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PC, PS3, XB360 / RPG / Release: Oct 28, 2008 / ESRB: M


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Fallout 3 DLC Fixed Again, Re-re-released

Following complaints of freezing issues, Bethesda has once again re-released the latest batch of Fallout 3 DLC, "The Pitt," for those players using an Xbox 360.

"If you haven't experienced any issues with freezing, there's no need to re-download," reads Bethesda's blog. After its March 24 debut, the Xbox 360 release of the 800 MS Point ($10) add-on was pulled and re-released due to problems with a corrupt file. Read more »

"you guys are stuck in a room? heh.. hehehehe.... hhahahahahahahahaah!"
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Fallout 3 Developer 'Working on Lots of DLC'

In an apparently overlooked tidbit from a GDC panel earlier this week, Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo revealed that the team at Bethesda is hard at work on more downloadable content for the post-apocalyptic action-RPG.

"I can say we're working on lots of DLC," he said. "Really fun stuff. Future Fallout, lots of stuff brewing up here...what famous landmarks can we destroy next?" Read more »

"Downloadable content is bogus man. Fuck the console companies, that are making video games less ..."
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Fallout 3 Nets GDC Game of the Year Award

Following a tally of thousands of votes from various game developers and professionals, Bethesda's post-apocalyptic action-RPG Fallout 3 (PC, PS3, 360) was named Game of the Year at last night's Game Developers Choice Awards.

Bethesda's effort also came away with Best Writing award. Media Molecule's cutesy PlayStation 3 platformer was also heavily praised, coming away with four different awards for its Game Design, Technology, Innovation, and a Best Debut nod. Read more »

"I liked FO3, but the monochromatic environments really made playing for long periods of time ..."
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Fallout 3, Ico and No More Heroes Makers Talk Game Design, Regret and Cold Medicine Abuse

Today's Game Developers Conference panel on "Evolving Game Design: Today and Tomorrow, East and West Game Design" wasn't just the folks behind Fallout 3, No More Heroes, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus talking about poop and new projects.

Moderated by Mark MacDonald, the all-star panel saw Shadow of the Colossus/Ico creator Fumito Ueda (Team Ico), No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (Grasshopper Manufacture), and Fallout 3 developer Emil Pagliarulo (Bethesda) discuss storytelling, the way games change during development, and yes, cold medicine. Read more »

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Fixed Fallout 3 DLC Arrives on Xbox Live

After a corrupted file brought it down yesterday, Fallout 3's "The Pitt" add-on is once again available for purchase and download via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Developer Bethesda encourages anyone that downloaded yesterday's problematic release to delete that content and re-download the file, which is free of charge. Read more »

"So has there been any word on a package for all 3 DLC episodes when the 3rd one is done?"
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Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout 3, No More Heroes Developers Talk New Projects

During a joint panel at GDC 2009, the developers of Shadow of Colossus, Fallout 3 and No More Heroes all spoke of their new projects.

Mark MacDonald moderated the panel between Shadow of the Colossus/Ico creator Fumito Ueda, No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda, and Fallout 3 developer Emil Pagliarulo.

After opening up the panel for questions, Suda took the chance to ask one for the crowd: what games are Ueda and Pagliarulo working on next? Read more »

"Oh god I whatever Ueda is making will fucking rule I can not wait. That is the game that will ..."
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Fixed Fallout 3 DLC Should Hit Xbox 360 Tomorrow

It looks like the corrected version of the Fallout 3 "Pitt" downloadable add-on will arrive on Xbox 360 tomorrow, developer Bethesda has informed Shacknews.

"Finishing some tests but if all checks out we should have The Pitt back up and available by tomorrow afternoon," Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines told us.

Read more »

"A faulty version uploaded to the repository redux? Is this each particular developer or ..."
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Latest Fallout 3 DLC Full of Glitches and Floating Exclamation Marks, Developer Responds (Updated)

Update: Fallout 3 developer Bethesda has issued a statement on the reported issues.

"As of now it looks like the file for the English version on Xbox Live was somehow corrupted," marketing VP Pete Hines told Shacknews.

"We are continuing to look into the issues people are experiencing with The Pitt for Xbox 360," he added. "We are currently working with Microsoft to remove the existing file off of Live to prevent any further downloads. Our plan is to replace it with a new file as soon as possible." Read more »

"Maybe the xbox live servers have mirrors and some of them mirrored the file wrong? "
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Fallout 3 'The Pitt' DLC Released

Bethesda has released the second batch of downloadable content for Fallout 3, "The Pitt." The 800 Microsoft Point ($10) download is available on PC and Xbox 360.

As its name implies, The Pitt presents a post-apocalyptic version of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The content reportedly takes players through a linear quest structure similar to the first DLC release, Operation Anchorage. Read more »

"If I buy this here at work using GFWL can I download it here to an installer file and bring that ..."
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Fallout 3 'The Pitt' DLC Trailer Released

With a number of screenshots in the public realm, Fallout 3 developer Bethesda has taken things to the next level and released a trailer for its upcoming 'The Pitt' DLC.

Read more »

"I cant even finish the original. Does anybody else have the same problem of never having ammo? ..."
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More Fallout 3 'The Pitt' DLC Screenshots

Ready for some AutoAxe-slaughtering action? Developer Bethesda has just released a few more screenshots from its next batch of Fallout 3 downloadable content, The Pitt.

Priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10), The Pitt will enable PC and Xbox 360 players to explore the morally ambiguous slave trade within post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh. It's due out on March 24, and will also pack some new enemies that want to eat your face.

Read more »

"In all fairness, I cannot stand Steam. It's a bandwith grabbing pile of crap. I'm not happy ..."
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Fallout 3's 'The Pitt' DLC Due March 24

Bethesda's next batch of downloadable content for the PC and Xbox 360 editions of Fallout 3 will arrive on March 24, the developer has informed Eurogamer. In commemoration of the announcement, several new screenshots were released.

Priced at 800 Microsoft Points ($10), the download, dubbed The Pitt, will allow players to explore post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, face some moral quandries regarding slaves and Raiders, and wield a kick ass serrated rotary blade known as the AutoAxe. Read more »

"Man I love the look of the new enemies.. seriously that is creepy and original..almost like a ..."
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Screenshots of Fallout 3's The Pitt DLC

Developer Bethesda has just revealed the first three screenshots from its second downloadable Fallout 3 expansion, The Pitt. Allowing PC and Xbox 360 owners to explore post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, the premium-priced download hits in March.

In addition, a summary of the expansion's story and new details were provided: Read more »

"Hey Shack, hope you guys like this one. I did tons of the art on this one."
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Fallout 3 DLC Delayed

Bethesda's next two downloadable PC and Xbox 360 expansions for Fallout 3, previously expected to arrive in February and March, have been delayed by a month.

"The next DLC for Fallout 3, The Pitt, will be out in March," Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines told GameSpot. "Broken Steel will be out the following month, in April." Read more »

"I want a DLC that allows me to kill the kids in the game, especially those obnoxious snots in ..."
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Fallout 3 'Operation Anchorage' DLC Released

The first DLC pack for Bethesda's Fallout 3, "Operation Anchorage," has been released.

The content includes a virtual reality simulation of the infamous liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from Fallout lore. Stealth gameplay has been emphasized in the new missions, with a "Covert Ops" perk joining the addition of various weapons, armor and achievements.

Read more »

"GFWL is awesome, they only thing you have to do is pay 12Euro for a 10Dollar advertised game, ..."
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