The Incredible Hulk

XB360, PS3, WII, DS, PS2 / Action / Release: Jun 5, 2008 / ESRB: T

No more Sega-published Marvel games

By Jeff Mattas, Mar 06, 2012 11:00am PST

The vice president of games production at Marvel has announced that there are no plans for any more Sega-published Marvel titles in the foreseeable future.


Axl Rose Sues Activision Over Slash in Guitar Hero 3

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 24, 2010 6:45am PST

The much-publicised hostilities between Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose and former guitarist Slash have entered the realm of video games, as Rose is...


"Hmm douchebag primadonna vs conglomerate gaming megacorp? How is this not good news Let's ..."

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Space Invaders Extreme DLC: Totally Boss

By Chris Faylor, Jun 16, 2009 5:15pm PDT

A downloadable expansion pack for Backbone's neon-tastic Xbox Live Arcade revival Space Invaders Extreme will arrive tomorrow, June 17, during the night-time hours. With the download priced at 240 Microsoft Points ($3), publisher Taito tells us


"Man, this one looks pretty fun. Would like to see an asteroids update, or have they already?"

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Arkanoid Hits Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday Alongside Space Invaders Extreme and Zombie Wranglers

By Chris Faylor, May 04, 2009 9:55am PDT

Downloadable retro revival Arkanoid Live will debut on the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, joining known releases Zombie Wranglers and Space...


"haha so 800 pts for arkanoid!?! space invaders? few months ago this would have been 400pts. ..."

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Space Invaders Extreme Hits XBLA Next Week

By Chris Faylor, May 01, 2009 11:31am PDT

Backbone's Taito-commissioned Xbox Live Arcade rendition of Space Invaders Extreme will arrive next Wednesday, May 6 at 800 MS Points ($10), Taito...


"This doesn't look horrible, but absolutely nowhere near as good as the Pac-Man and Galaga ..."

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Space Invaders XBLA Screenshots Get Extreme

By Chris Faylor, Mar 25, 2009 7:52am PDT

Taito's celebration of Space Invaders' 30th Anniversary continues in these new screenshots from the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade download Space...


Guitar Hero 3 Is The Highest Grossing Retail Game Ever, Claims Activision

By Chris Faylor, Jan 12, 2009 1:35pm PST

The 2007 release of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock has proven to be the highest-grossing retail game ever, according to Activision Publishing CEO...


"Doesn't WoW clear these revenues every 3 months? Activison can fuck off and die, they're quickly ..."

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Taito Bringing Space Invaders, Arkanoid to Xbox Live

By Nick Breckon, Oct 08, 2008 8:34pm PDT

Developer Taito will bring the classic video game remakes Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid Live to the Xbox Live Arcade this winter. Taito...


"I haven't played the new Arkanoid, but Space Invaders Extreme was fucking hot. I can't wait to ..."

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Metallica Drummer Responds to Retail-vs-Guitar Hero Sound Quality Feud

By Blake Ellison, Sep 30, 2008 1:14pm PDT

"Listen, I can't keep up with this shit," complained Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich in response to the internet pointing out that the Guitar Hero...


""...we wanted to roll with Rick's vision of how Metallica would sound." And that was their ..."

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Guitar Hero Metallica DLC Tracks Better Quality Than Universal's Retail CDs

By Blake Ellison, Sep 17, 2008 11:30am PDT

Internet audiophiles have discovered that the Guitar Hero version of Metallica album Death Magnetic is of better quality than the retail CD...


"Metallica? Pfffft. Irrelevant these days. Seriously, they are hacks of their former selves. ..."

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Guitar Hero 3 Gets DragonForce DLC Next Month

By Aaron Linde, Jul 24, 2008 12:35pm PDT

Three new tracks from the face-melting epic metal band DragonForce are coming to Neversoft's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as downloadable...


"I guess Guitar Hero has made Dragonforce too mainstream and now it's cool to hate them. Kinda ..."

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New Space Invaders Extreme Shots Touch Down

By Aaron Linde, May 20, 2008 5:00pm PDT

Publisher Taito has released new screenshots for both the Nintendo DS and PSP versions of its forthcoming classic shooter send-up Space Invaders...


Sega Delivers 'Intensely Realistic' Hulk Shots

By Chris Faylor, May 06, 2008 10:16am PDT

Publisher Sega has just provided us with 11 new screenshots of The Incredible Hulk, which it described as an "intensely realistic third-person...


"Wow, the models from ILM look great.....the rest of the game looks like Legos. "

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The Incredible Hulk Media Blowout

By Chris Faylor, Apr 22, 2008 9:05am PDT

Irradiated with gamma ray goodness, publisher Sega has dropped a Hulk-sized load of screenshots from every version of the upcoming film-game...


Incredible Hulk Screenshots Have Flat Tires

By Chris Faylor, Apr 14, 2008 10:51am PDT

Continuing its unrelenting assault of superhero game media, Sega has issued four more screenshots from the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360...


"what? why are people spazzing out over this? What has it got to do with the gameplay? So they're ..."

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