Half-Life 2: Episode Three

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Half-Life 3 trademarked

Half-Life 3 trademarked

Valve remembers the number 3, for once.

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Half-Life 3 not in the works due to 'mo-cap issue,' claimed voice actor

Half-Life 3 not in the works due to 'mo-cap issue,' claimed voice actor

Valve's continued silence on the Half-Life franchise has been frustrating for fans, desperately wanting to believe that anything could be part of a viral marketing campaign to announce a sequel. Nearly six years have gone by since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, and it appears fans will have to continue waiting.

Voice actor John Patrick Lowrie has been in multiple Valve games, from the original Half-Life 2 to the recent Dota 2. And he claims that Valve is actually not working on a Half-Life sequel at all.

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Half-Life 2: Episode 4 media details the 'Return to Ravenholm'

Half-Life 2: Episode 4 media details the 'Return to Ravenholm'

"Return to Ravenholm," aka "Half-Life 2: Episode 4," was a Half-Life 2 episode set in the spooky abandoned town. It's been canceled for a few years now, but we've gotten a better look at the game that could have been thanks to some new concept art and animation tests. It was in development at Dishonored developer Arkane Studios around 2006, but was ultimately scrapped.

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Half-Life silence avoids 'twists and turns' at Valve

Half-Life silence avoids 'twists and turns' at Valve

Fans have been waiting years for the next Half-Life installment, be it the rumored Half-Life 3 or even just Half-Life 2: Episode Three. Valve hasn't been very forthcoming with sequel plans, but studio boss Gabe Newell has at least opened up on a reason for all the silence.

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Valve's Steam Coming to Mac on May 12

The Mac OS version of Valve's digital distribution platform Steam will be released on May 12, the company confirmed today.

No other details on the launch were given--the announcement was a brief two sentences--though it will presumably debut alongside the native Mac versions of Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal and the Half-Life series originally slated to launch with the Mac client in April 2010. Read more »

"Do macs have enough hardware to run these games? When I walked past the apple store and had a ..."
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Steam Coming to Mac in April, Portal 2 This Fall

After some heavy-handed hints, Valve today confirmed that it will be bringing its previously Windows-only digital distribution platform Steam to the Mac in April 2010.

Said the company: "Steam and Valve's library of games including Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, and the Half-Life series will be available in April." Read more »

"Hey Valve/Apple, promote this in the Apple Store. Not only that, but have life-sized cardboard ..."
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Rumor: No New Half-Life in 2010

While Half-Life developer Valve has remained rather quiet as to when series star Gordon Freeman will continue his crowbar-wielding antics, a rumor currently making the rounds claims that it won't be this year.

"Loose Talk has learned that there won't be any game from the franchise in 2010, and what will finally come out is still unknown," reads the self-proclaimed "rumors and scuttlebutt" column in the February 2010 issue of Game Informer. "Will it be Half-Life 2: Episode Three? Or will it be a full-on Half-Life 3?" Read more »

"Well i would prefer a full blown halflife sequal with 3 on it and an updated engine then a short ..."
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Valve on Episode Three: 'A More Ambitious Project'

Following up on recent comments regarding Half-Life 2: Episode Three, Shacknews caught up with Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi to briefly discuss the anticipated sequel.

What's the deal with the longer development period this time around? And is Freeman going back to the future? Read on to find out.

Warning: Episode Two spoiler ahead. Read more »

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Valve Teases Half-Life 2: Episode Three Debut

Related Topics – Half-Life 2: Episode Three, PC

Bad news, Freeman fans. It looks like Half-Life 2: Episode Three won't arrive for a while--possibly 2010--going by an interview with Valve marketing VP Doug Lombardi.

"The next time you play as Gordon will be longer than the distance between Half-Life 2 to Episode One, and Episode One to Episode Two," Lombardi told Kikizo when asked about Episode Three. Read more »

"LOL, Valve will be bought out by the time Episode3 gets released, hell with our luck it will be ..."
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First Half-Life 2: Episode Three Concept Art Revealed

The first widely available piece of concept art for the final episode of Valve's Half-Life 2 saga has been uncovered via the 2008 IntoThePixel E3 art gallery.

The piece--created by Valve artists Ted Backman, Jeremy Bennett, and Tristan Redford--appears to show Half-Life hero Gordon Freeman within a large Citadel-like environment, a Combine Advisor looming ominously overhead. Read more »

"I'm not a fan of the direction this art is going.... The powerlines, and capsules are cool... ..."
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