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Doom 3: BFG Edition source code released

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 27, 2012 9:00am PST

As it does so very kindly like to do, id Software has released another dollop of engine source code. This latest is somewhat less exciting than many, simply offering the updated Doom 3 source from the BFG Edition but hey, now the folks at home can make the best and shiniest ...


Doom 3 remastered with BFG Edition for PC, Xbox 360, PS3

By Alice O'Connor, May 30, 2012 7:30am PDT

Doom 3 is being remastered for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the BFG Edition, announced today. It packs a jazzed-up Doom 3, its expansion, a new seven-level mission, the first two Doom games, and changes including... an armour-mounted flashlight!


Doom 3 engine goes open-source

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 23, 2011 6:30am PST

id Software has now released the engine source code for Doom 3 under a GPL3 license, letting all and sundry get their hands dirty and bend it to their will. Let the coding commence!


Doom 3 open-sourcing held up while Carmack writes new code

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 17, 2011 6:30am PST

Chief id Software technomancer John Carmack is now writing new Doom 3 code to dodge legal issues surrounding the rendering technique which gave Doom 3 its lovely shadows, so the engine can be open-sourced.


Doom 3 source code will be released after Rage

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 05, 2011 6:00am PDT

id Software's plans to release the Doom 3 source code after Rage launches are still on, and now have the approval of parent company ZeniMax, id's technical wizard John Carmack revealed at QuakeCon.


Hexen Mod 'Edge of Chaos' Released for Doom 3

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 11, 2010 11:30am PST

Hexen fans who've been waiting faithfully for a new installment in Raven's fantasy shooter series have had their wish granted in a way by the Doom...


"about 5 minutes in there are these little demons and i keep dieing to them, my stupid mace ..."

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Thief-inspired Doom 3 Mod 'The Dark Mod' Released

By Alice O'Connor, Oct 19, 2009 10:15am PDT

The Dark Mod, a much-anticipated Doom 3 mod heavily inspired by Looking Glass Studios' seminal Thief first-person stealth series, has finally made...


"Thief was one of the greatest games ever created despite its flaws."

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DOOM 3 1.3.1 Patch Released

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 02, 2007 4:12pm PST

id Software has released a DOOM 3 1.3.1 patch, offering various fixes and improvements including improved Vista compatibility. Mac OS X and Linux...


"Does this patch add in the dual core support they added in the Quake 4 engine?"

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DOOM Movie Full Trailer

By Steve Gibson, Aug 24, 2005 9:59pm PDT

Well, I think many of us can recall the years and years that have gone by where the topic of the DOOM movie has come up and gone away countless...


"This might come pretty close to how "good" stealth was lol. The computer saying reload is so ..."

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Report from the DOOM Movie Set

By Alec Matias, Jun 01, 2005 12:38pm PDT

Although the movie adaptation of DOOM has already finished shooting, Dark Horizons is just now talking about their visit to the set which was...


"Anybody know why they dropped the demons for...um, whatever it is they're using again. I mean ..."

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DOOM 3 1.3 Patch

By Maarten Goldstein, May 24, 2005 3:14pm PDT

id Software has released a new patch for DOOM 3, updating the Windows and Linux builds of the game to v1.3. The new update adds support for...


"The patch that came out with roe removed cd checking. Could some one post the changelog would ..."

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Resurrection of Evil Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 31, 2005 4:07am PST

Game Informer has the latest id Software Q&A, talking DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil and DOOM 3 Xbox with Tim Willits, Matt Hooper and Brandon James....


"Xpansion is out already, got it yesterday and posted some shots on last nights threads. ..."

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DOOM Movie News

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 05, 2005 5:14am PST

AICN points the way to this online journal by Doug Jones, the actor playing various Imps in the upcoming DOOM movie. Jones previously played Abe...


"After this, I can't wait for the HL2 and Farcry movies. Damn these game movies just can't avoid ..."

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DOOM 3 Expansion Q&A

By Maarten Goldstein, Mar 02, 2005 3:10am PST

IGN has Resurrection of Evil Q&A, asking id Software's Matt Hooper some more about this upcoming DOOM 3 expansion pack. It is currently scheduled...


"Gaming has hit an all time low (rather the internet has) when people argue over "steeling shit" ..."

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DOOM 3 Expansion Previews, Media

By Maarten Goldstein, Feb 25, 2005 5:21am PST

Over at Action trip you can find a preview of DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, offering hands-on singleplayer and multiplayer impressions. GameSpy...


" I really liked DOOM 3's single player experience. Especially the atmosphere. The first game to ..."

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