Forza Motorsport 3

XB360 / Racing / Release: Oct 27, 2009 / ESRB: E

Forza 3 Includes Free DLC With New Copies

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 07, 2009 10:40am PDT

As the industry continues its efforts to minimise used game sales, Turn 10 Studios has announced that new copies of racer Forza 3 will include free...


"Good on them. I have some real issues with the amount of money Gamestop can make on one copy of ..."

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Forza 3 Gameplay Trailers Deliver Laps

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 29, 2009 11:20am PDT

Two new Forza Motorsport 3 trailers ignore the trends of talking heads, fast cuts and butt rock, offering single laps from Turn 10 Studios' Xbox 360 racer with relatively little glitz. A one-track demo for the October 27-due racer hit the Xbox L


"This will be a great game, but I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the demo. The in-car ..."

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Forza 3 Media Drifts Down Fujimi Kaido

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 24, 2009 8:21am PDT

Playing to the audience, Turn 10 has announced at Tokyo Game Show that its October 27-due Xbox 360 racer Forza 3 will sport "some of the greatest drifting cars from Japan" and pumped-up drifting, and brings the Fujimi Kaido mountain track back to the seri


"Whoa, they lifted all the dramatic moments from Initial D and put them all in one video in a way ..."

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Brutal Legend and Forza 3 Demos Hit Xbox Live

By Chris Faylor, Sep 24, 2009 8:10am PDT

Now free of the shackles that limited its availability to pre-orders, the downloadable demo of Double Fine's Brutal Legend is now available for...


"Just based on the demo, Brutal Legend should easily win every award for writing this year."

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Gran Turismo 5 vs. Forza 3: Ferrari 458 Face-Off

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 23, 2009 8:10am PDT

Gran Turismo 5 and Forza Motorsport 3 are both celebrating the new Ferrari 458 Italia with trailers, offering an interesting comparison between the upcoming racers. Turn 10's Xbox 360 exclusive Forza 3 goes first as it arrives first, on October


"Comparing two pre-renders.... really? Protip: When a console game shows zero aliasing in the ..."

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Forza 3 Trailer Asks 'Can You Believe That'

By Chris Faylor, Sep 18, 2009 8:39am PDT

"They've modeled lugnuts," custom car designer and Forza series consultant RJ De Vera says of Turn 10's attention to detail in Forza Motorsport 3. "Can you believe that?" The Xbox 360-exclusive racer hits Europe on October 23 and North America


"I never played any of the Forza series. How does it compare to Sony's Gran Tourismo?"

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Forza 3's Ferrari Collection, Amalfi Coast Track Pictured

By Nick Breckon, Sep 16, 2009 3:32pm PDT

Do you like Ferraris? No? And you think the Amalfi Coast is for babies? Get out of this news post. Fans of the famous Italian car...


"Looking at the shots, I can't help but think how amazing a new OutRun would be with these kind ..."

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Forza 3 Gone Gold, Demo Due September 24

By Chris Faylor, Sep 11, 2009 8:50am PDT

A downloadable demo of Turn 10's Xbox 360-exclusive racer Forza Motorsport 3 will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace come September 24, publisher...


"the moment i saw the trailer with the lambo reventon i was sold."

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Forza 3 Screens: A Healthy Shot of V8 Supercars

By Nick Breckon, Sep 03, 2009 1:48pm PDT

Racing dev Turn 10 has revealed eight new cars that will be featured in the upcoming Forza Motorsport 3. As seen in the above screenshots,...


"these pics look really really great. cant wait for that game. what makes me just laugh is using ..."

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Forza 3 Screenshots Star Euro-Sport Compacts

By Chris Faylor, Jul 28, 2009 10:00am PDT

With over 100 tracks and more than 400 cars in Forza Motorsport 3, you have to wonder if Microsoft and developer Turn 10 will have revealed every...


"I hope they aren't trying to pass that off as in-game. There's absolutely NO aliasing (jagged ..."

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Forza Motorsport 3 Release Date Announced

By Chris Faylor, Jul 27, 2009 8:57am PDT

Turn 10's anticipated Xbox 360 racing sequel Forza Motorsport 3 will be available in North America on October 27, publisher Microsoft announced...


"This announcement is kinda anti-climatic. Now, are the five special cars (ZR1, F320 Scuderia, ..."

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New Forza 3 Screenshots: Ferrari vs. Ford

By Nick Breckon, Jul 10, 2009 4:25pm PDT

Developer Turn 10 has released a new batch of screenshots for its racer sequel Forza Motorsport 3. The third screenshot, showing the interior of...


"It all pales in comparison to GT Legends. All that fancy tech just means bad drivers can ..."

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The Hot Cars of Forza 3, and a Yaris

By Nick Breckon, Jun 30, 2009 12:23pm PDT

I know next to nothing about cars, but one thing I do know is that I love racing games that include comparatively pedestrian vehicles. There's...


"Does this game have car damage? If so it this will be awesome! "

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Forza 3 Screenshots and Trailer Bonanza

By Chris Faylor, Jun 01, 2009 5:02pm PDT

Hot off its official unveiling earlier today, the first trailers and screenshots for the just-announced Xbox 360 racer Forza Motorsport 3 can now be found below.


"I'm pretty damn impressed. These guys managed to throw out another racing simulation that RIVALS ..."

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Forza 3 Coming in October

By Nick Breckon, Jun 01, 2009 11:18am PDT

Microsoft today announced that Forza Motorsport 3 will be shipping this October on Xbox 360. The racing sequel will feature over 400 cars. Forza...


"This was awesome. It looks like it has the GT5 looks, but makes it much less sterile. Damage, ..."

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