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IPHONE, IPAD / Action RPG / Release: Nov 30, 1999 / ESRB: U


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Infinity Blade for iOS free for a week

Infinity Blade for iOS free for a week

If the Unreal Engine-powered visuals of Infinity Blade were priced beyond your means, you can now pick up the game on your iPhone or iPad for free.

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Infinity Blade is prelude to 'much bigger story'

Infinity Blade is prelude to 'much bigger story'

Infinity Blade 2 will be available tonight, and is the continuation of what developer Chair Entertainment sees as an ongoing franchise. Co-founder Donald Mustard says the first game intentionally featured story hooks for sequels in case it was successful.

"The Hobbit is kind of the prelude to The Lord of the Rings," Mustard said. "What if Infinity Blade 1 was like the prelude to The Hobbit to the Lord of the Rings -- a prelude to this much bigger story we wanted to do?"

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Infinity Blade getting multiplayer update

Infinity Blade getting multiplayer update

Unreal Engine and iPhone showpiece Infinity Blade is set to get another free update on Thursday, adding multiplayer support among other new additions. The "Arena" content pack will let you take on the role of a Titan or Knight and challenge your friends to 1v1 matches through the Game Center app.

In addition, the content update will include a Survivor mode, new holiday-themed helms, and more than two dozen new items including magic rings, swords, shields, and helmets. You'll also get Facebook integration and new Achievements to show off your progress. Read more »

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Epic boss Mike Capps speaks on industry uncertainty, $1 apps

Epic boss Mike Capps speaks on industry uncertainty, $1 apps

The games industry is presently at "an inflection point," Epic Games president Mike Capps has told Industry Gamers. Uncertain factors including digital distribution, the rise of mobile gaming and a focus on online play has lead the Gears of War 3 developer and Unreal Engine maker to ponder where things might be headed.

"If there's anything that's killing us [in the traditional games business] it's dollar apps," said Capps. "How do you sell someone a $60 game that's really worth it ... They're used to 99 cents. As I said, it's an uncertain time in the industry. But it's an exciting time for whoever picks the right path and wins." Read more »

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GDC: Infinity Blade post-mortem

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GDC: Infinity Blade post-mortem

Epic's ChAIR Entertainment created Infinity Blade, the game that brought the Unreal Engine to iPhone and iPad, in five short months. That revelation came from studio co-founder Donald Mustard as part of his "Infinity Blade: How we made a hit, what we learned, and why you can do it to" post-mortem talk at GDC 2011

Infinity Blade, in fact, was not what they had been planning to work on next. After finishing Shadow Complex, the studio went into an intense brainstorming mode where over a two-week period each member of the team took one day and presented 30 game ideas. From that they narrowed down to a list of 20 for which they would do one-sheet design documents. Then Epic called. Read more »

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Free Infinity Blade Update Brings New Content Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, the first free content pack will go live for Chair Entertainment's iOS game Infinity Blade. The update is pretty substantial, especially for a free update, though the ability to purchase in-game gold with real money has been added.

The changes coming are: Read more »

"I do wish this game wasn't so repetitive. Also since I already own the Infinity Blade, I doubt ..."
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Infinity Blade Originally Conceived as Kinect Title

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Chair Entertainment co-founder Donald Mustard explained to Joystiq that the original concept for the studio's newly-released iOS game Infinity Blade was created for Microsoft's Kinect sensor.

We always have some cool ideas on deck, and kind of the inception of Infinity Blade began as a discussion around: "If we were going to make a Kinect title, what would we make? What would a Chair Kinect game look like?"That discussion happened, you know, a year and a half ago. We had this really cool design, and it's not that dissimilar from the game you're playing today; it's just been refined and adapted to the iOS screen, which honestly I think is where the design works the best.

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"Kinect, even with its sales numbers, is not a large segment of gamers. Not larger than the Wii ..."
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Epic's Infinity Blade Coming Dec. 9 for $5.99

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Epic's Infinity Blade, which runs on the company's Unreal Engine 3.0, will be released for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iTouch 3, and iTouch 4 on Thursday, December 9 for $5.99.

The game will be a universal application, inferring dual ownership on the iPhone/iTouch and the iPad. "Epic Citadel", a free tech demo app showing off the UE3.0 engine on iOS can be downloaded now. Read more »

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Infinity Blade Trailer Reveals Gameplay, Graphics

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Infinity Blade, the new action-RPG from ChAIR Entertainment and Epic Games, uses Unreal Engine 3 and runs on iOS devices. It looks amazing, but what about the gameplay?

This debut trailer shows off some battles with fantasy foes using swipes to strike. It also shows off an experience system, which generates points that are exchanged for items and upgrades. The live gameplay segments do seem to sport a bit of a framerate drop from the direct-feed, but we'll see for ourselves when the game hits the App Store later this year. Read more »

"I fail to see how this is any sort of RPG... looks more like SF IV! Just because you earn ..."
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Epic's "Project Sword" Revealed as Infinity Blade for iOS from ChAIR Entertainment

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Epic Games has officially announced its first iOS title, Infinity Blade, from ChAIR Entertainment (Shadow Complex) for this holiday season on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The game was originally revealed as "Project Sword" and utilizes Unreal Engine 3. A demo app, allowing players to walk around a Citadel level in the game's engine is currently available on the App Store. Read more »

"I never thought I'd hear these words come out of my mouth since I've loved Epic's games for so ..."
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