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Skate 3 Trailer Shows Off Bails, Brawling, and Zombies

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Skate 3 showing off the game's "urban playground." In it, catch a glimpse of new bails, brawling, hidden characters, and... zombies?!

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"I played Skate 2 soooooooo much, buying this when it comes out. I'm glad they did put time in ..."
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Skate 3 Screenshots Celebrate Demo Release

With the downloadable demo for SKATE 3 now available to Xbox 360 owners with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and due in the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Store later today, publisher Electronic Arts has released a trio of new screenshots in celebration.

The sample of EA Black Box's latest offers a taste of the University District area, the Skate.School tutorial and Skate.Park editor modes plus "single and multiplayer challenges including Domination, Own the Lot, and the bone-crushing Hall of Meat." Read more »

"How's the falling? Does the head snap back and forth when it hits the ground? Because the "Hall ..."
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Skate 3 'Hall of Meat' Trailer Brings the Pain

Keeping in line with the previous games, the Hall of Meat returns in SKATE 3, offering players several new and exciting ways to critically injure their virtual selves. Check it:

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"This really seems like a departure from Skate's original goal: realism. Obviously they're doing ..."
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Skate 3 Screenshots School the Park

With the downloadable demo of Skate 3 hitting PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next week, publisher Electronic Arts has passed along some new screenshots from the game's educational Skate.School practice mode and Skate.Park environment editor.

Developed by series veteran EA Black Box, Skate 3 stomps, grinds and ollies its way to North American retailers on May 11 then lands elsewhere in the world come May 14.

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"Practice mode will be a welcome addition to the game, the trick guide is nice, but it doesn't ..."
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SKATE 3 Demo Available Next Week

As previously reported, a playable demo for developer Black Box's SKATE 3 is headed to Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network next Thursday, April 15th. Now we know what that demo will contain.

The latest open-world skateboarding playground takes place in the fictional city of Port Carverton, and the upcoming demo will let players sample said city's University District and try out both single and multiplayer challenges, such as Domination, Own the Lot, and Hall of Meat. Read more »

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Skate 3 Demo Hitting April 15 for PS3 and Xbox 360

Like the two games before it, Skate 3 will be getting a playable demo for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ahead of its full release. Joystiq spotted cards promising the demo at PAX East 2010.

The skateboarding series from Electronic Arts emphasizes realism over arcade action. Skate 3 will put more of the focus on skating co-operatively, online and offline, as well as make improvements to the game's content creation tools. Read more »

"I played hall of meat with a friend in Skate 2, since it doesn't have splitscreen. While the ..."
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Skate 3 Dev Diary: Build Your Own Park

User-created content is the focus of this latest Skate 3 developer diary, showing off how players can build their own skate parks in Black Box's skate-o-rama then share them with the world, as well put together skate team videos with their chums.

Skate 3 is headed for an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release in North America on May 11, hitting Europe on May 14. Pre-ordering will net you a bonus skate park. Read more »

"Skate 3 Dev Diary: Came in to work today, got laid off, weeeee"
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Skate 3 Release Date Rolls Out With New Trailer

Black Box's gnarly Skate 3 will be released in North America on, May 11, publisher and parent company EA has announced, then elsewhere in the world on May 14.

The news is celebrated with a new trailer featuring the skate school run by the world-famous Coach Frank--voiced by former pro skater and My Name Is Earl star Jason Lee.

Skate 3 is rolling towards release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Pre-ordering will net you a download code for what EA calls "the iconic Black Box Distribution Skate Park." Read more »

"So excited!! I'm glad it's a new city. That alone is worth the price of admission. "
- tomservo    See all 7 comments

SKATE 3 Media Goes to School

Port Caverton University is the latest SKATE 3 district to receive the royal treatment, with publisher Electronic Arts passing along screenshots and video of the new locale.

With the core of the game centered around selling out and raking in the proverbial cash, Black Box's thumb-flicking skateboarding sequel arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at some point during the month of May. Read more »

"I was thinking more about next generation of Tony Hawk than Skate games. =/ Skate 3 isn't bad ..."
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Skate 3 Media Talks Totally Tubular 'Teamz'

"Round one is team-based jam action in the dog-leg bowl, with the cradle and the funky ass hip," explains the first of two new Skate 3 developer diaries. "Woo hoo! Hit it."

Thankfully several mature gentlemen from developer Black Box appear to explain in plain English that the skateboarding sequel now revolves around selling out, forming a skate crew and raking in wikkid sikk advertising revenue with the ultimate goal of selling a million branded skateboards, dude. Read more »

"HOW TO PUMP: In Skate 2, when you are APPROACHING ANY quarter-pipe or half-pipe and need air, ..."
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SKATE 3 Trailer Goes Industrial

As SKATE 3's Port Carverton setting is a new one for the series, developer EA Black Box has started providing virtual tours of the town. First stop? The Industrial District.

If the past SKATE games are any indication, you'll want to know the area pretty well. Fortunately, the game won't hit PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 till May, so brush up.

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"It looks exactly like Skate 2 to me. Should be called Skate 2.1. Anyway, will they still have ..."
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SKATE 3 Preorders Will Get Free 'Black Box Distribution Skate Park' DLC

A new trailer for SKATE 3 has hit the pavement, showing off some in-game footage of the "Black Box Distribution Skate Park."

According to SKATE 3's official page on the EA website, those who pre-order the third installment of the critically acclaimed skateboarding simulation will get a "unique unlock code" enabling a free download of the bonus skating arena featured in the new trailer. Read more »

"I liked skate but only played it until the challenge numbers got too high for me to bother with. ..."
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Preview: Why SKATE 3 Isn't SKATE 2 DLC

"SKATE 3 is just too big to have been released as a downloadable expansion," producer Brian Lindley tells me of the sequel announced just shy of eight months after SKATE 2 arrived.

We're adding several new features and a entirely new city in Port Carverton, so SKATE 3 is an all-new experience," he says. Among the various additions are a focus on team play, new tricks, the Skate.Park editor, the Skate.School training mode, and new challenge modes designed around co-op. Read more »

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Skate 3 Announced, Brings Skate Crews

Electronic Arts today announced Skate 3, set in the brand new city of Port Carverton and expanding the "social and community aspects" of Black Box's skateboarding series.

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"They had better concentrate on framerate in this one. Skate 2 is almost unplayable sometimes. ..."
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