Dead Space Extraction

WII, PS3 / Action / Release: Sep 29, 2009 / ESRB: M


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Xbox Live Marketplace Discounts Bad Company 2 DLC, Adds Dead Space Ignition in October

Xbox Live's Major Nelson has revealed the updated October schedule for the Xbox Live Marketplace. On October 13, the free Pinball FX 2 "core" title release as part of the current "Game Feast" promotion alongside Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 for 1200MS Points ($15) and Dead Space Ignition for 400MS Points ($5). (Ed. Note: Originally I listed this month's XBLA Dead Space release as "Extraction," this is actually "Ignition"--the lead-in title to Dead Space 2. A Dead Space Extraction port is coming to the PSN. Apologizes for the error.)

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"I don't see Extraction listed, only Ignition. What's the diff?"
- Fenring42    See all 12 comments

Dead Space 2 Trailer: Man vs. Madness (and Monsters)

Not only does poor Isaac Clarke have to face the vile Necromorphs once again in Dead Space 2, the E3 trailer reveals that he's also battling "a unique form of dementia."

The trailer shows a little of The Sprawl, the new city setting where he'll be battling his inner demons and giant monsters, plus a visit to a peaceful Unitology church. Not to mention a whole lot of mutilating monsters with his immense arsenal. Read more »

"Voice does not fit the character at all. I kind of liked the Half Life style voiceless Isaac of ..."
- ManiacalMoose    See all 27 comments

Dead Space Getting Prequel Novel

Continuing the cross-media expansion of Dead Space--a franchise that already spans three video games, a seventy-three minute animated feature, a six-issue comic mini-series and a line of action figures--publishers Electronic Arts and Tor Books have announced a "literary prequel" dubbed "Dead Space: Martyr" and due in July 2010.

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"Plese please please make sure this comes out on the wanted to play extraction..but of ..."
- tekguy2k    See all 12 comments

Dead Space 2 No Longer Coming to PC, Survey Suggests XBLA & PSN Ports of Dead Space Wii

The PC edition of Dead Space 2 was conspiciously abscent from EA's fiscal year 2011 release lineup revealed yesterday--because apparently there is no longer a PC edition.

"As of right now a PC sku is not in the plan," an EA representative told Blue's News. No reason was given for scrapping the PC edition, which the video games colossus announced alongside Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions a mere three months ago. Read more »

"I bought the first one for PC and its still sitting on my back log pile. At my current pace I'll ..."
- samduhman    See all 143 comments

More Mature Wii Games from Sega Unlikely

Having released a trio of so-called "mature" Wii games aimed at the during 2009, publisher Sega has now indicated that it's unlikely to bring any more "mature" titles to the platforms.

Though Sega previously pledged it would "still do mature games" despite disappointing sales, Sega of America studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos cast doubt on that commitment during the 4 Guys 1UP: 01/01/2010 podcast, pointing not just to the sales of its own titles, but those of Dead Space Extraction, an on-rails shooter published by rival EA. Read more »

"For an average sampling of all video game consumers, If you only own a wii, you're probably not ..."
- JediDwag    See all 52 comments

Dead Space Extraction Sales Slow, Analyst Points to Poor Marketing

Sales of Visceral Games' Dead Space Extraction--the Wii rail shooter adaptation of the original Dead Space--have been unimpressive following its September 29 release, leading one analyst to blame a lackluster EA marketing campaign.

The game sold only 9,000 copies in the US between September 29 and October 3, according to NPD sales data.

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"I didn't know it was already out; I was interested, but had assumed it was a holiday title."
- Conan    See all 42 comments

Dead Space Extraction Trailer: A Wiily Good Time

With Dead Space Extraction hitting Wii exclusively on September 29, the Visceral Games gang has released a trailer telling their joy at designing the on-rails shooter prequel for the system, packing in motion controls for everything from alt-fire modes and a two-player hacking minigame to riveting up barricades and activating glowsticks.

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"I've played through the first hour or so of the game and thus far i have found it very ..."
- DeadlyRose    See all 8 comments

Dead Space Extraction Dev Diary: Meet the Survivors

A new developer diary from Visceral Games delves into Dead Space Extraction's cast, boasting they speak five times more dialogue than the original while assuring that "old salt" leader Weller will break up any would-be "self-indulgent" three-minute cut scenes.

The on-rails shooter prequel hits Wii exclusively on September 29, published by EA.

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"Stop with the trailers already, I want the game. Release a week earlier and stop teasing with ..."
- kebabi    See all 6 comments

Dead Space Wii Trailer: Makin' It Pop (Visually)

In celebration of Dead Space Extraction going gold this morning, publisher Electronic Arts has issued a new trailer for Visceral's dismemberment-focused Wii shooter prequel.

"If there was one thing that I could tell the fans of Dead Space about Dead Space Extraction, it's that it's for real," art director Ian Milham says in the below video, adding that "it's got all the action, maybe even more of the fear, it's even more involving." Read more »

"Dead Space should have been first person shooter. This video is a great example. Too bad EA ..."
- anal justice    See all 18 comments

Dead Space Wii Goes Gold

Visceral Games' Wii shooter prequel Dead Space Extraction has entered the manufacturing process and will indeed make its promised September 29 release.

Publisher and studio owner Electronic Arts made the announcement this morning, and also noted that those who pre-order "at participating retailers" will get a code to automatically unlock some challenge modes, instead of needing to earn them in-game. Read more »

"Thought about getting this on PC a few months back so this is sweet! Going to rent this one. ..."
- EnderWigginDA    See all 8 comments

Dead Space Extraction Trailer Tells a Tale

A lengthy new Dead Space Extraction trailer with developer commentary from Visceral Games explores the on-rails shooter's story, the impact of having companions rather than being a lone individual, and how Extraction connects with the franchise at large.

Dead Space Extraction is headed for a September 29 release exclusively on Wii.

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"This is the only wii game i can remember for a long time i'm looking forward to. Strange, ..."
- Klebold    See all 11 comments

Dead Space Wii Arrives September 29

Dead Space Extraction, the on-rails Wii shooter prequel to last year's creepy-crawly sci-fi horror title Dead Space (PC, PS3, 360) will arrive hit North American stores on September 29 and those in Europe on October 2, publisher EA announced today.

Made with the assistance of the original Dead Space team at Visceral Games, formerly EA Redwood Shores, the game offers branching paths and two-player co-op alongside a look at how the deadly space-zombie virus and its monsters infected the Ishimura. Read more »

"On-rails shooters on the Wii are fun, but only worth a rental. I can't imagine ever buying such ..."
- BlueMagic    See all 3 comments

Dead Space Extraction Preview

The announcement of a Dead Space game on the Wii was initially met with more trepidation than excitement from fans of the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game. On one hand, Wii owners have every reason to be excited about having a game full of bloody zombie aliens instead of doe-eyed, super deformed children. On the other hand, some of us had legitimate concerns about how well the dark atmosphere and excellent presentation of the original would hold up on the technically inferior Wii hardware.

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Dead Space Extraction Burns and Bodyparts

New screenshots from EA of Dead Space Extraction show this Wii installment matches the original Dead Space in dismemberment and wholesale Necromorph destruction.

Developed by Dead Space creator EA Redwood Shores, prequel Dead Space Extraction is an on-rails first-person shooter with branching paths and two-player co-op. Read more »

"Oddly enough, i actually want to play this game for the story and continuation of the universe. ..."
- Klebold    See all 10 comments

First Dead Space Wii Details: An On-rails Prequel

Publisher EA today issued the first details on the Wii entry in EA Redwood Shores' sci-fi survival horror series Dead Space, revealing the new game as a first-person prequel.

Said to be "built from the ground up and developed exclusively for Wii," Dead Space Extraction will apparently "marry the innovative motion controls of the Wii Remote with a frenetic first person perspective to create a new action-packed horror experience." Read more »

"I'm playing through Dead Space now. I'm so unimpressed. Mainly because at first it seemed ..."
- mxcl    See all 60 comments

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