Iron Man 2

XB360, PS3, WII, DS, PSP / Action / Release: May 4, 2010 / ESRB: T


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Stardock Interview Part 1: Brad Wardell on Elemental

I'd heard a lot about Stardock's new fantasy-strategy game Elemental before coming to PAX. It sounded interesting, but I wanted a closer look. I got one.

Elemental looks like the PC game of the 21st century. It draws its inspiration from the combined progress of decades worth of strategy gaming, but it does so in an elegant, approachable way. It takes the depth of a Galactic Civilization and melds it with a modern design sensibility. This is no more apparent than in its world map, or lack thereof. Read more »

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Marvel 'Not Doing Crappy Movie Games Anymore'

With a spotty record of movie tie-in videogames, Marvel is hoping the well-received X-Men Origins: Wolverine becomes a turning point.

"We are not doing movie-based games anymore," Marvel digital media VP Ira Rubenstein told Joystiq, before restating: "Actually, wait... we are not doing crappy movie-based games anymore. You can quote me on that." Read more »

"I highly doubt they will be willing to delay a game if its not ready by the time the movie is ..."
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Iron Man 2: The Video Game: The First Trailer

Though it doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, the onslaught of San Diego Comic-Con related news continues as Sega has issued the first trailer for Iron Man 2.

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"As much as I'd love to have a nice Iron Man game, this is still going to suck, I'm 99% sure..."
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Game Creator Kodu Released on Xbox Live

Microsoft Research's Kodu Game Lab, described as "a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games," has been released on Xbox 360.

Available under the Community Games--soon to be rebranded "Indie Games"--portion of the online Xbox Live Marketplace, the 167MB program can be sampled in demo form, with the full version downloadable in exchange for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Read more »

"Bought this after reading the article. Didn't bother to try the demo. Definitely an interesting ..."
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Sega Announces Iron Man 2

In a terse announcement today, Sega revealed that it is preparing a multi-platform video game tie-in for the upcoming Iron Man 2 film.

Development of the game is underway at Sega Studios San Francisco, previously known as Secret Level, which worked with A2M on last year's critically-panned Iron Man video game. Read more »

"I'd be super impressed if they could bump up the score to like, let's say a a solid 7. Come on ..."
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Xbox 360 Game Creator Kodu Coming This Spring

Related Topics – Kodu, Iron Man 2, xbox 360, screenshots, PC

Microsoft has confirmed that its extremely accessible "visual programming language," once known as Boku, is coming to Xbox 360 later this spring under the name "Kodu."

The game has drawn numerous comparisons to Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet (PS3) due to its reliance on users taking the initiative to create and share their own content. Along with creation tools, Kodu packs several pre-created levels and games. Read more »

"PLEASE NO There are two problems with these kinds of things: 1) Kids make shit 5 second ..."
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