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Report: Hydrophobia developer closing

Report: Hydrophobia developer closing

Dark Energy Digital, the developer behind Hydrophobia and its revamped re-release Hydrophobia Prophecy, is reportedly closing down. The company's assets may be bundled and sold to the newly formed Dark Energy Publishing, formed in January by original studio owners Pete and Deborah Jones, along with technical director Gary Leach.

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Shack PSA: XBLA Discounts on Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Hyrdrophobia and Aqua This Week

Water enthusiasts who're also Xbox Live Gold members will be thrilled by discounts on Hydrophobia, Aqua - Naval Warfare and Hydro Thunder Hurricane in the latest XBLA 'deal of the week,' unveiled by Xbox Live puppet master Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb.

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"The headline seems wrong. It's 33% off Hydro Thunder Hurricane, not 50%. "
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Hydrophobia 'Pure' Patch Fixes a Laundry List of Issues; Game Discounted to $10

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After launching to "mixed or average reviews" and vehemently defending its design decisions, developer Dark Energy Digital revealed a complete overhaul patch for its downloadable title Hydrophobia will launch tomorrow.

The patch, dubbed "Hydrophobia Pure," will do everything from remap the game's controls, address A.I. behavior, "improved" graphics and physics, and add "more realistic character water resistance." Hydrophobia will also receive a new climbing system, cutscenes have been adjusted for length, and just about anything else you could think about the game has been "enhanced" or "improved." The patch notes can be found after the jump. Read more »

"Does this technical issue have a docket at their QA department?: - no pc version available"
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Xbox Live September Schedule Brings Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper, Super Meat Boy and More

Xbox Live's Major Nelson has revealed the complete Marketplace schedule for the month of September.

As was previously revealed, September brings with it a new Arcade promotion, dubbed the Game Feast--which probably would have made more sense in November during Thanksgiving. With it, the Arcade adds Hydrophobia, Super Meat Boy, Comic Jumper, and Pinball FX 2. Read more »

"Cool, looking forward to Super Meat Boy though I wish it were sooner. Also think I'll buy Toy ..."
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XBLA 'Game Feast' Promotion Features Super Meat Boy, Comic Jumper, Hydrophobia and Pinball FX 2

Microsoft has just revealed a new Xbox Live Arcade promotion, akin to the recently concluded Summer of Arcade.

The Xbox Live Arcade "Game Feast" begins September 29 and runs until October 20. Included are Twisted Pixel's latest title Comic Jumper, Team Meat's remake Super Meat Boy, Dark Energy Digital's Hydrophobia and Pinball FX 2.

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"more pinball is a good thing. Wish Pinball Hall Of Fame: The Williams Collection would add some ..."
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Hydrophobia E3 Media Washes by

New Hydrophobia screenshots and a trailer have dripped in to give another look at Dark Energy Digital's aqueous action-adventure and its delightful physics-simulated water.

Set aboard a city-sized ship in a dystopian over-populated future, Hydrophobia tells of a watery clash between Cornucopianism and Malthusianism. When the ship is bombed by terrorists, it all gets a wee bit wet but luckily there's swish dynamic water to make the harrowing experience surprisingly pleasant. Read more »

""...Hydrophobia tells of a watery clash between Cornucopianism and Malthusianism." Ha, ha, ..."
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Hydrophobia Also Heading to PC and PS3

Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital has confirmed that the watery action-adventure is not strictly an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, as it indicated mere weeks ago, but a 'timed exclusive' that will eventually splash down on PC and PlayStation 3 too.

Both retail and XBLA releases are planned on Xbox 360, followed by a PC edition and "at some point" a PlayStation 3 release, Dark Energy's Pete Jones told IncGamers. Read more »

"Not at all impressed, I guess we'll see when it is finally released, as long as is sometime ..."
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Hydrophobia Now XBLA Exclusive, Gets New Media

Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital has announced that its sopping action-adventure will be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, releasing new screenshots, art and a trailer in celebration.

Hydrophobia is the first game to use Dark Energy's 'HydroEngine' water tech, which it describes as "a true physics simulation with emergent behavior which affects objects and characters in the scene with jaw-dropping authenticity." Procedural generation tech is also used, to keep the download size small. Read more »

"I hate it when there's one piece of tech that is really great, but fails to fully integrate into ..."
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