Metroid Prime

GAMECUBE / Action / Release: Nov 19, 2002 / ESRB: T

Metroid Prime Shots

By Maarten Goldstein, Jan 14, 2002 10:56am PST

Though Cube.IGN gave us a scan of two screenshots from Nintendo Power back in December, three non-scanned shots of the upcoming Metroid Prime have...


"I think it looks really fucking good. especially the top few shots."

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Metroid Prime Details

By Steve Gibson, Dec 19, 2001 9:52am PST

Some more details on Metroid Prime (Say hi Jack!) have surfaced in the recent issue of Nintendo Power. Along with a couple of shots that are...


"Newsflash. No one gives a fuck if gc or xbox is better. Just play what u wanna play."

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Metroid Prime Screenshots

By jason bergman, Aug 22, 2001 4:15pm PDT

Cube.IGN has posted three in-game screenshots from Metroid Prime, the GameCube FPS in development at Retro Studios. The shots aren't direct-feed,...


"The Metroid shots looks very nice indeed. If this were for the PC, I'd be interested. But on ..."

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Metroid Prime Update

By jason bergman, Aug 15, 2001 7:12pm PDT

An update on the status of Metroid Prime, Retro Studios' upcoming Gamecube FPS is up at IGN Cube this evening. The update features two new concept...


""as if it was an LCD, or graphical user interface."... See, I KNEW you had to be SMART to be ..."

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Metroid Prime Stands Alone

By Steve Gibson, Jul 20, 2001 1:26pm PDT

Woah.. looks like the new FPS Metroid game from Nintendo is the last game standing over at Retro Studios. Raven Blade, the 3D RPG that was being...


"i am all against taking 2d games and making the transition to 3d, but i don't think retro ..."

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Metroid Prime Shots

By Steve Gibson, May 22, 2001 5:15pm PDT

I wanted to post these for a while now and finally got a hold of them now that the E3 rush is slowing down. Screenshots of the Nintendo GameCube...


"Oh yeah, let's compare a picture of a SCREEN of WaveRace to a DIRECT FEED of an Xbox game... ..."

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