming genre.


First Screenshots from DICE's Mirror's Edge Released

By Chris Remo, Jan 10, 2008 1:44pm PST

Stockholm-based EA DICE, the studio responsible for the successful Battlefield franchise, has released the first screenshots from its upcoming...


"Looks tantalizing. I think we will be seeing a lot more art in a similar style. It's pretty ..."

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EA DICE Reveals Mirror's Edge

By Carlos Bergfeld, Jul 10, 2007 3:34pm PDT

One of Electronic Arts' internal studios, Stockholm-based Battlefield developer EA DICE, officially announced the development of Mirror's Edge...


"Err...please fix the Titan reactor room glitching in BF2142 first, plz. kthxbye"

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