Gears of War 3

XB360 / Action / Release: Sep 20, 2011 / ESRB: M

Gears of War 3 'Bullet Marsh' MP map teased

By Jeff Mattas, Nov 18, 2011 4:00pm PST

Epic games has released a 'fly-through' trailer of 'Bullet Marsh,' part of the upcoming 'Versus Booster Map Pack' DLC for Gears of War 3.


Gears of War 3 patch adds spectator options, fixes exploits

By Steve Watts, Nov 16, 2011 8:00am PST

Epic is issuing a title update for Gears of War 3 today, which includes several general improvements, exploit and bug fixes.


Gears of War 3 free 'Versus Booster Map Pack' DLC available November 24

By Andrew Yoon, Nov 01, 2011 12:30pm PDT

Yet another piece of Gears of War 3 DLC has been announced today. Unlike the others announced so far, this will be the first free update for Epic's popular shooter.


Gears of War 3 'Horde Command' DLC now available

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 01, 2011 5:45am PDT

Gremlins have "temporarily" delayed the release of Gears of War 3's multiplayer-expanding Horde Command Pack, which was due to launch today. Techies are scrambling to chase the blighters out.


Unreal Engine 4 release aiming for 'day one' on next-gen consoles

By Jeff Mattas, Oct 26, 2011 3:45pm PDT

Epic Games president Mike Capps talks about the strategies behind developing Unreal Engine 4, and how the company wants to be ready for the next-gen consoles on "day one."


Gears of War 3 'RAAM's Shadow' DLC announced

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 20, 2011 7:45am PDT

Epic today announced the first single-player campaign DLC for Gears of War 3, 'RAAM's Shadow,' which will see players joining a new squad with some familiar faces... as well as crushing puny humans by playing as Gears 1 final boss General RAAM.


Gears of War 3 art contest winners revealed

By Garnett Lee, Oct 17, 2011 7:00pm PDT

Check out the $10,000 winning Gears of War 3 art, and two runners up, announced by Epic Games and deviantART today.


Gears of War 3 'Horde Command Pack' DLC video

By Steve Watts, Oct 11, 2011 12:45pm PDT

A new video highlights the upcoming DLC pack for Gears of War 3, detailing Rustlung, new defensive structures, and character skins.


Gears of War 3 'Horde Command Pack' DLC coming November

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 04, 2011 6:45am PDT

Gears of War 3's Horde mode is being expanded with the Horde Command Pack, arriving on November 1 for $10, or part of the DLC Season Pass.


Weekend Confirmed 80 - Battlefield 3 beta, Gears of War 3, Resistance 3

By Garnett Lee, Sep 30, 2011 11:05am PDT

The Battlefield 3 beta, Gears 3, Resistance 3, Burnout Crash, news and more keep Jeff, Garnett, and special guest James Stevenson from Insomniac Games going from start to finish on this week's episode of Weekend Confirmed.


Modern Warfare 3 most wanted game this holiday, says Nielsen

By Steve Watts, Sep 29, 2011 11:45am PDT

Nielsen has released the results of its Video Game Tracking survey, showing some of the most anticipated games and what eager players are saying about them.


Gears of War 3 sells 3 million units in first week

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 29, 2011 7:30am PDT

The first week's Gears of War 3 sales are in, revealing the Xbox 360 exclusive impressively sold more than 3 million units. This pushes the franchise's lifetime sales past $1 billion.


Gears of War 3 maps revealed by leaderboards

By Steve Watts, Sep 26, 2011 1:45pm PDT

Gears of War 3's Horde leaderboards seem to have revealed three upcoming multiplayer maps: Azura, Rustlung, and Blood Drive.


Gears of War 3 campaign DLC won't feature Delta squad

By Andrew Yoon, Sep 20, 2011 8:45am PDT

Gears of War 3 is out today, but that's not stopping Epic Games from talking up plans for its inevitable downloadable content.


Gears of War 3 interview with Cliff Bleszinski

By Xav de Matos, Sep 15, 2011 12:15pm PDT

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski talks about the end of the current Gears of War trilogy. Jump in to watch a video interview as well as read a few extra bits of info he gave us during our discussion.