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Wheel of Time Interview

3DFXGamers has an interview with Legend's Glen Dahlgren talking about of course, Wheel of Time.

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Wheel of Time Patch Soon

The Wheel of Time page has some updated status on the patch for the game that the Legend guys are currently working on.

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Legend Interview

The "sweet-ass" Voodoo Extreme guys have been doing the nasty thing with Scott Dalton of Legend, and you can check the result here. Of course they talk about Wheel of Time, and other general game-development related items.

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More WoT Strategy

Legend's Matthias Worch has posted the second part of his Wheel of Time strategy guide on this website.

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"Try the D3D patch, set your desktop to 16bit, turn off detail textures, try the latest Detonator ..."
- Matthias Worch    See all 4 comments

WoT Strategy Guide

Legend's Matthias Worch has posted the first part of his Wheel of Time strategy guide on his own site.

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Wheel of Time Demo Mirrors

Here's a list of mirrors for you who didn't pick up the Wheel of Time demo yet:

  • FilePlanet
  • WON
  • Italian mirror
  • Wheel of
  • Unreal Universe
  • So, anyone who played it care to share their comments on the demo with modem users who aren't to sure on getting this 74mb thing? Oh yeah don't forget to get the Direct 3D patch to fix D3D performance.

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    "Personally I though it created a great atmosphere. The medieval themes are well implemented and ..."
    - Merkinjata    See all 62 comments

    Wot Quick View

    CGO has some first impressions of Wheel of Time, Legend's Unreal-engine game that just came out. No rock or suck yet, just showing what Wheel of Time has to offer.

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    Wheel of Time D3D Fix

    The Legend guys just released a 92kb patch to fix the Direct 3D problems with Wheel of Time. The patch is for both the retail as well as the demo version. I wish I was on a fast connection, I'd like to try the demo out..Anyone wanna send me a CD? ;)

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    "This game really sucks. I was expecting something totally different. Its really unoriginal and ..."
    - japicken    See all 34 comments

    Wheel of Time Playable Demo

    Well here it is guys, the playable demo of Wheel of Time from Legened Entertainment. The FilePlanet guys scored the download but I'm sure it will be bogged shortly, feel free to share any mirrors you guys get. The demo is a big nasty 73.5 megs so go take a trip to the bahamas or something and come back. Havent really heard any opinions of the game from players just yet aside from D3D problems which should be fixed later today.

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    "the map with the water (temple like) kicks ass boy would I like a machine gun in mp... lol "
    - visine    See all 67 comments

    Wheel of Time D3D Problems

    The World of Dreams guys saw a reply from Legend's Matthias Worch to this thread, which has someone who just picked up Wheel of Time complaining about Direct3D performance on his PIII-500. This is indeed a problem, here's what Mattias had to say:

    Some D3D machines seem to have problems, we're working on fixing it (there might be a fix soon). In the meantime, try setting your Windows desktop to 16bit and turn detail textures off. Maybe that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience (god, does that sound dumb), it sucks for us, too - we want everybody to be able to play the game, too
    So how about that demo huh? Should be up today, so you can check D3D performance on your PC.

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    "D3D doesn\'t \"suck balls\". Epic sucks balls as far as writing for D3D. And glide is dead. ..."
    - MonkeyStrangler    See all 23 comments

    Wheel of Time Out

    The Wheel of Time game from Legend Entertainment should be arriving in stores just about everywhere today. A lot of information has been popping up around the net with the release. Here are a few places you can grab screenshots of the game: Unreality Evil Avatar and AVault. Thanks Lowtax. Has anyone gotten a hold of the game yet? What do you think? I'm wondering if it's worth picking up or not. The screenshots sure are purty.

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    "I don\'t know about other companies, but at Legend Artists and LDs are working together so ..."
    - Matthias Worch    See all 10 comments

    Matthias Worch Interview

    Unreality has an interview with Matthias Worch talking about Wheel of Time, which is actually being reported as being on store shelves.

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    "is down like, 23hrs a day? and sTeve complains about his pos server...."
    - malin    See all 3 comments

    Wheel of Time

    GT has put the Wheel of Time FAQ online, and Gamefan has a few new screenshots. Now after that server patch yesterday, all we have to do is to wait for the game to actually show up in stores huh?

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    "is it just me or does this topic say "Nov 11st" pup (damn bugs)"
    - pupismyname    See all 3 comments

    Wheel of Time Demo Friday

    A quick folllow-up to that WoT patch a couple of hours ago, Matt over at Legend posted a couple of comments that should interest you guys. Firstly the patch only applies to running dedicated servers from the in game menus (not the console) and secondly, the WoT demo is scheduled for release this friday! You can check out the WoT news page for details, and they also posted this image of the demo endscreen.

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    "this is the most on topic the shack comments have ever been mcdonalds is the place to rock"
    - Lord BEEF    See all 28 comments

    Wheel of Time Patch?

    Not sure how this one worked out but even though you can't get Wheel of Time on shelves just yet (a day or two more) AVault already has a patch ready for the dedicated servers. So if you're anticipating running a WoT server you might as well snag the patch to be ready. Thanks VE

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    "I\'d actually like to get my hands on the demo also. looks quite interesting..."
    - Escapee    See all 17 comments

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