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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Dev Diary Talks 'Turning It Right up to 11' With Hardcore

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 11, 2009 4:24am PDT

A new Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising developer diary from Codemasters details its 'Hardcore' mode, where the insane can turn off their HUD for...


"Jump into a dark room with a flashlight... slowly aim at enemy number one in the corner and ..."

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New Singularity Screenshots: Soldier Abuse

By Nick Breckon, Jul 23, 2009 6:32pm PDT

These new screenshots for Raven's original shooter Singularity aren't very kind to our friend Generic Soldier. He has a tough time of it in any...


"With the zombie dudes featuring prominently in these screenshots, it finally connected for me ..."

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Comic Book Bonanza: Mass Effect, Prince of Persia and Singularity Adaptations Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 21, 2009 5:39pm PDT

Hot on the heels of yesterday's Dante's Inferno comic news--and in the run-up to Comic-Con--no less than three comic book adaptations of video...


"Between Team Fortress 2 news and Rage news, nobody's coming in here. oh well, comic ..."

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Release Dated

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 17, 2009 8:16am PDT

Codemasters has announced that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will be arriving in North American stores on October 6, Europe on October 8,...


"I have to admit that the screenshorts weren't nearly as gritty and grainy as I would have ..."

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Activision: Singularity Delayed Due to Modern Warfare

By Nick Breckon, Jul 08, 2009 3:30pm PDT

Activision has confirmed to Shacknews that Raven's shooter Singularity has been delayed to March 2010 due to strong demand for the publisher's...


"What are you guys crying for , Singularity is a new in the series , just having 4 months of more ..."

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Screenshots Take a Trip to the Farm

By Chris Faylor, Jul 02, 2009 5:02pm PDT

Codemasters seems to be on a screenshot kick today, with some new screenshots of Operation Flashoint: Dragon Rising accompanying this morning's...


"I will buy this game based solely on the first Operation Flashpoint. They earned it. That game ..."

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Singularity Trailer: Time on Your Hands

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 01, 2009 6:48pm PDT

Raven's E3 offering for first-person shooter Singularity teases the backstory a little and demonstrates just how handy--not to mention very...


"Colour me impressed. The previous media for this was a bit unimpressive, but this has me pretty ..."

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Trailer Reveals Slight Delay

By Alice O'Connor, May 07, 2009 10:01am PDT

A new Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising trailer reveals that Codemasters's tactical shooter and battlefield simulator has been delayed slightly, back from summer to fall. Codemasters explains the delay


"Honestly, the editing on that trailer was pretty bad.... They didn't motion track very well, so ..."

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Singularity Footage: From Flesh to Dust in Seconds

By Chris Faylor, Apr 28, 2009 10:03am PDT

Some new footage of Raven's Singularity (PC, PS3, 360) has emerged from publisher Activision, demonstrating more of the "aging" powers players have at their command. Another glimpse of the game, t


"It looks fun, like Timeshift, except with a super glove. Just hope the PC port is a good one."

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Op Flashpoint 2 Trailer: 'Open World Modern Warfare'

By Chris Faylor, Mar 31, 2009 10:05am PDT

Following up on those screenshots, Codemasters has issued a new trailer for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which offers a few snippets of gameplay before asking if you're ready for "open worl


"if you cut out the names I'd swear I was looking at BF2 or Project Reality for BF2. This may or ..."

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Grassy New Operation Flashpoint 2 Screenshots

By Chris Faylor, Mar 31, 2009 7:55am PDT

Codemasters has released a new batch of screenshots from its upcoming military shooter sequel Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which is due...


"I hope there's an option to get rid of the film grain effect. Whoever thought this was a good ..."

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Operation Flashpoint 2 Pre-release Demo Confirmed

By Nick Breckon, Mar 13, 2009 12:04pm PDT

Codemasters has announced that a demo for its upcoming military shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will see a demo release prior to the...


"Personally, I'm looking forward to trying the demo for each before I decide which one, or both ..."

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Raven's Singularity Revealed in New Trailer

By Nick Breckon, Feb 23, 2009 1:42pm PST

Developer Raven Software's upcoming shooter Singularity is shown off in this newly released trailer. This one deals with time-shifting quantum physics, allowing players to bend time in order to explode barrels. Crazy. Singularity is head


"First feeling is that why have they thrown decent art to waste. Nothing in the gameplay strikes ..."

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Operation Flashpoint 2 Confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360; New Trailer Released

By Chris Faylor, Feb 19, 2009 8:54am PST

It's been nearly two years since Codemasters re-announced Operation Flashpoint 2, promising that the military simulation would hit "PC and major console formats." We all assumed that meant PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Codemasters stuck to its guns.


"Hmm this could be good. The view distance and map sizes in this game were awesome but the draw ..."

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Activision Launching Three New Properties in 2009: Prototype, Singularity, Unannounced Racer

By Nick Breckon, Feb 11, 2009 2:29pm PST

Publisher Activision Blizzard will launch a total of three new intellectual properties in 2009, according to Activision publishing president Mike...


"I don't know much about Prototype, but I think Singularity's going to be pretty cool. Raven's ..."

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