Mirror's Edge 2

PC, XB360, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE / Action / Release: Nov 30, 1999 / ESRB: RP-T+


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New Mirror's Edge to be open-world action-adventure

New Mirror's Edge to be open-world action-adventure

EA's announcement earlier this week of the return of Faith in a new Mirror's Edge was met with much celebration from fans of the original game. The company isn't releasing too many details about the game, the company is assuring fans that the reboot will not be turned into a shooter, but will be more action-adventure.

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New Mirror's Edge coming 'when it's ready' to PC, PS4, and Xbox One

New Mirror's Edge coming 'when it's ready' to PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Today at EA's press conference, the company showed off a trailer for the much-anticipated (and leaked) Mirror's Edge. The in-game footage showed of plenty of parkour and combat, but a distinct lack of Faith shooting any weapons. It's coming from DICE "when it's ready" to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Mirror's Edge 2 help page appears on EA site, promptly vanishes

Mirror's Edge 2 help page appears on EA site, promptly vanishes

The evidence is steadily building for an impending Mirror's Edge 2 announcement. Just a week after we saw the game listed on a German retailer, EA itself seems to have let word slip with the brief appearance of a help page on the company's official site.

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Altered Carbon Author Working with EA on Three Games

Author Richard Morgan, best known for his cyberpunk sci-fi novel Altered Carbon, revealed on his blog that he's been working with Electronic Arts as a consultant on three upcoming games (via A Dribble of Ink). He explains that the relationship started with an email from John Miles at EA about a year ago. A meeting with Miles and fellow EA employees Jeff Gamon and Colin Robinson resulted in an offer to write the script for a project already underway and to consult on future games. Part of the deal included heading off to Berlin the next week and since it seems he accepted we can assume that was his next stop.

While Morgan does not disclose what projects he might be on the names and locations offer plenty of clues. Miles, who initially reached out to him, recently has been working with the EA Partners group which includes developers Crytek and Starbreeze. The quick trip to Berlin put him only a short train ride away from Crytek's headquarters in Frankfurt. Morgan's gritty style would definitely fit well with the Crysis franchise. But hold on, before we forget, Crytek also bought developer Free Radical earlier this year, including the rights to the TimeSplitters IP, and kept the studio in the UK running. That sounds like two perfect fits already. Read more »

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EA: Mirror's Edge 2 In Development

Following word from EA CEO John Riccitiello that the Mirror's Edge franchise will continue, Electronic Arts has confirmed that a small team is now at work on the sequel.

"You will see another Mirror's Edge for sure," said EA Europe VP Patrick Soderlund to Videogamer. "It's just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I'm excited about what we do." Read more »

"DICE: Take the frustrating gun combat out of the game and evolve the most interesting aspect of ..."
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EA Suggests Dead Space, Mirror's Edge Sequels Are Safe Despite Cuts

While lowered expectations have caused Electronic Arts to consider axing some games, the company has suggested that the planned sequels for EA Redwood Shores' Dead Space and DICE's Mirror's Edge will not be affected by the upcoming cuts.

"Dead Space looks like a long-term big winner for us," EA CEO John Riccitiello stated during a conference call today. "Mirror's Edge is one that was very strongly reviewed. That one's gonna go forward--we'll be looking at some issues around the design to make sure strong IP is married with strong business." Read more »

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EA Planning Mercenaries 3, Hoping to Make Mercenaries 10

Following up on the late August release of Mercenaries 2 (PC, PS2, PS3, 360), EA publishing COO John Pleasants has stated that "there will be a Mercenaries 3, and if I can have anything to do with it, there will be a Mercenaries 10."

The Pandemic-developed open-world action game sequel has sold 1.9 million copies since it hit retailers, the company revealed during a conference call yesterday. Read more »

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EA Planning Mirror's Edge Trilogy

As EA DICE's first person free-runner Mirror's Edge sprints towards its November 11 release on PS3 and Xbox 360 and the winter-due PC edition, senior producer Owen O'Brien has revealed that the title is actually the first installment in a planned trilogy.

"The story we're telling at the moment is kind of a trilogy, a three-story arc," O'Brien informed AusGamers. Read more »

""Mirrors Edge 2009" "Mirrors Edge 2010" "Mirrors Edge 2011" ?"
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