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PC, XB360, PS3 / Action / Release: Nov 30, 1999 / ESRB: RP


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New Doom beta only coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC

New Doom beta only coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC

A beta for the game formerly known as Doom 4 is included with pre-orders of Wolfenstein: The New Order. And while MachineGames' shooter is cross-gen, the Doom beta will not. Bethesda has confirmed that the beta will only be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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New Doom beta access included with Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-orders

New Doom beta access included with Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-orders

As fun as Wolfenstein: The New Order looks, the id Software series we're most keen to hear more of is Doom. The vagueness continues. Publisher Bethesda today announced that The New Order will launch on May 20, and pre-ordering will get you access to a beta for "Doom." Which Doom? Doom 4? And what's the beta? Oh, don't worry your pretty little head with all that.

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id: New technology making it harder to create mod tools

id: New technology making it harder to create mod tools

While id software has always been a forerunner in advanced technology and engine development, it is that very technology that is making it harder for the developer to continue to pursue the creation of mod tools and easily moddable games, id studio director Tim Willits said.

The tools for Rage were were released earlier this year, more than a year after the game came out. Willits told Shacknews that the reason was that trying to get a tool kit to the point where it can run on only one machine is a huge undertaking.

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Doom 4's 'identity crisis' cause for delay

Doom 4's 'identity crisis' cause for delay

id Software started on Doom 4 a long, long time ago. But it was deemed unexciting and the studio decided to start over from scratch.

So what was so wrong with Doom 4 that it had to go back to the drawing board? Studio director Tim Willits says it wasn't just a matter of a single, easily fixable problem. "Every game has a soul. Every game has a spirit. When you played Rage, you got the spirit. And [Doom] did not have the spirit, it did not have the soul, it didn't have a personality," he said. "It had a bit of schizophrenia, a little bit of an identity crisis."

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Doom 4 was not 'exciting' enough, sent back to the drawing board

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Doom 4 was not 'exciting' enough, sent back to the drawing board

Hey, remember Doom 4? It was announced nearly five years ago, so we thought maybe Bethesda and id Software had forgotten about it. But apparently, no. It's been quite troubled--something that Bethesda VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines admitted.

"An earlier version of Doom 4 did not exhibit the quality and excitement that id and Bethesda intend to deliver and that Doom fans worldwide expect," Hines said. "As a result, id refocused its efforts on a new version of Doom 4 that promises to meet the very high expectations everyone has for this game and this franchise. When we’re ready to talk about the Doom 4 id is making, we will let folks know."

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QuakeCon keynote tidbits: Doom 4 in 'Bethesda mode'

QuakeCon keynote tidbits: Doom 4 in 'Bethesda mode'

John Carmack's keynote is always one of the highlights at QuakeCon. While much of what he says goes above and beyond the comprehension of the average Joe, this year's three-plus hour presentation by the id Software guru offered some interesting tidbits beyond his apology for the state of Rage for the PC at release, and his disinterest in the Windows 8 OS. Perhaps the most interesting revelation was the odd status of Doom 4.

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Carmack explains decision not to license id Tech 5

Carmack explains decision not to license id Tech 5

Programmer John Carmack has become a public face of id Software, but he's still a programmer at heart. The legendary developer recently spoke out on a wide variety of topics, from the decision not to license id Tech 5 to his new-found coding freedom at the company.

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No Doom 4 at QuakeCon 2010

Those of you hoping for details on id Software's Doom 4 project from this year's QuakeCon 2010, myself included, are going to be waiting a bit longer. Unfortunately, Doom 4 will not be shown at this year's event even though the company promised to show off the game last year.

The bad news came as Todd Hollenshead welcomed everybody to the event prior to John Carmack's keynote address. Hollenshead quickly apologized, explaining that the company wants to put more work into the Doom 4 project before it is revealed. Read more »

""No Doom 4 at QuakeCon 2010". Awww, don't let me down, id software. You promised it last year. =("
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Interview: id's CEO Talks Rage, Doom 4, Quake Live Subscriptions and Mysterious Women

All things considered, the interview was progressing normally. id CEO Todd Hollenshead and I were sitting across from each other in the QuakeCon Press Lounge. I had just asked when id's next game, Rage, was coming out. I didn't expect a straight answer.

Nor did I get one, but that's beyond the point. Because, as Todd was explaining why id is so reluctant to provide a date--"we don't work to a time, we work to a quality level"--fate intervened in the form of an extremely inquisitive mystery woman. She wanted to know what kind of press would cover video games. And if we were from Game Informer. Read more »

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id Promises Doom 4 News at QuakeCon 2010

Related Topics – Doom 4, QuakeCon 2009

Those hoping id Software would today reveal more information about the next Doom entry are bound to be disappointed, as CEO Todd Hollenshead used this year's QuakeCon press conference to promise more details at next year's event.

"When we show it to you, you're gonna love it," he promised the clamoring crowd.

Studio technical director John Carmack later added that the project represents "the most tightly managed approach" that the company has ever used, as, thanks to continuing work on the id Tech 5 engine and Rage, some of the development tools and technology for Doom 4 already exist and will not need to be crafted in tandem with the game.

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"I first played Doom 3 when I was 15..and it was pretty awesome and scary. I recently started it ..."
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Rage Details: Regenerating Health, Designed for Controllers, Car Upgrades, DVD vs. Blu-ray

New details on id Software's open-world shooter-cum-racer Rage has surfaced via this month's issue of Game Informer, painting a picture unlike any previous id game.

A whole host of details are revealed in the article, including the following features: Read more »

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id's John Carmack Explains ZeniMax Acquisition, Discusses Future Plans

Following the surprising news that Bethesda parent company ZeniMax had acquired legendary developer id, the studio has issued a lengthy statement explaining the reasons behind the acquisition and shed some light on its plans for growth.

"We will add a third major development team," id co-founder John Carmack told VentureBeat, noting that the Doom and Rage developer "already had a plan in place." Read more »

"haven't bothered reading much on this but if id had to be acquired by anyone, I am glad it's ..."
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id Teases Doom 4 Details and E3 Announcements; Views Itself as Multiplatform, Not PC First, Studio

Doom and Quake creator id Software expects to reveal some unannounced "new stuff" at E3 this June, CEO Todd Hollenshead revealed in an interview with GameSpot.

"I'll leave that as a tease," said Hollenshead when pressed for more details. Currently, the studio has three announced major projects: Wolfenstein, co-developed with Raven and due out this summer, Rage, which definitely won't arrive this year, and Doom 4. Additionally, id is continuing work on the free-to-play Quake Live, currently in open beta. Read more »

"I'm a PC gamer only [don't have any next gen consoles and not planning on getting one!] i LOVED ..."
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Doom 4 Story Writer Revealed

Related Topics – Doom 4, xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Fantasy author Graham Joyce has revealed his involvement with id's upcoming Doom 4.

"I'll also be working on the computer game Doom 4 for ID Software," reads the latest update to Joyce's site, apparently posted January 6, 2009. "I've been playing Doom for some years."

The writer of such novels as "How to Make Friends with Demons" and "The Tooth Fairy: A Novel" then confirmed the news with CVG, merely noting that "that ID have hired me to help develop the storyline potential" while offering no additional details. Read more »

"im hyped all again for this game, reminds me of the old days of doom3 when the community would ..."
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id: PC 'Worth Supporting' But 'More of A Junior Partner'

Steadily decreasing PC software figures have prompted acclaimed Doom and Quake creator id Software to focus more on consoles than PCs for the future, id president John Carmack has revealed.

"It's hard to second guess exactly what the reasons are. You can say piracy. You can say user migration," Carmack told Tom's Games at this year's QuakeCon. "But the ground truth is just that the sales numbers on the PC are not what they used to be and are not what they are on the consoles." Read more »

"Carmack hasn't been at the forefront of PC gaming since iD released Doom 3. One could also say ..."
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