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The Demoman: FUEL

It's the distant present. Global warming has led to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, and crappy garage-band soundtracks. The global economy is in ruins and thousands, perhaps millions of people have perished. On the bright side, there's a bunch of sweet places to race dirt bikes. Awesome!

The open-world racing game FUEL boasts over 14,000 square kilometers of gameworld to explore and 100,000 miles of tracks and trails to race. The demo takes up one tiny square of one tiny section of one tiny area of the map, and it's still pretty darn big. For the demo's only race, my motorcycle is delivered via helicopter to the starting line, which seems a pointless extravagance considering the global apocalypse and all. Read more »

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FUEL Demo Released

The demo for Asobo Games' open-world racer FUEL arrives today for PC, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation 3. We have the 1.04GB PC demo over on FileShack.

The demo contains the 'Ocean Breeze' race and 'Blitz' checkpoint challenge. The console demo also includes two weeks of online play for Ocean Breeze and a free ride zone. FUEL was released on consoles in June then for PC in early July.

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"Just got done with the demo. Ouch The environment is huuuuuuuge but the handling is so ..."
- Lunatic Angelic    See all 21 comments

FUEL Release Dated, Team Boasts Guiness Record for 'Biggest Console Game of All Time'

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Codemasters' upcoming racing game FUEL has been named the "Biggest Console Game of All Time" by Guiness World Records. And by "biggest," they're referring to square mileage.

In fact, the title boasts "5,560 square miles of accessible in-game terrain," according to the Codesters. The video below explains the technical demands in creating such a massive space. FUEL hits the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 2. Read more »

"This sounds pretty awesome, I hope they've managed to make the game interesting by having a ..."
- PlayfulPuppy    See all 54 comments

FUEL Trailer Looks at Multiplayer

Related Topics – Fuel, FUEL, , xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3, PC

Now slated to hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by June 2, Asobo Studios' on and off-road racer FUEL has received another trailer, this one examining the multiplayer aspect.

The PC release of FUEL will "follow" the console release, according to publisher Codemasters. No official word when, but Amazon.com shows a June 23 date. Read more »

"The free drive looks terrific. I watched that video muted and I don't plan to unmute it."
- Shadsy    See all 14 comments

Fuel Trailer Races Through Event Types

Related Topics – Fuel, FUEL, , xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3, PC

This trailer for Codemasters' off and on-road racer Fuel takes a spin through the game's various events, from standard circuit races to the large-scale Raid and the checkpoint-based Blitz modes.

Fuel is expected to arrive on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 29.

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"What's the best arcade-style racing game out there? Eye candy and gameplay? I've heard Pure is ..."
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Fuel Trailer Sells GPS Supremacy

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This trailer for Codemasters' upcoming racer Fuel asks us all, "Wouldn't it be better if your GPS machine created glowing arrows in the sky?" They expect an answer in the affirmative, but consider first how dreadfully embarrassing those arrows would appear during a trip to the theater. Far too arcadey for people of high class. Minimaps are surely more prudent in style.

Fuel is looking at a release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during the second quarter of this year. Read more »

"I thought this was what Dirt 2 turned into and freaked the fuck out."
- sixfoot6    See all 31 comments

Fuel Gameplay Movie Released

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Following up on the recent CGI trailer, Codemasters has released a new Fuel trailer featuring in-game footage. During the minute long video you get see the open-world racer's wide variety in environments and vehicles.

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"They GOTTA use an environment of this size for Kal-El! Golly that would just be SUPER..."
- Wii_Tard    See all 18 comments

New Fuel Screenshots, Trailer

Related Topics – Fuel, FUEL, , xbox 360, Trailer, PlayStation 3, screenshots, PC

Codemasters has issued new screenshots from Fuel, the open-world racing game from Asobo Studios which features a 5000 square mile playing field.

A new cinematic trailer is available as well: Read more »

"I'm sorry but the premise to this game is completely idiotic. In this world where the fuel is ..."
- Daeyeth    See all 29 comments

FUEL Screenshots Depict Global Warming

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Codemasters has provided the first screenshots of Asobo Studios' open-terrain off-road racer FUEL. The screenshots show the game's "alternate present" world where climate change has ravaged the planet's climate and racers compete for fuel.

FUEL will include a variety of locales, like forests, mountains and deserts, and both two-wheel and four-wheel racing. Codemasters promises the globally-warmed title will arrive in 2009 on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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"Yeeeah, I'm sorry, but when you race for fuel you're burning your winnings away. What, you ..."
- Mentor    See all 19 comments

More Racing From Codemasters: FUEL Announced

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Codemasters today announced production of FUEL, a new racing game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 scheduled to ship during 2009.

In development at France-based Asobo Studios, FUEL is set in an "alternate present" where the earth has been decimated by the effects of climate change. With oil sparse and expensive, people take to the wastelands and use their "grungy home-tuned vehicles" in competitions to win fuel. Read more »

"Hmm, that's an interesting take on racing games. Could be fun to have tornado-laden MP matches."
- ColoradoCNC    See all 20 comments

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