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XB360 / RPG / Release: Oct 21, 2008 / ESRB: M


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Fable 2 Co-op Patch Arrives on Release Day

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Lionhead's 360-exclusive RPG sequel Fable II may have gone gold without online co-op in the box, but gamers should fret not: the studio made good on their goal to get cooperative play into a patch to be made available with the game's October 21 release.

In the words of a post on the Fable II Dev Blog: Read more »

"Where are all the fucking naysayers now with all their "FUCK PETER MOLYNEUX HE PROMISED ME ..."
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Fable 2 TGS 08 Screenshots

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In stores October 21st, here are a few more screenshots from Lionhead's Xbox 360 RPG sequel Fable 2.

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Fable 2 Collector's Edition Loses Goodies, Gets Lower Price

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Microsoft has revealed that Collector's Edition of Lionhead's action-RPG Fable II won't be as expensive or full-featured as was once announced. Due to supply chain issues, the premium box, five printed fate cards, and Hobbe action figure have been axed.

To console would-be purchasers, the price of the Fable II Limited Collector's Edition has been reduced by $10, and will only sell for $69.99 instead of $79.99 when it hits Xbox 360 alongside the $60 standard edition on October 21. Read more »

"Hey look its already living up to the hype like the first one did. Great start and its not even ..."
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Fable 2 Not Entirely Done: Online Co-op in Patch

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Even though Fable 2 has gone gold, development is not entirely complete according to Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog.Though singleplayer and local co-operative play will work fine out of the box, online co-op is still being worked on.

The blog post mentions that developer Lionhead Studios is shooting for a title update to be released within a week of launch. Until the patch hits, "as you are playing through the game, you will still be able to see your friends as glowing orbs as well as chat and trade with them." Read more »

"what about the people w/o an internet connection. How will those unlucky bastards get this patch? ;)"
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Fable 2 Gone Gold

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Lionhead's Fable II is done and off to production, according to a quote from director Peter Molyneux on Videogamer.com.

Despite reports in July to the same effect, Molyneux is quoted today saying, "It is [done] as of 7pm last night." He continued, "We are now officially gold. It's released to manufacturing. Fable is absolutely finished and done and dusted." Read more »

"Currently playing through Fable TLC for the first time on the PC, and it really is a solid ..."
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Peter Molyneux Interview: Fable 2, the Future of Lionhead, and the Casual Gaming Conundrum

After sitting down to play a few hours of Lionhead's Fable sequel, I had the chance to catch up with series creator Peter Molyneux.

Sitting in perfectly angled leather chairs, legs folded comfortably, we discussed the pacing and production of Fable II, what Lionhead is up to next, and whether he believes video games will ever reach a truly wide audience.

Peter Molyneux: Have you been enjoying the game? Well, you probably haven't gotten that far yet, have you? Read more »

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New Fable 2 Screenshots and Brief Impressions

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The soothing British voice floating in over my shoulder scared me out of my mind.

"Oh, you missed such an opportunity there."

I had been playing Fable II for hours, headphones clamped around my skull like horse blinders. How long had he been watching? Had he always been there, on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, trying to guide me? Read more »

"As long they just fixed that retarded good/evil mechanism it's already halfway better then the ..."
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Fable 2 Screenshots: Scary Monsters, Super Creeps

Related Topics – Fable 2, xbox 360, screenshots

With Lionhead's ambitious action-RPG Fable 2 (360) nearing completion and its October 21 release, publisher Microsoft has released new screenshots of scary monsters that are almost guaranteed to keep you running--running scared.

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"I have a very good feeling about this one. I think he's going to pull it off this time and ..."
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Fable 2 Arrives October 21

Related Topics – Fable 2, xbox 360

Weeks after Microsoft promised a vague October date, the publisher today announced that Lionhead's open-world action-RPG Fable 2 (360) will hit North American retailers on October 21, followed by a European release on October 24.

In addition to a new adventure, the sequel packs both local and online cooperative play, though director Peter Molyneux has warned that players should only bring trustworthy friends into their game as they can permanently affect the world with their actions. Read more »

"I'm pretty sure what I'll get from this game, but I cannot resist. I always let that man break ..."
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Lionhead Planning Three More Fable Sequels

Related Topics – Fable 2, xbox 360

With Fable 2 (360) essentially complete and bound for release this fall, Lionhead lead designer Peter Molyneux has revealed that the company has three more titles in the works for the action-RPG series.

"We've got plans for Fable 3, 4, and 5," Molyneux informed GameTrailers. "It's a big story arc, and you can see—if you play Fable 2, you can recognize things from Fable 1, so that's pretty exciting." Read more »

""We're planning Fables 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, skipping 7, brainstorming about 8, outsourcing concept art ..."
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Fable 2 Preview: Condoms, Combat, Domestic Abuse

As I approach one of the many random houses that litter the Fable 2 countryside, I notice the front door is glowing red. So I do what any normal person would do when faced with a glowing red object: I smash it to bits with my sword.

Either it was possessed, in which case I just did the homeowner a giant favor, or the red glow simply indicated it could be destroyed, in which case that person is now aware their cheap door was a security risk. Regardless, I deserve some sort of compensation for my public service, so I poke around inside. Read more »

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Microsoft E3 Screenshots: Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Lips, New Dashboard, More

In accordance with today's outpouring of announcements, demonstrations and big reveals at Microsoft's E3 press conference, the company has released several new screenshots of the titles included in today's presentation.

Gears of War 2

Read more »

"They should give you the "CHOICE" to have the Xbox Wii60 Dashboard and the Current 360 Dashboard."
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Fable 2 Hits in October, Online Co-op Confirmed

Related Topics – Fable 2, xbox 360, E3 2008

At Microsoft's E3 press briefing, acclaimed game designed Peter Molyneux today confirmed that Lionhead's Xbox 360 action-RPG Fable 2 is now complete.

A release date is expected to be announced in just a few moments.

Molyneux also confirmed that the title will feature online cooperative multiplayer over Xbox Live "at any point during the story." Read more »

"So the PC version will surface October '09 then? Please do not force me to give up, getting a ..."
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Fable 2's XBLA Pub Games Debut in August; Collector's Edition Unveiled, Packs Exclusive DLC

Lionhead Studios' downloadable compilation of gambling mini-games from its upcoming RPG Fable II (360) will arrive in August, publisher Microsoft has announced.

Allowing users to transfer earned money into the retail edition of Fable II, the release sports three mini-games: "a combination of Craps and Roulette" known as Keystone, the luck-based Fortune's Tower, and the slot machine-esque Spinnerbox. Read more »

"So I'm somewhat new to the 360. Can you pre-order this online, and get the DLC, and have the ..."
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Fable 2 Developer Diary: Gender Swapping

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The Fable 2 developer diaries have taken a turn for the weird.

After beginning each of the previous segments with a question that loosely pertained to Lionhead's sequel, the Fable 2 team was met with a real curveball in this sixth video: "What would you do if you were a woman for a day?"

Also included in the lengthy video are some comments on the game itself, as well as a brief glimpse of Sir Molyneux's scribbles--one of which indicates a likely release window of October for the Xbox 360 exclusive. Read more »

"This will be my game of the year if it delivers, but i just hope they havent tried too hard to ..."
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