Far Cry 3

PC, PS3, XB360 / Action / Release: Dec 4, 2012 / ESRB: M

Far Cry 3 PC system requirements confirmed

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 25, 2012 10:00am PDT

The Far Cry series has always demanded a bit of muscle to run well on PC, though of course the advantage is that it's looked best on PC. Will your computerator be up to running the latest open-world-y FPS? Ubisoft today confirmed the system requirements, so see how you measu...


Far Cry 3 survival video shows how to stay atop the food chain

By John Keefer, Sep 21, 2012 8:15am PDT

Far Cry 3 is not going to be easy. You'll have to deal with drugs and a few distractions. And, according to a new video released by Ubisoft, you're going to have to know all your weapons and refine your tactics to live through your time on this island that is far from a trop...


Far Cry 3 trailer: 4 minutes of co-op

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 01, 2012 1:00pm PDT

Far Cry 3's separate four-player co-op mode is on show in a new narrated gameplay demo, looking pretty swish.


Far Cry 3 delayed to December

By John Keefer, Jun 25, 2012 10:30am PDT

Far Cry 3 is moving into some interesting areas with the use of drugs and some nudity, but it appears that the game needs a bit more work and has been delayed until Dec. 4.


Far Cry 3 preview

By Andrew Yoon, Jun 04, 2012 4:00pm PDT

The quintessential elements of Far Cry seem to be intact, which should sate fans of the original games. However, what makes Far Cry 3 such an interesting experience is what it tries to do new.


Far Cry 3 gets psychedelic E3 teaser trailer

By Steve Watts, May 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT

Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry 3 teaser-trailer, which flashes moments of footage among a trippy filter to tease an upcoming announcement at E3.


Far Cry 3 closed beta begins this summer

By Steve Watts, May 17, 2012 1:30pm PDT

Ubisoft has announced a two week Far Cry 3 closed beta coming this summer, along with the various channels to snag a code.


Far Cry 3 shows off drug-fueled gameplay trailer

By Steve Watts, Mar 21, 2012 1:30pm PDT

The first Far Cry 3 trailer has hit, showing our hero tripping on the drugs of Dr. Earnhardt.


Far Cry 3 team talks lessons learned from Far Cry 2

By Steve Watts, Feb 24, 2012 3:30pm PST

Ubisoft talks about the lessons learned from Far Cry 2, and how they've taken those into consideration while making Far Cry 3.


Far Cry 3 cinematic trailer reveals September release

By Jeff Mattas, Feb 15, 2012 12:00pm PST

A new Far Cry 3 documentary-style cinematic trailer called 'Stranded' teases the game's tense, survival-action storyline and a September 7 release.


Most Anticipated of 2012: Alice's Picks

By Shack Staff, Dec 27, 2011 9:00am PST

The editorial team at Shacknews outlines their most anticipated games of 2012 individually. Next up we've got staff writer Alice O'Connor's list of 2012 titles.


Daily Filter: August 17, 2011

By Tyler J. Smith, Aug 17, 2011 6:45pm PDT

Strap yourself in! It's Gamescom 2011; we have a ton of new videos and screenshots for you to enjoy. Be warned, you might be here for longer than usual.


Far Cry 3 'alternate' E3 demo walkthrough

By Xav de Matos, Jul 08, 2011 4:00pm PDT

Ubisoft has released a new video for Far Cry 3, featuring an alternate route for the mission demoed at E3 2011.


Far Cry 3 demoed; coming 2012

By Xav de Matos, Jun 06, 2011 3:01pm PDT

Ubisoft has finally revealed Far Cry 3, after first making mention of the game back in 2008.


Far Cry 3 in 'Preliminary Stages,' Will Probably Stay in Africa

By Chris Faylor, Aug 27, 2008 7:45am PDT

With Ubisoft Montreal's open-world shooter Far Cry 2 due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall, narrative designer Patrick Redding has...


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