Madden NFL 10

XB360, PS3, PS2, WII, PSP / Sports / Release: Aug 14, 2009 / ESRB: E

Madden NFL 10 Screenshots: Oversized Dolphins

By Chris Faylor, Apr 21, 2009 12:53pm PDT

Electronic Arts has released a few new screenshots from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of EA Tiburon's latest Madden football title, which...


"And here I thought they just changed the numbers/names on the jersey. ;)"

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Konami Signs Saw Game, Releases Screenshots

By Chris Faylor, Apr 02, 2009 2:14pm PDT

Zombie Studios' licensed Saw video game lives on--even if its characters may not--as Konami has confirmed that it's signed the project and plans to...


"This is gonna be the most depressing minigame collection ever."

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Madden NFL 10 Release Date Revealed, EA Says Game 'Epitomizes What Fun Looks Like on the Wii'

By Chris Faylor, Mar 31, 2009 4:35pm PDT

EA has revealed that the latest annual entry in its famed Madden NFL football game franchise will arrive this year on Friday, August 14. Handled...


"Gee, wonder who's on the cover??? Steelers better pray the Madden curse doesn't effect Holmes ..."

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First Madden NFL 10 Screenshot Released

By Nick Breckon, Mar 23, 2009 7:55pm PDT

EA Sports chief Peter Moore today revealed the first screenshot of Madden NFL 10, the next iteration of the long-running football franchise....


"why do they always show screenshots of instant replay stuff? i know when I play i press the ..."

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CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars Announced

By Nick Breckon, Dec 19, 2008 11:50am PST

Ubisoft today announced CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars (360, PS3), a first-person, downloadable multiplayer shooter by CellFactor creators...


"The game is really looking good, with all the art etc. But the performance was horrible with ..."

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Report: Saw Game Loses Publisher, Nearly Done

By Chris Faylor, Dec 08, 2008 2:36pm PST

The closure of Brash Entertainment has left the Saw video game without funding and a publisher, horror-centric site Bloody-Disgusting claims to...


"I'm a huge fan of the Saw films, but I just don't see how they could make an even remotely ..."

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Saw to Torture Gamers in October 2009

By Chris Faylor, Jan 30, 2008 10:47am PST

A game based on the Lionsgate's cringe-inducing horror film franchise Saw will torture unknown platforms alongside the theatrical release of the...


"Rubbish. This WILL suck. They should have stopped after the first movie. "

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