Defense Grid: The Awakening

PC, XB360, MAC / Strategy / Release: Dec 8, 2008 / ESRB: E10+


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Xbox Games with Gold continues with Defense Grid

Xbox Games with Gold continues with Defense Grid

Like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold now offers subscribers free games. Last month, gamers were able to get Fable 3 gratis. What's on tap for this month?

While Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 were originally promised, it appears Microsoft has pivoted a bit with today's release. According to Major Nelson, today's free game is Defense Grid: The Awakening. Normally 800 Microsoft Points ($10), the game will be free until July 15th.

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Defense Grid 2 secures funding

Defense Grid 2 secures funding

Development on a sequel to splendid tower defense Defense Grid: The Awakening will indeed go ahead, Hidden Path Entertainment has announced. The developer tried to crowdfund Defense Grid 2 last summer and fell short, but has now landed an investor to shake out their pockets in its eager hands.

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Defense Grid: Containment DLC released

Defense Grid: Containment DLC released

Defense Grid: The Awakening developer Hidden Path may have fell short of its Kickstarter dream of funding a sequel to the tower defense, but it did raise enough money to make new DLC. That expansion, Containment, is out now on PC for $4.99, bringing eight new maps with a new story, including voicework from Firefly’s Alan Tudyk.

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Indie Royale launches 'April Fools' bundle

Indie Royale launches 'April Fools' bundle

The Indie Royale just keeps on rolling, and now an "April Fools" bundle has launched. As usual, it packs five indie gems together on the cheap, with a musical bonus for paying a little more than the minimum. Of course, given that it's themed after a holiday of deceit, you might open up your bundle only to get a pie in the face.

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Defense Grid getting GLaDOS-infused DLC December 7

Defense Grid getting GLaDOS-infused DLC December 7

Defense Grid: The Awakening is getting its first story expansion next week, December 7. Titled "Defense Grid: You Monster," the downloadable content will feature GLaDOS from the Portal series. It will cost $4.99 on Steam or 400 MSP on Xbox 360, and requires the original game to play.

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Valve hides ARG in Potato Sack sale

Valve hides ARG in Potato Sack sale

Always the kidder, Valve launched a Potato Sack bundle on April Fool's Day, offering 13 indie games for 75% off. It didn't take long for fans to notice potato-themed easter eggs hidden in various games in the bundle, and they've been collected and detailed on the Valve ARG (Alternate Reality Game) Wiki.

Several components of the ARG have been discovered so far, but they don't seem to add up to a complete picture quite yet. Among the discoveries, we've seen a hidden adventure game and QR code in Defense Grid, hidden Razor peripherals messages in Kick It, a puzzle message in The Ball, and a hidden Aperture Science logo on the bit.trip Web site. Read more »

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Morning Discussion

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Defense Grid's 99¢ two-map DLC packs are just the sort of downloadable content I like to see. I picked up the first pack last night, gave one of the maps a bash and was happy with the entertainment I received for pocket change. Tonight I'll work on the other and have a jolly good time. Marvellous.

Of course, Defense Grid is able to do this because it's split into separate, unrelated levels. With games such as Fallout 3, Borderlands or Oblivion, more expansive--and expensive--DLC makes the most sense. However, I always find it offputting to know $30 of DLC will soon be released for my brand new $40 game. I waited for Game of the Year editions before buying Oblivion and Fallout 3, and plan to do the same for Borderlands. Read more »

"Shack, a friend of mine thinks he got a virus on his iPhone. Is that possible? He ..."
- treefingers1    See all 6323 comments

Defense Grid 'Resurgence' DLC Map Packs Incoming

Defense Grid developer Hidden Path has announced an "expansion" titled 'Resurgence' for its PC and Xbox 360 tower defense, to be released in June as four 99¢ map packs.

Each 99¢ (80 Microsoft Points) pack contains two "highly polished and balanced" new levels with a campaign mode, four challenge modes and new achievements. The first pack will be released on June 2, with the other three following weekly on Wednesdays. Read more »

"this game is fun, but only like 4 towers are worth building. the lazer n fire turrets are crap"
- sanewave    See all 23 comments

This Week on Xbox Live Arcade: Yo-Ho Kablammo, Defense Grid

Canalside's piratical action game Yo-Ho Kablammo and Hidden Path's strategy effort Defense Grid are this week's two Xbox Live Arcade releases, Microsoft has affirmed.

Yo-Ho Kablammo sees players blast foes with cannons and other power-ups across its single-player and multiplayer (both online and off) modes in an attempt to rule the seas.

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"I highly recommend defense grid for any tower defense fans. It is very challenging and very ..."
- dmaownsyou    See all 3 comments

Defense Grid XBLA Release Date Breaks Through

Hidden Path has announced that the Xbox Live Arcade release of its tower defence Defense Grid: The Awakening will arrive on September 2 for 800 MS Points ($10).

The XBLA version boasts four new levels and a dozen challenge modes over the fine PC original, in addition to the regular "12 hours of story play, 24 unique environments across the Awakening campaign... plus over 100 unlockable challenge modes."

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"Very tempted to get this again when it comes out on XBLA. I had a great time playing through all ..."
- Freezerr85    See all 8 comments

Defense Grid Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Hidden Path today announced that its strategy title Defense Grid: The Awakening will hit Xbox Live Arcade in "late summer," which is extremely good news for Xbox 360 owners that can't wait until South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! for their fix of the genre.

Previously released on PC, the downloadable tower defense force game will sport "12 hours of story play, 24 unique environments across the Awakening campaign and four bonus Borderlands maps, plus over 100 unlockable challenge modes" in its Xbox Live Arcade iteration. No word on pricing or a specific release date, but we'll let you know.

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"Great game but I could never finish the last level, ridiculously hard."
- ShadowGod2    See all 8 comments

Shack PSA: Defense Grid $5 on Steam

Hidden Path Entertainment's tower defense Defense Grid: The Awakening is currently on special offer on Steam, massively reduced from $20 to a mere $5 until May 15.

Build and upgrade towers to fend of waves of robots over 20 lush levels, with Steamworks achievements and some quite marvellous explosions--it's a steal at $5.

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"Good game, well done, no MP, gets old fast once you figure each level out. Outstanding ..."
- zehh    See all 37 comments

Defense Grid Demo Offers Taste of Tower Defense

Related Topics – Defense Grid: The Awakening, , PC

Here's a demo that's worth a look. Tower defense fans may be towered-out after the recent glut in the genre, but developer Hidden Path has done just enough with Defense Grid: The Awakening to justify another 20 levels of spire building.

Sure, the towers are mostly rehashes of the standard cadre, but the "power cores" that players must defend put an interesting twist on the strategic side of things. The cores are carried off by enemy mechs in ones and twos, and if a core-carrying unit is destroyed, it floats back towards the base--until it's picked up by another unit. This domino effect can lead to some intense reactionary tower building--that can often make for some terrible long-term ramifications. Read more »

"I've played so many TD games, and this one doesn't really feel too different. The demo was fine ..."
- razorblade79    See all 27 comments

Defense Grid: The Awakening Brings More Tower Defense to PC

Hidden Path Entertainment, developer of the Xbox Live Arcade trivia game Wits & Wagers, is bringing the tower defense genre back to the PC with Defense Grid: The Awakening.

Tower defense started as a popular modification to Blizzard's Warcraft III. The gameplay--building and upgrading various towers that shoot at ever-stronger lines of enemies marching toward the player's base--proved addictive enough to pave way for the PlayStation 3 release of Q-Games's PixelJunk Monsters and an expansion pack earlier this year. Read more »

"I've come to dislike Tower Defense. It seems like it's really cutting down on the variety of ..."
- Arcanum    See all 18 comments

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