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Mass Effect 2 DLC 'Lair of the Shadow Broker' Coming to PC and Xbox 360 on Sept. 7 for $10

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You didn't think Commander Shepard and Co. were done ridding the galaxy of scum, did you?

Bioware has revealed the latest downloadable quest for its critically and commercially acclaimed RPG title Mass Effect 2 would launch on September 7 for 800 Microsoft and Bioware points. (On Planet Earth that is equal to $10.) Read more »

"As long as there's a disc with all the DLCs on it in the end, it'll be fine."
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Former Xbox Console-Exclusive Mass Effect 2 Headed to PS3 in January 2011 [Updated]

[Update: 10:15am] EA has revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 will featuresame content as originally released on the Xbox 360 and PC along with "hours of bonus content, making this the perfect introduction to BioWare's award-winning action RPG franchise." Still a little vague as to what the bonuses are, but we're awaiting response from EA on questions regarding currently available DLC and the (slim) possibility of Mass Effect 1 appearing on Sony's home console.

Read more »

"Great news. ME2 is the best game I have played this year. I wonder if this means a ..."
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Mass Effect 2 'Firepower' Weapons Pack DLC Released

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Commander Shepard has received three new weapons for zir fight against the Collectors in a new downloadable content pack named 'Firepower,' on sale now.

The pack arms Shepard with the 'Phalanx heavy pistol,' which developer BioWare says "hits like a hand cannon but features increased precision," the semi-automatic 'Mattock' rifle and the triple-barrelled 'Geth Plasma Shotgun,' which "allows users to charge up each shot for increased damage or just blast away rapid-fire style." Splendid. Read more »

"What I don't get is that this is the company that brought us DA: Awakenings. They know how to do ..."
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New Mass Effect 2 DLC Revealed: "Lair of the Shadow Broker"

BioWare has revealed a new DLC pack for Mass Effect 2: "Lair of the Shadow Broker". In it, Commander Shepard will "team up with Liara [T'Soni] and confront the mysterious and sinister Shadow Broker."

Liara T'Soni was not available as a teammate in Mass Effect 2, but was in the game as an information broker on Illium. She made references to the Shadow Broker and it did feel a bit awkward that it didn't turn into a quest. Now we know why. Read more »

"Just a friendly heads-up: the real ME2 DLC has been priced at $7, and you can't buy $7 of points ..."
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Shack PSA: Steam Discounts Left 4 Dead 2, ARMA II & More in the Final Day of its Summer-themed Sale

Today is the last day in the, "Please! My wallet is begging you to stop" sale on Steam (otherwise known as the Perils of Summer sale).As expected, the final leg of the promotion rehash some of the best deals seen throughout the week. Highlights include Borderlands for $10.19 Left 4 Dead 2 for $10.16 and ARMA II for $19.99.

"im enjoying sam and max a ton. well written. crashes randomly sometimes though"
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Shack PSA: Steam Discounts Mass Effect 2, Red Faction Guerrilla and more

The Perils of Summer continue and, like clockwork, we continue to evade them, thanks in small part to Steam's ongoing sales. Today's highlights include Mass Effect 2 for 40% off, Shatter for $2.50 and the obligatory Torchlight price drop to $5.00.

For today, your complete options are:

"Damn it, Steam! At this rate, I'm going to have months worth of gaming all at the same time. I ..."
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Mass Effect 2 PC Patched, 'Overlord' DLC Released

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"Reduced the amount mining time required to acquire all upgrades" is the change in patch 1.02 for Mass Effect 2 on PC that will have gamers squealing in delight. Bounce up and down in delight as you download the 42MB patch from FileShack.

Today also sees the release of the 'Overlord' downloadable content for Bioware's sci-fi RPG sequel, which is out now on PC and Xbox 360 for $7 (560 Microsoft Points). Read more »

"If you want to buy only 560 points on the bioware store. Fine the dragon age point purchase page ..."
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Mass Effect 2 Demo Finally Released, 'Overlord' DLC Simultaneous Release Confirmed

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The long-awaited Mass Effect 2 demo has arrived one day ahead of schedule, available now on Xbox 360 in the Live Marketplace and for PC in a 1.87GB download from FileShack in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The demo contains the very first mission from BioWare's celebrated sci-fi RPG sequel, where Commander Shepard must escape a besieged space station, as well as a later mission where our intrepid hero recruits the charming Subject Zero to zir rag-tag crew. Read more »

"Is this the last one yet? I'm not risking extreme boredom replaying the game for a measly 20 ..."
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Mass Effect 2 Demo, 'Overlord' DLC Next Week

A downloadable demo for BioWare's Mass Effect 2 will be available on Xbox 360 come June 15 alongside the shooter-RPG's "Overlord" downloadable add-on, Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has confirmed.

Priced at 560 Microsoft Points / $7, the "Overlord" add-on brings "five new areas and two new achievements" to the game as players investigate a research base overrun with Geth. Read more »

"How many times do we have to re-play the game for the sake of experiencing the WHOLE game?? I'm ..."
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Mass Effect Movie Rights Acquired By 'Watchmen' Production Company

The movie rights to BioWare's Mass Effect sci-fi RPG series have been picked up by '300' and 'Watchmen' production company Legendary Pictures, Heat Vision reports.

'I Am Legend' and 'Thor' screenwriter Mark Protosevich is reportedly in talks to write the screenplay, while producers will include 'The Dark Knight' producer Thomas Tull, Iron Man producer Avi Arad and BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk. Read more »

"I'm always looking forward to anything Mass Effect. I hope they don't drop the ball on this one."
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Mass Effect 2 DLC To Lead Into Mass Effect 3

New downloadable content will bridge the story gap between Mass Effect 2 and the RPG trilogy's conclusion in Mass Effect 3, developer BioWare has told VideoGamer.

"For the time being there's going to be a continued stream of DLC for people. We'll start to have packs that'll tell the story between Mass Effect 2 and 3," lead producer Casey Hudson told the site. "But beyond that we kind of have to see how people are responding to what we have and go from there." Read more »

"The price ratio isn't really that spot on. Dragon Age: Awakening expansion was better. It had ..."
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Mass Effect 2 'Overlord' DLC Coming in June

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Mass Effect 2 will receive five new missions this June with the 'Overlord' paid downloadable content, Inc Gamers reports, announced today by developer BioWare.

Taking place on a single planet, the Overlord mission arc will see Sherpard and the gang investigating experiments on Geth and humans intended to create a hybrid being. The Hammerhead hover-tank from the Firewalker DLC will be used to navigate the hub. Read more »

"Man, I love the support with this game. They keep pumping out DLC. Reminds of Burnout ..."
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EA: Single-Digit Percentage of Gamers Purchase New-Copy DLC; 70% Redeem Code with Purchase

On its 2010 fiscal year earnings call, Electronic Arts revealed that over 70% of purchasers of its recent titles that include free, one-time DLC codes with all new copies have redeemed the codes. This includes Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network, Battlefield: Bad Company 2's console VIP code, and Dragon Age: Origin's The Stone Prisoner.

Additionally, EA is seeing a single-digit percentage of the overall player-base purchase this content instead of redeeming codes. It is unclear, however, is this is due to a small percentage of players actually purchasing these games used without codes or if many do not wish to purchase this content with a used copy. Read more »

"EA really need to stop being so predictable in terms of alienating gamers and coming up with ..."
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Mass Effect 2 "Equalizer Pack" DLC Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow, BioWare will release a new piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC titled the "Equalizer Pack". It'll run you 160 MS Points (Xbox 360) or 160 BioWare Points (PC), which amounts to $2.

The pack includes the Capacitor Helmet, Archon Visor, and Inferno Armor (pictured left). Read more »

"Guys, don't think of it as $2. Think of it as the final installment to the $10 Kasumi Goto DLC."
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Mass Effect 2 Trailer Shows 'Kasumi Goto' DLC

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With Kasumi Goto joining Shepard's crew tomorrow in Mass Effect 2 downloadable content, BioWare has released a new trailer showing off the mysterious thief herself.

'Kasumi - Stolen Memory' will see Shepard joining Goto in a grand heist to earn her loyalty by stealing a data recorder from a high-security vault, as our Garnett has already seen. The DLC will be released on April 6, priced at $7 (560 Microsoft Points). Read more »

"Yay... more shit from Bioware that I don't want. Can you guys die already?"
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