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EVE Online Retail Box Includes 60 Days of Game Time

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Developer CCP has revealed the contents of the upcoming EVE Online (PC) retail release, set for launch on March 10.

The box will conveniently include all ten of the free expansions to the spaceship MMO, including the major upcoming update "Apocrypha."

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"This is actually the next step for mmo's trying to carve a successful peice of the market off ..."
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Breaking: EVE Online Goonfleet Espionage Leads to Largest Corporation Takeover in History

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In what may be the most significant case of in-game espionage in history, one of the largest guild of players in CCP's spaceship MMO EVE Online, Band of Brothers (BoB), was entirely disbanded today when a BoB director defected to the SomethingAwful-derived Goonfleet.

In a story that only EVE Online could spawn, Goonfleet Intelligence Agency (GSA) leader The Mittani and his league of spies managed to "encourage" a Band of Brothers director to turn coat, transferring trillions of BoB's in-game ISK currency to the Goons before nullifying BoB's control over all of its territory. Read more »

"it was the corp igneus auctorita that brought the BoB director over (haargoth). not goonfleet. ..."
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Free EVE Online: Apocrypha Expansion Announced

Related Topics – EVE Online, PC

Developer CCP today announced that its spaceship MMO EVE Online is receiving another major free update on March 10.

Titled Apocrypha, the expansion will bring "unpredictable" wormholes to the game, connecting new regions of the universe to the existing space of New Eden.

The expansion will also introduce modular Tech 3 ships and Epic Mission Arcs--lengthy, branching quests for deep-space explorers to complete. Read more »

"The problem with Eve is that it is less of a game and more of a way of life. If I had the time ..."
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EVE Online Records 45,000 Simultaneous Players

Related Topics – EVE Online, PC

Developer CCP today announced that its spaceship MMO EVE Online recently reached a peak of 45,000 concurrent players.

The impressive number tops the previous record of 35,000 simultaneous users. Read more »

"I love the idea of EVE online, with the trading and the corporations, but I really didn't like ..."
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Economy Might Force EVE Online Dev. Out of Iceland

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Ever-worsening economic conditions may force EVE Online and World of Darkness MMO developer CCP to relocate its main operations outside of Iceland.

"The present currency restrictions are putting us in a straitjacket," CCP's Eyjolfur Gudmundsson told The Guardian. "We are in talks with the government, but if we can't let capital in, we might be compelled to leave Iceland, even though this would be against our wishes." Read more »

"no doubt their tax rate is probably up around 80%-90% ......."
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CCP Teases Possible EVE Online Console FPS, Announces EVE Retail Release

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Developer CCP today announced that publisher Atari will distribute CCP's spaceship MMO EVE online in retail outlets across North America, Europe and Asia.

The boxed version of EVE will hit stores for in March 2009.

CCP also teased some new footage of an unannounced game at its fan fest this weekend. The footage showed a "Halo-like shooter" with an EVE-like art style, according to Eurogamer. Read more »

"FPS mining simulator! Fix EVE first by removing mining and making the learning curve a bit ..."
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EVE Online: Quantum Rise Expansion Hits Nov. 11

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The second phase of the free Quantum Rise expansion pack will hit EVE Online on November 11, developer CCP announced today.

Certain portions of the expansion, such as StacklessIO and EVE64 optimizations, have already hit the space-faring PC MMO, enabling over 1,000 players to battle in the same system without experiencing significant lag.

Come November 11, players will find the following among EVE's new features: Read more »

"Supposing you get suicide ganked and lose your game time card that you PAID for? That's ..."
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EVE Online Source Code Reportedly Stolen; Developer Claims Subscriber Information Is Safe

Related Topics – EVE Online, PC

The reported decompiling of the source code for spaceship MMO EVE Online (PC) will have no effect whatsoever on the game's subscribers, according to developer CCP.

A file purported to contain the game's source code began appearing on torrent sites earlier this week, with popular tech website Slashdot calling attention to the reports. Read more »

"Ship Computer: Warp drive active....... EVE Online source code stolen. Pilot: Errr..... What? ..."
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EVE Online Hits Steam with 21-day Trial

Related Topics – EVE Online, Steam, Valve, MMO

CCP's MMO in space, EVE Online, was announced today as the first massively multiplayer game to be available on Valve's Steam downloadable service. It will be promoted with a 21-day trial for "all Steam gamers." Shacknews confirmed with CCP that the promotion applies only to new EVE subscribers.

New players will receive a $5 discount for the first month. Like many MMOs, EVE subscriptions run $14.99/month, with discounts when purchasing multiple months. Pricing information for the purchase of the game itself is not yet available on Steam, but CCP sells it online for $19.99, which is likely to be the price point used. Read more »

"Contact me if you need extended 21-day trial invitation. My icq: 576251815, skype:sspirrit, ..."
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EVE Online: Trinity Expansion Hits Dec. 5

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The latest expansion pack for CCP's space-based MMO EVE Online (PC) will arrive as a free download for subscribers next Wednesday, December 5.

Known as Trinity, the expansion packs a number of graphical enhancements, such as normal and specular mapping for all of the game's spaceships and shader 3.0 support. For a closer look at Trinity, check out the teaser trailer, which can also be viewed below. Read more »

"I really tried to get into this game a few months back but it is just SOOO overwhelming and ..."
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EVE Online Hits Mac and Linux Tomorrow; Next Expansion in December, Human Avatars in 2008

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The online and event-filled universe of EVE Online will expand to include Mac and Linux players tomorrow, November 5. Support for both platforms are part of the Revelations 2.3 patch, which contains several bug fixes and optimizations. In anticipation of the update, developer CCP has provided a full list of the changes, as well as Mac and Linux system requirements. The expanded userbase of Mac and Linux users marks the latest in CCP's efforts to increase subscriber numbers. "The population of Iceland is 300,000," communications director Valerie Massey told Shacknews earlier this year. "We have about 200,000 EVE players. So our goal is to get [beyond that]." This all leads up to the Trinity expansion, which is slated for an early December launch according to GamesIndustry.biz. Along with new content, Trinity packs a number of graphical enhancements, such as normal and specular mapping for all of the game's spaceships, though it will not feature Direct X10 support. The next substantial update to the game, referred to as The Ambulation Project, will introduce human avatars to the game and is hoped to increase the number of female EVE players. Targeted for a 2008 launch, the possibilities of player-maintained bars and clothing shops will add yet another layer to the game's vast economy. CCP is also in the process of constructing a new server designed to eliminate lag. Once complete, the installation will rank among Europe's most powerful supercomputers.

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"After the BoB scandals broke, and the impact it had on 0.0 space and alliances fighting BoB, I ..."
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EVE Online Capital Ship Change Prompts Community Revolt

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Because EVE Online skill training is a constant for all players, it can take nearly a year's worth of dedication in order to fly one of the game's massive capital ships, on top of the exorbitant monetary cost. This would explain why the EVE community has been in a full revolt over the past two days, following an announcement by developers CCP that detailed proposed changes to the game--changes which would significantly weaken the power of both Motherships and Carriers "What we want is pretty basic: We want to make fighter wielding capital ships more reliant on their support fleet and less of a direct über deathbringer," wrote newly-instated game designer Zulupark. "We feel that capital ships are being used way too much as better-than-battleships-at-killing-stuff ships, when we in fact think that they should be used more as the-ships-that-keep-other-ships-alive and provide-them-with-additional-firepower ships." Dealing with a game that takes months to get into, and years to master, any far-reaching changes instantly become sensitive issues. Sensing imminent backlash, Zulupark stressed that the drastic proposal was only that, and requested feedback from the community. What he received was overwhelming. In a 90-page forum thread--still growing at a rapid pace--reactions have ranged from cautiously optimistic, to calling for the developer's head. "This is a great change," wrote Popperr of Goonswarm. "While this change has a well-found base logic, this is not the way to apply a fix," wrote Akira Miyamoto. "With this change, a carrier has no way in hell to even minimally defend itself." Others were not as kind, or as coherent. "So for **** sick, first u telling that now we r the solopwn mobiles, after u saying wtf where my support was cuz i can't do solo atm , and triage mode, ROFL--buy a book CArrier--book for dummies--i can't move, can't deploy the fighters, so u don't know how the carrier works, so stfu pliz. U just ****** up urself dude," wrote a cogent Inturist. "CCP you are a bunch of lying scumbags. Take a long walk off a short pier," said Druadan. "Accounts cancelled. Hellgate: London, here I come." Dozens of players have pledged to cancel their accounts over the controversy. CCP developers have apparently made no final decision one way or the other, but the changes were already implemented on the EVE test server as of today.

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"I always believed fighters should've never been in the game in the first place."
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EVE Online Database Security Breach Leads to Downtime of Game, Website

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The game servers and website of the popular spaceship MMO EVE Online underwent a surprising shutdown on Friday, after a database security breach caused developers CCP to pull the plug. "At 10:25 GMT today we discovered an anomaly in the EVE Online Database indicating a potential exploit," said CCP chief of operations Jón Hörðdal following the restoration of the company's website. "What we discovered was an indication that one of our databases was being accessed through a security breach." Because the EVE website and game servers are tied together, both were brought down during the length of the emergency maintenance. "Our policy in such cases is to mobilize a taskforce of internal and external experts to evaluate the situation," continued Hörðdal. "At 12:57 that group concluded that our best course of action was to go completely dark while an exhaustive scan of our entire infrastructure was executed." Early rumors circulating amongst EVE player forums indicated that a CCP database administrator had at some point fallen victim to a keylogger, a computer program which captures a user's keystrokes. CCP representatives have since denied the rumors, claiming the information had originated from someone attempting to impersonate a CCP employee. While some users feared the investigation might eventually lead to a rolling back of the game server, effectively erasing player progress made after the introduction of the exploit, Horodal stated that the database breaches benefited only the hacker. Game service has since been restored, with no noticeable changes. "Our taskforce quickly found the security breach and prevented that from being used," added Hörðdal. "We can also confirm that no personal details such as users’ credentials or credit card numbers were exposed through this incident."

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"Haha I love how the guy is super hard core, "Yeah we mobilized our taskforce, at 12:57 we had to ..."
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CCP Offers New World of Darkness, EVE Online Details

During a tour of White Wolf Publishing and CCP's new Atlanta office, CCP North America president Mike Tinney revealed several new details on both the World of Darkness MMO currently under development and the future of EVE Online. World of Darkness"[World of Darkness] is in a prototype stage right now. There's a lot of experimentation, nothing is set in stone. It's a very open and active exchange of ideas," Tinney explained. "This project is being co-developed between both the Iceland and the Atlanta offices, with some outsourcing assets being coordinated by our Shanghai office as well." Tinney noted that the Atlanta office will focus on developing the content for the game, while the Iceland office will be responsible for the technology behind the game, which is based on the EVE Online infrastructure, and also discussed how the company plans to keep development on-track for the ambitious project. "Everybody [on the World of Darkness in Atlanta] is grouped into teams of four, cross-discipline teams between designers, artists, programmers, quality assurance testers," he explained. Development Setup"That group is responsible for developing a fixed aspect of the game on a two to four week development cycle that is then turned in, reviewed [and] brought back out again and refined on a later development cycle," Tinney continued. "It's done that way to keep a two to four year project fresh, full of energy, full of small deliverables so that the team stays energized and focused on the task at hand, not caught up in the greater scheme of the project as a whole. "It's one of the first multi-office projects of this nature," he added," and it's a very ambitious goal of ours to develop an MMO with content coming from multiple offices, but that is the way of the future and the direction that everything is going. We're innovating and learning as we go along." Concept ArtThe first floor of the two-story building, which was filled with inspirational printoffs such as "We will crush the critics and make them look like fools" and amusing pictures of cats, also contained a board filled with concept art for World of Darkness. The art depicted multiple vampire- and werewolf-esque player avatars along with rough landscapes of towns and a curious picture of Justin Timberlake. "I'm bringing darkness back," laughed CCP communications director Valerie Massey. Currently, the World of Darkness team occupies about one-third of the space on the office's left side, the rest of the area being empty space. "We have an aggressive growth schedule ahead of us," said Tinney, who hopes to fill the rest of the room with staff across the next six months and expand into the adjoining room, which is located next to the building's racquetball court, as development continues. EVE Online SupportWith the second floor containing the whole of White Wolf Publishing's board, RPG, and card game branches as well as marketing, the other side of the office's first floor houses CCP North America's EVE Online division. This portion of the company is slated to provide additional and more time zone-friendly customer support for EVE and help with content creation. "Of course, eventually Iceland will fall beneath the waves, so there will be something left of CCP to carry on," Tinney joked. As for the future of EVE Online, I spoke with a CCP employee who noted that the company has put DirectX 10 support on the backburner in order to focus on optimized DirectX 9 support and the forthcoming upgrade that will add normal mapping and specular mapping to the game, among other graphical features. He also pointed out that that the different focuses of the economy-driven EVE Online and the action-based World of Darkness should allow the games to co-exist without cannibalizing the sales of one another.

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EVE Online Q&A

Related Topics – EVE Online

Over at WarCry you can find an EVE Online Q&A conducted during PAX 07. Designer Noah Ward is asked about Revelations 3 and more.

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