Gratuitous Space Battles

PC, MAC / Strategy / Release: Nov 17, 2009 / ESRB: NR-EC


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Humble Indie Bundle 6 adds four more games

Humble Indie Bundle 6 adds four more games

Gaming is generally an expensive hobby, but you can make it work on a budget if you search the right spots. The Humble Bundle 6, for example, opened the other day to offer six games for around six bucks. Since that clearly wasn't enough to tempt some hold-outs, today it added four more.

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Gratuitious Space Battles Single-Player Campaign DLC Pre-order Beta Begins

If you wish the indie space fleet combat sim Gratuitous Space Battles had a little more structure, point your peepers at the new $6.99 downloadable expansion Galactic Conquest.

Galactic Conquest adds a single-player campaign that'll have you, well, conquering the galaxy. To do that, you'll need to design a fleet to take on all threats then repair and replenish it between engagements. GSB will fill the 52-planet galaxy with enemy fleets designed by other players, while uploading yours to stymie others. Pre-ordering now will net you instant access to the beta version. Read more »

"Looks good.. HOWEVER.. Anyone else remember Wing Commander: Armada? I miss fighting in my own ..."
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Gratuitous Space Battles Expansion Released

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Positech has released some non-gratuitous extra Gratuitous Space Battles in a mini expansion pack titled 'The Tribe' for the PC space fleet warfare management sim.

Available direct from Positech for $5.99, The Tribe adds a new race of the same name with eleven new ships which focus on tough hulls and fast repairs, as well as a new kinetic weapon type and two scenarios featuring the "idealistic space-hippies." Read more »

"Now make Master of Orion 4 with this engine for space battles. DO IT! "
- InfectedStool    See all 22 comments

Gratuitous Space Battles Demo Released

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Now available on FileShack is a 46MB demo for Gratuitous Space Battles, Positech's space fleet warfare simulator designed to thrill your inner space strategist.

Fleet lords do not directly control units, rather they design ships from a wide range of components, arrange formations and define behaviour then observe the ensuing gratuitous battles with enemy fleets--including armadas designed by other players. Read more »

"Wow... this game is extremely addicting. I have been playing the last four hours non-stop. It's ..."
- shaq_mobile    See all 26 comments

Gratuitous Space Battles Beta Opens to Pre-orders

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One-man outfit Positech has opened pre-orders for Gratuitous Space Battles (PC), offering immediate beta access to those that pay $19.99 for the strategy game.

"We are effectively selling the game early for people who want to play it while it is still in beta," sole developer Cliff 'cliffski' Harris noted on the official site. In a blog post, Harris said he "will probably overhaul a few sections of it before it's actually given a proper release" and will use the beta to balance the "massively singleplayer" game. Read more »

"Bought, downloaded, installed, ran, no problems at all. The game is very, very fiddly. It's ..."
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Who Likes Gratuitous Space Battles?

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Positech Games, a one-man operation run by Cliff 'cliffski' Harris, is surely outdoing itself (himself?) with its latest project, Gratuitous Space Battles.

The game, as Harris describes, is "for everyone who has watched big space armadas battle it out on TV and thought to themselves 'I could have done a much better job as admiral.'"

However, Gratuitous Space Battles is not about commanding those armadas--rather, the "game" part is centered around the design and tactical instructions given to the ships. Read more »

"Someone should remind the developer that in space your units can move in THREE dimensions, not ..."
- isochronous    See all 31 comments

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