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Original Fallout free this weekend on GOG

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Original Fallout free this weekend on GOG

There has been a resurrection of classic RPGs lately, with Baldur's Gate, Wasteland and Shadowrun all in the news. If this nostalgia is making you hungry for more, GOG has a great deal for you this weekend.

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Fallout, Fallout 2 Soundtracks Remastered for Free

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Fallout and Fallout 2 composer Mark Morgan has released a remastered version of his soundtracks for the seminal RPGs, available free on FileShack or Aural Network.

The twenty-four tracks--sixteen from Fallout, plus the eight original tracks in Fallout 2--come in 320kbit MP3 format, remastered and mixed by Vladislav Isaev. Read more »

"Good soundtracks, but the stuff I can listen to again and again are the classic oldies songs by ..."
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Bethesda Sues Interplay over Fallout, MMO Rights

Fallout 3 developer and Fallout property owner Bethesda has filed a lawsuit against former owner Interplay to clarify that Interplay no longer holds any rights to the franchise.

Bethesda, which purchased the post-apocalyptic property from Interplay for $5.75 million, says Interplay never sought the necessary approval to re-release the original Fallout games at retail or via digital distribution, and no longer holds the Fallout MMO license. Read more »

"First let me start off by saying I love Bethesda's games at least the ones they actually ..."
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Interplay Games Hit Steam: Fallout, Sacrifice, Kingpin

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A number of older Interplay titles were added to the Steam store today, including the Black Isle classics Fallout and Fallout 2.

In addition to the Fallout collection--which packs in Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics for $20--Xatrix's shooter Kingpin and Shiny's RTS Sacrifice are also available, though the games are generally cheaper on GOG. Read more »

"Man, I like GoG a lot, but...STEAM. STEAM. The package on Steam is only $2 more expensive ..."
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Shack PSA: Savings on a Whole Bundle o' Fallout

Does the announcement of Fallout: New Vegas have you hankering for a visit to the old wastelands? Good Old Games has your back, offering 20% off a tasty Fallout bundle.

Your $14.37 gets you a shiny new download of PC role-playing classics Fallout and Fallout 2 by Black Isle Studios--from whose ashes rose New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment--plus Micro Forte's more strategy-oriented Fallout Tactics (PC).

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"Thanks to the recent Shack + GOG giveaway I am already the proud owner of Fallout 2! Tempted ..."
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Interview: Bethesda Talks 'Fallout: New Vegas,' Trademarks

Earlier today, Fallout 3 developer Bethesda Softworks announced "Fallout: New Vegas," a new title in the Fallout series of post-nuclear RPGs.

Not a true sequel to Fallout 3, New Vegas is instead a spin-off RPG in the same style under development at Obsidian Entertainment. Obsidian was founded by former members of Black Isle, the original developers of the Fallout franchise, making the project a unique partnership between Fallout veterans and the current series stewards. Read more »

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Bethesda Trademarks Fallout for TV and Movies

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Two trademarks filings spotted by Dwell On It show Bethesda Softworks has recently filed trademarks for Fallout covering use in television and movies, via Joystiq.

The trademarks, filed February 5 by the Fallout 3 developer and property owner, cover the Fallout name in relation to "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program" and "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world." Read more »

"For the Fallout movie I foresee a hot female protagonist who's been genetically altered into a ..."
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Fallout Co-creator Developing RPG for inXile

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Jason Anderson, one of the lead designers on the original Fallout, is developing a new RPG for developer inXile, according to a Gamasutra report.

Anderson had previously been working at Interplay on Project V13, rumored to be the company's Fallout-themed MMO.

"It was a very hard decision to leave Project V13," said Anderson to Gamasutra. "I loved the project, and we spent so much time on it, and it was not an easy decision to make. But in talking with Brian, it made it a lot easier. We really clicked, and saw eye to eye on what we wanted to see happen to RPGs." Read more »

"Oh Fargo, is there anything you won't do to relive the halcyon days of your... well, psudo-youth?"
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Shack PSA: Fallout Free on GameTap

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Just in time for the run-up to Bethesda's Fallout 3, GameTap has added both of Black Isle's original Fallout RPGs to its lineup. To celebrate, the company is offering the first Fallout in its free subscription rotation.

Hailed as one of the better PC games of all time, Fallout is a post-apocalyptic romp through a ruined American West, featuring a cast of memorable characters and an uncompromising tactical combat system. Read more »

"Hey i am a huge Fallout fan, anyone wanna gather around an old rusty oil drum and take turns ..."
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GOG to Sell Cheap Downloads of Classic PC Games; Offerings Lack DRM, Include Fallout Series

Black Isle Studios' post-apocalyptic RPGs Fallout and Fallout 2 will be among the many long-lost PC titles soon re-released by Good Old Games, a new online venture from The Witcher (PC) developer CD Projekt.

Located at GOG.com and slated to launch in September, the online store will sell DRM-free digital downloads of old-school PC games at $5.99 or $9.99 a pop. A closed public beta will go live on August 1, with the site currently accepting beta applications. Read more »

"Ahhh Redneck Rampage, had a good laugh when I saw that title pop up."
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