Fight Night Round 4

XB360, PS3 / Fighting / Release: Jun 23, 2009 / ESRB: T

Final Fantasy 13 Demo Videos, Screenshots Emerge

By Chris Faylor, Apr 15, 2009 10:43am PDT

With the PlayStation 3 demo of Final Fantasy XII hitting Japan this week--it's bundled in the Blu-ray release of Square's CG flick Final Fantasy...


"So is this going to come out for PC or not? The game is obviously being played on a PC. I've ..."

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Fight Night Round 4 Release Date Announced, Trailer Slams FNR3 as 'Very Scripted, Very Repetitive'

By Chris Faylor, Apr 13, 2009 10:55am PDT

Electronic Arts reveals a June 30 ship date for EA Canada's Fight Night Round 4 (PS3, X360) in this new trailer, which hypes the sequel by punching Round 3 right in the face.


"Anyone who is a fan of videogames should be elated with this title."

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Fight Night Round 4 Video Touts Punchy Physics

By Nick Breckon, Apr 06, 2009 10:40am PDT

Sometimes shooters are measured by the satisfying recoil of a rifle, or the sound of a particular explosion. With boxing games, it's all in the speed of the punches. Something like a butterfly, sting like a bee, as they say. Alright, I don't kn


"That was James Toney vs ??? I couldn't tell who that other guy was, looked like Holyfield ..."

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New Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots Released

By Nick Breckon, Mar 30, 2009 4:15pm PDT

Square Enix has released another batch of Final Fantasy XIII screens into the wild. They've been tagged and are ready for your scientific...


"Speaking of FF Im playing through FF4 on the DS and I have to say its a damn good JRPG. Better ..."

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Fight Night Round 4 Screenshot Bonanza

By Chris Faylor, Mar 30, 2009 10:15am PDT

Publisher Electronic Arts has unleashed a wealth of new screenshots from EA Canada's Fight Night Round 4, showcasing seven of the game's eight...



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Fight Night Round 4 Trailer: One Punch to Victory

By Chris Faylor, Mar 16, 2009 9:39am PDT

A new trailer for Fight Night Round 4 has arrived from publisher EA, filled with gameplay footage of the EA Canada boxing game due on PS3 and Xbox...


"Between this and UFC Undisputed, the pugilistic level of violence in 2009 is unmatched. Best ..."

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Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots: Boobs and Guns

By Chris Faylor, Mar 04, 2009 9:52am PST

The official Final Fantasy XIII website has once again been updated with new screenshots, giving us a glimpse of Gadot (the dude with the fire...


"i have to admit that any time i see FF 13 screen shots all i can think about is: "damn some ..."

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Dragon Quest 9 Delay Could Affect Final Fantasy 13

By Chris Faylor, Feb 13, 2009 8:56am PST

Following the decision to postpone the Japanese debut of Dragon Quest IX (DS), Square Enix now says this might impact the long-awaited Final...


"Maybe they will have the balls to just release the PS3 version before the Xbox 360 version is ..."

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New Character 'Sazh Katzroy' Featured in Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots

By Nick Breckon, Jan 26, 2009 4:20pm PST

Recently-revealed character Sazh Katzroy takes center stage in the following Final Fantasy XIII screenshots. They come via the official Final...


"What? Sarkozy? The model is way to tall and he is missing the arrogant french look."

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Square: Final Fantasy 13 Release Coming No Earlier than April 2010 in North America, Europe

By Nick Breckon, Jan 15, 2009 3:30pm PST

The overseas release of Final Fantasy XIII will occur no earlier than April 2010, according to word from Square Enix President Yoichi Wada in a...


"Anyone wish they would do a 2D sprite style RPG like FF6? There is a certain charm to those ..."

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A Few Moments of New Final Fantasy 13 Footage

By Nick Breckon, Jan 13, 2009 12:18pm PST

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase is really just getting in the way during this brief development video. We want to see the game--he...


"haha, I thought this shit was out a few months ago. oh well.."

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Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots: Two Girls, One Guy

By Chris Faylor, Jan 09, 2009 10:05am PST

Temporarily ending the reign of low-res magazine scans, Square Enix has released a number of low-res Final Fantasy XIII screenshots through the...


""Two Girls, One Guy..." Are you sure? Because I can't tell anymore. "

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Fight Night Round 4 Trailer Asks: Ali or Tyson?

By Maarten Goldstein, Dec 16, 2008 5:39am PST

When Electronic Arts announced Fight Night Round 4 back in May, the company noted former heavyweight champions such as Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali would appear in the boxing game sequel. In this fi


"Woo! First I've heard of this. Loved FN Round 3, I might replay it. Achievements were overly ..."

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Fight Night Round 4 Release Date Clarified

By Chris Faylor, Dec 14, 2008 6:32pm PST

The fourth entry in Electronic Arts' boxing series Fight Night will be released next summer, EA Sports president Peter Moore announced this...


"please bring back the customization of ring entrances! i want my big tittied bitches, ..."

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New Final Fantasy 13, Versus Trailers Released

By Nick Breckon, Dec 12, 2008 6:09pm PST

Square Enix has released a pair of CG trailers for its two forever-upcoming Final Fantasy projects, Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 360) and Final Fantasy...


"Xenogears (original) was better then all the final fantasy's combined..."

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