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PS3 / Action / Release: Jun 12, 2008 / ESRB: U


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Metal Gear Online servers come to a close

Metal Gear Online servers come to a close

Konami has officially shut down Metal Gear Online, after a surprisingly long four-year run. The game's online service ended just a few hours ago, slightly ahead of the proposed June 21 date that was previously announced.

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Metal Gear Online to quietly die this summer

Metal Gear Online to quietly die this summer

Remember Metal Gear Online? The PlayStation 3 exclusive launched alongside Metal Gear Solid 4, and boasted over a million members at its apex. Konami announced today that the game will officially shut down this summer.

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Konami Unveils New Metal Gear Online Expansion

Related Topics – Metal Gear Online, DLC, PlayStation 3

Metal Gear publisher Konami today announced SCENE, the third expansion to the multiplayer shooter Metal Gear Online.

SCENE is set to include three new maps and two characters--Raiden and Vamp, the infamous super-powered masochists.

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"MGO is great and all, but Konami kinda dropped the ball with the clunkyness. Is the community as ..."
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Metal Gear Online Meme Expansion Due November 25

Related Topics – Metal Gear Online, PlayStation 3

The Meme Expansion for Metal Gear Online will be available in the PlayStation Store November 25, Konami announced today.

Priced at $9.99, the DLC will offer three new maps, new optional game rules such as 'No Headshot' and 'Stealth Death Match', and playable characters Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling. Additionally there will be an official Tournament lobby and new character customization options. Read more »

"3 maps for 10 isnt bad bad bad. i paid 10 for one warhawk hawk jump off"
- sanewave    See all 24 comments

Metal Gear Online Gets New Expansion

Related Topics – Metal Gear Online, DLC, PlayStation 3

Metal Gear Online (PS3), the multiplayer action title launched alongside Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots from Kojima Productions, is set to get its second downloadable expansion in the near future.

The "Meme Expansion," as detailed by Japanese gaming mag Weekly Famitsu, offers three new maps: Silo Sunset, with a resemblance to the Silo stage from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP); Forest Firefight, a camouflage-heavy mission set in mountain forests; and Winter Warehouse, a snow-covered wonderland of death. Read more »

"I didn't even know this game was live...does anyone actually play this?"
- JohnnyRey    See all 8 comments

Konami Breaks Metal Gear Online, Issues Apology and Detailed Explanation

Publisher Konami has released a detailed report of Metal Gear Online (PS3) system issues experienced in the wake of a recently released expansion pack.

Following last week's release of the Gene Expansion premium pack for the online multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Konami's servers were mired by a sudden spike in traffic load prompting a variety of issues. Read more »

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Metal Gear Online Gets New Mode, Match Option

Related Topics – Metal Gear Online, PlayStation 3

A new patch update for the online component of Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) is now available, offering a new gameplay mode and match option for Metal Gear Online players.

According to Ars Technica, the new "Team Sneaking" mode tasks one of two teams with using stealth to infiltrate the enemy team's base and destroy a key target. The mode makes use of many conventions from the game's single-player mode, such as a caution phase which springs up once a member of the stealth team is spotted. Read more »

"i was VERY disapointed with this game in general and graphics."
- eyesore1551    See all 30 comments

MGS4 Goes Gold, Includes iPod and Playboy Brands

With Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots due out June 12 (PS3), developer Kojima Productions has revealed that the long-awaited stealth-action title is finished.

"I can now saw we have finished, Metal Gear Solid 4 is finally completed," series creator Hideo Kojima announced at a press event yesterday. "It was quite a test. Honestly, I feel relieved."

During his presentation, Kojima detailed some of the product placement contained within the game, including a 30GB iPod and Playboy magazines. The iPod can be used to play music found during the game, with Kojima demonstrating the feature by playing a light jazz melody whilst massacring enemy soldiers. Read more »

"is the limited edition ps3 worth it? i have one and it came to 680 after tax, i am trying to ..."
- morp43us    See all 40 comments

Konami Media Explosion: Metal Gear Online, Hellboy, Silent Hill 5, Castlevania: OOE, More

Following its press event last night, publisher Konami has unleashed a bonanza of new media, including screenshots of Hellboy: The Science of Evil (PS3, X360, PSP), Lost in Blue (Wii), and New International Track and Field (NDS).

Be sure to check out the full post for all the goods, as there are so many new assets that we couldn't possibly put them all on our front page. Read more »

"I hope this Castlevania is better than the last one for the DS. I hated the repetitive levels, ..."
- deathofrats    See all 3 comments

Metal Gear Online Beta Gets New Map, Gametype

Related Topics – Metal Gear Online, PlayStation 3

The online beta for Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Online (PS3) has been updated with a new map and the Sneaking Mission gametype, allowing players to engage foes as series' protagonist, Solid Snake.

Sneaking Mission divides players among a red team, blue team, and one player as Snake. As the grizzled hero, the objective is to stun or hold up enemy soldiers and steal a set number of dog tags before the match ends. Read more »

"I want to be good at this game, but I just suck at these types of games. No one ever seems to ..."
- jayares    See all 10 comments

Metal Gear Online Beta Delayed in North America (Updated)

Update: Konami has revealed the new Metal Gear Online beta launch as April 25 at 11:00 PM PST.

Original Story: The North American public beta test of Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid Online (PS3) has been delayed to an unspecified date, publisher Konami announced today.

The company cited "extraordinary levels of traffic from all around the globe" as impetus for the delay of the Metal Gear Online beta, which was originally scheduled to go live today. Konami also noted that further information regarding the beta's new launch date would be announced Tuesday night. Read more »

"Should be "at" or "on" not as right? "Update: Konami has revealed the new Metal Gear Online ..."
- MoreVespeneGas    See all 21 comments

Metal Gear Online Screens Are Gritty, Catapulty

A handful of new screenshots of Kojima Productions' upcoming stealth multiplayer shooter Metal Gear Online (PS3) has surfaced, coming by way of JeuxFrance.

A beta of Metal Gear Online is set to go live on April 21, and will be made available to gamers who preorder Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3). A download code for the beta test will be packed in with a limited edition Metal Gear Saga 2.0 DVD which contains a series retrospective and a collection of trailers.

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"HUD UI seems really busy. Hopefully other maps are less gray. Looks pretty sharp though."
- Sturm08    See all 6 comments

Metal Gear Online Beta Begins April 21

Related Topics – Metal Gear Online, PlayStation 3, beta

Publisher Konami has revealed that the beta for Metal Gear Online, the 16-person multiplayer component of Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3), will begin on April 21.

As previously announced, players will be able gain access by pre-ordering Metal Gear Solid 4 from major retailers. The pre-order program will begin in April, with consumers receiving a limited edition DVD, entitled Metal Gear Saga 2.0, that contains a download code for the beta. Read more »

"seems odd we're going to be mastering how to play snake before we play mgs4"
- Chandler55    See all 16 comments

Metal Gear Solid 4 Confirmed for June 12 Release

Konami confirmed today that Kojima Productions' upcoming tactical stealth action title Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) will hit retail shelves in North America on June 12 of this year.

The announcement confirms Konami's previous mention of a late second quarter release window for the anticipated sequel.

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"The graphics look nice, but I have no interest in this game at all. I played the first two and I ..."
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Metal Gear Solid 4 Includes Metal Gear Online

Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) and its multiplayer side project Metal Gear Online (PS3) will be bundled together as one release, PlayStation: The Official Magazine has confirmed.

The report indicates that a "starter pack" version of the online game, featuring five different maps, will be bundled alongside MSG4. Though it was previously known that MGS4 would include some version of the online title, publisher Konami had yet to specify any concrete details. Read more »

"I hope this one isn't going to get the same treatment as the last MGO. Hype the multiplayer and ..."
- steauengeglase    See all 15 comments

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